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Ive had no real difficulties doing the Duel input on PC.. i get it just as often on PC as on Ps2. :p
SDA Speedruns: 1
The question is how fast is your ps2 speed then?
Idk ? I dont think theres any major diffrences thats all,

I did practice the PC inputs for awhile on PC and went back to Ps2,
I just dont find em all that different at all,

The only thing i noticed was i had to be sure i actually pressed down the buttons in a way i dont on Ps2,

Like.. "tapping" the d-pad on Ps2 lets it register while on PC it wont,

idk how to explain it. Cheesy
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Hello everyone!

Alright, so I got 8:45:16 in Single-Segment (PS2). I beat FFgamer's time by 7 seconds. I know the time is not that good as of lately, but what the heck. I hope more people will run Single-Segment. I'm sure it will be the main thing in the future (password guessing?)

Waiting for a counter-attack guys! FFgamer, let the race begin?

3 Fish Fins, 3 World Map Encounters, 1/2 Cards, No Irvine or Squall @ Ultimecia

Congrats Deathtome ^^

I think we should do real races on SRL sometimes. I know there is a lot of early rng and its 8h-9h long but if we do something like a monthly event with all the ps2 runners that would be awesome.
Then maybe more runners will show up Cheesy
I just tried to do my first run of FF8, and the RTA Reset passcode didn't work for me. Everyone watched my vod and no one understood why 052 or 084 didn't work. I'd rather not link it since i got quite frustrated, but you can find it in my archive on my twitch.
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Luzbelheim: 2014-07-15 02:47:57 pm
Okay? Okay!
Hello mates.
After see ThaRixer's run and don't find the problem about the code, ThaRixer and I did some tests and the conclusion is that the 052 code works:

- Even if you have world map encounters before/after the reset.
- Even if your step encounter is messed up.
- Even if you go to previous screens, talk to wrong characters, put the code wrong at the beginning.

With that, the only variable that remains was time and he told me that he talked twice to Selphie in this screen:

So I just tried the same thing but talking to Selphie once. That made that the code was 084.
Since I knew that talking with wrong characters doesn't affect the code, I just timed since Squall enter the room to when he left the room and it took 37-38 seconds approximately:

After this, we knew that if we did it as fast as we can (leaving instanly the room without talking to Selphie) the password would be 052, so we tested it and it worked.

The conclusion is (for me):

- The password is set when you leave the train screen where Selphie is.
- There aren't other factors like encounters, wrong dialogues or wrong screens (since I tested everything and it worked).
- The time varies depending on the time you spend in the train screen with Selphie.
- 052 if you leave instantly, 084 if you stay there 37 seconds (Since you enter the room, doesn't matter if you talk or not to Selphie).

Of course this works only after the reset, but since that screen determines the code, could be the first clue to guess the code in Single-Segment.

Thank you mates and see you later.
Interesting guys, though the thing about previous screens puzzles me a bit because I think I tested the same thing VultuZ did and that walk-in elevator screen, walk back, walk back in did seem to change the code too.
He also left Selphie-screen instantly and no 052 so ? : are you sure you tested them before going on the escalator? because Nitrodon did say the code lock on escalator-transition.

I think one obvious thing at least is that npcs are affected by it like FFgamer said, you know the random ones doing stuff, like the mom coming out of Zell's house, kid running in the garden etc. switching screens with npcs in them changes
the step that it's on? Like in ThaRixer's run you can see 1 girl coming down the other escalator, that is not supposed to happen I think. In VultuZ's case he went back to the Deling train-station screen and there are also sometimes npcs
moving around. I'm guessing that talking to Selfie the 2nd time is triggering her animation that you normally don't see, so the npc-step advances on it? (FF6 also works in this way somehow)

So is it time on that screen or is it due to talking to Selphie? could be both even. But if it's related to the npcs it might be that there are only a few codes and from walking in timber, Galbadia garden etc. maybe it is determinable if you look at the random npc-events there. At least if that's the case then it is probably random at new game because those npcs don't seem to do the same thing despite doing the same actions early game.

Again I'm just guessing, it's just that I noticed it now after having learned more how FF6 works with that.
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Luzbelheim: 2014-07-16 06:57:58 am
Luzbelheim: 2014-07-16 06:57:29 am
Okay? Okay!
Hm you are right, if you leave the screen of the escalator it changes the code.
I did some tests yesterday and the order of codes is this:

So at the beginning we have 052 but the code jumps to the next number every time you:
- Wait 10s. in the train (more or less).
- Enter in the escalator screen.

So for example, if you wait 20s. in the train (since irvine disappears and you gain control) the code will jump to 047, and if you enter in the elevator screen two times (the first one doesn't change anything) the code will jump to 189.

At this point, to have a chance to guess the code in SS, we should find screens, places or NPC that varies every run. With that, we will know how many jumps does the code during the run.

Btw Crocogoat, it's only the time you wait, talking with Selphie doesn't change anything. And about the NPC of the escalator, it changes depending on the code. Look this:
Ah that looks like great work man grats on that, so VultuZ code change because he went twice entered the escalator screen then, that makes sense then as his code was 084 Smiley
so the code goes from 017 back to 052 again? is that the full list of codes?

There are quite a few possible npc events in Galbadia garden, those will probably be the easiest to test out with. Like you could combine the sightings of those events with the kids on the escalator and possibly pinpoint/narrow down what the code is with a few of those. Even if you could pick from only 3 or so it's still faster than reseting Smiley
Okay? Okay!
Yeah, that's what I'm trying to find, haha.
Btw, 017 is the last code I found but there are a lot more. To find more just leave and enter again to the elevator screen when the code is 017 and it will change.
I think there are infinite codes but my theory is that when you start the game the code is 052. (The same as if you load the game, since you are restarting the RNG).
So, when you are playing the game, the code jumps every time you activate some situations like the train or the escalator. That's why I'm sure that if we know the places that influence the code, we will know the final code, since at the beginning is 052.
Yeah or it starts at something else and due to the sequence in the train it somehow goes to 052. I think it's definitly worth a try to record more codes and see if it loops around, but maybe you're right and there some (weird) math involved? tbh I don't see a pattern in that list up til now Tongue maybe someone competent can look at the hex/binary stuff etc. in an emu.

The only reason I'm a bit skeptical about the game starting with the same code on new game is that if we do a run and essentially always go in the same screens etc. wouldn't all the npc's in a run do the same thing every run? maybe there are some more screens that use ingame time or something to set the rng.
Okay? Okay!
Hm you are right but we don't know if in some places what influences is not the screen, but the steps you do or the time you stay there.
We don't do the same thing perfectly every run, and the fact that the code is 052 every time we reset reinforces the theory that when we hit new game the code is 052.
After load the game, doesn't matter what was the code, it will be 052 always, and why 052?, why the game changes the number to 052 instead of 074 for example? Because 052 is the initial code with default RNG.
If what we do before the reset influences in the RNG and the game remember it, then the number wouldn't be 052 after the reset, but since is 052, we know that when we load the game, the RNG returns to "x", and "x" should be the initial point.

What do you think about this?, haha.
Yeah mate I hope so hehe Tongue
ok so I just started getting into speedrunning games and I want this game to be my first one so I watched some speed run videos of poxnors run through and I was wondering after the train sequence and you face the fake president before he goes in there he refines his tents and his cottages. I didn't have cottages and I was wondering if he had bought them back in dollet before he went to timber but I didn't see him buy any. where did he pick those up?
Okay? Okay!
Smallz08: I don't know what strat used Poxnor in his run but If you want some notes I can give you mine.
They aren't the last notes but you can learn from there because they are easy to follow -->
Okay? Okay!
About the code, Elbodykso showed me some interesting things about how to see the code variable while playing and after test it the conclusion is that the code is fixed in the short FMV after the escalator screen. Before that, the code is always 0. No matter what you do in the previous screens, the code value is always 0.
But then, ¿why the code changes every time I wait 10s. in the train screen if the code value is always 0?, the answer is because to generate the code the game should pick other variables and do an algorithm to fix it.
Even if we know the algorithm, we don't know all the variables that the game picks to generate the code, and even if we know the variables, should be impossible to calculate the code while playing, because even the time is a variable that determines the code.

I tried to contact two programmers of the game but, despite that they were pretty educated, they don't want to help me with this (maybe because they don't remember (?) ).
So for me, it's not impossible to know the code but it's too complicated to know it in a SS Speedrun.

That's all mates.
dang, that sucks. Thanks for trying though :p
Deal with it!
Not sure if everybody knows this, but its something I noticed today while testing stuff in FF8. With Death junctioned to Status attack you can skip the annoying long death animations of some enemies to end fights slightly faster. Its nothing major but something I thought worth mentioning

Death can be refined as soon as Timber so this can already be applied in the 2nd laguna Dream.
Here's a list of the enemies+resistance where this can be useful:
Esthar Soldiers (30%)
Galbadian Soldiers (30%)
Gesper (30%)
Guard (30%)
Paratrooper (0%)
Sorceress (20%) (However Nickynoel tested this and said it doesnt skip the animation, haven't seen myself yet)

How Status Attack works:
If (StatusDefense >= 200) Target doesn't get the status
StatusDefense and StatusAttack start at 100 (0%) and the cap is 200 (100%)
Infliction% = AttackerStr / 4 - TargetVit / 4
Infliction% = Infliction% - StatusDefense + StatusAttack

Since its not only based on your chance and the enemies resistance but also your strength and the enemies vitality it could actually become viable to use thanks to the fact that we have high strength the the enemies are low leveled and with that low stats.
Example: Fighting a Galbadian Soldier at level 10 with 30 Deaths and 160 Strength gives us roughly 37% chance of inflicting death

Ways to get Death in a speedrun:
Tonberry and Tonvberry King cards refine into Chef Knives which refine into 30 Deaths
Belhelmel Cards refine into Saw Blades which refine into 10 Deaths

Not sure how useful this is for the any% route because you also want AP-Ammo. But depending on how much you need and get it coul be used. Otherwise we will probably use it in a new category some of us are trying out at the moment called No Limit%, as it is quite easy to get 2 tonberry cards and up the chance to 67+%
Okay? Okay!
That's nice Wypy.
In a normal speedrun is totally not worth since more than 4 card games in a run is a reset if you want to do a good time.
If you win a Tonberry card in those 4 card games you definitely will use it for AP ammo.

But yes, in a No Limit% strat this strat is gonna be useful.
Deal with it!
Finished my first run of No Limit% on the PAL PSN Version. Final time is 12:08:09:52
Part 1:
Part 2:

Bad card + horrible mistakes early on. Sub 12 should be easily possible on this version.
The route is far from optimized right now but at least a completetd run exists now.
Sorry if this has already been discussed, but the steam version includes "extra features" that would be the equivalent of a gameshark in the original. Some of these are overpowered to the max, such as every attack doing 9999 damage or characters always being at full hp, but one that stands out to me is a "magic booster" that gives you 100 each of some low level spells. The use of some or all of these features could significantly speed up a run, but bring a few questions. Would anyone watch it? Would it qualify for a category at SDA? How would the categories be split up, and verified? Also, would the use of the Roses and Wine music replacer be allowed to get rid of that horrible midi sound the game comes with? Im gonna be having fun with the game either way, but i may start streaming/seriously attempting runs depending on the answers to the above.
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Vultuz: 2014-09-12 04:24:00 pm
Vultuz: 2014-09-12 04:23:06 pm
1st: It would be a different category for sure.
2nd: I think it wouldnt save that much time because that are low Level Spells.
For example: You dont have to grind the Fish Fins for Water. The problem about that is you dont get Card-Mod right in Time (Usually in Timber). So you have more Battles with lower Stats/Spells, Laguna Dream 2 will be slower for sure.
Moreover, you dont grind for Spells at all usually. So 95% of the Spells would be Useless. Every Spell from the "Magic Booster" has a really bad Junction, so in my opinion you still Need the Quistis Card for the "Triple" junction to Attack.
The only point where you get some additional Spells in the normal route is the Lunatic Pandora preperation, so that would be 6~ Hours in the Run where you Save time by less Menuing in a segment where you have to Wait anyway (And if youre Good, you can make everything right in Time there)

To sum up: Its not usefull at all in my opinion. The Most Usefull not broken thing for the Steam version would be Speed up Cutscenes with F1, the rest break the game to hard.
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I was thinking there could be two categories - cheat% and magic booster%. Magic booster% would use the magic boost on the first save, as well as the other one that changes stock of all spells you currently have to 100. I think this could be used to entirely skip the card game and possibly card mod, by finding an enemy with the spell you need and simply drawing once, saving, and boosting. I haven't played through the game in years and I just started looking into running it yesterday, so I don't exactly know the route by heart; however I think that this category plus the cutscene fast forward should shave off at least an hour right?

Cheat% would be so simple it's not even funny, simply toggle limit breaks to always on and damage to always 9999 and you could probably solo everything with squall/zell/irvine with zero preparation.

EDIT: Steel pipe refines into aura stone, which refines into 1 Aura spell. With the booster that could become 100 in between segments, and Aura has the same value as Triple when applied to Str. That cuts out the need for Quistis card, at a possible cost of more AP? Like I said not too familiar with the current route, but its just an example of what can be done. I'm pretty interested in trying to plan one out and see what kind of time can be saved.

EDIT2: Realized that would mean getting the boost to str in late disc 2 rather than late disc 1... you're probably right about it not saving much time.  Still, I'm going to start a weeks vacation soon so I'm gonna play with it. Maybe I'll just go for cheat% for fun, if I can't find any way to save time with just the magic booster.

EDIT3: Also realized that the one that sets your spells to max also sets your gil to max... It looks like if there was any category allowing extra features, it would have to allow all of them to save any time. The problem with that, is that when you bring limit break and 9999 into the mix it removes nearly all planning and challenge from the game. I'm just gonna play through normally and reacquaint myself with the game for now, and then do a casual speedrun with most of the "extra features" enabled. If such a run drums up interest with anyone, with any mix of rules, I wouldn't be opposed to trying a segmented run after that

EDIT4: 1:44 at the save at the end of disc one, with easily 10 mins of mistakes. Using HiSpeed, 9999, Battle Helper, and AP Max for Enc-None right when you get the magic lamp
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So, the number of edits on that last post was getting kind of high, and I have a video now! So I decided to make a new post to break it up a bit.

Anyway, I recorded a test attempt from the beginning of the game up to the end of Dollet, with a final time of 0:18.  It's nowhere near optimal, littered with slow/bad menus and navigational errors, but I just wanted to test my recording software and show off what a run in this category might look like (Ifrit killed at 9:14 left on timer? lol) and hopefully garner some interest. Unfortunately, when using the HiSpeed option even though I was getting perfect framerate while playing, the video lags and skips around a bit during cutscenes, car rides, and some other times. Hopefully someone can help me fix this, I'll play around with the settings and try recording to my other HDD instead but it strikes me as odd that my framerate in-game wasn't affected even though the recording was.

Basically, I like this category because there are no setups or tricks or card games or anything, whatsoever.  It's just a straight blazing trail through all the plot points of the game, with the only time-savers being just general optimizations. Couple that with the HiSpeed option, and I'm forseeing 6 hr times at the least - I already had one save file an hour ahead of the current SDA run and it was my first playthrough on this version, done in one sitting without resets

EDIT: I keep getting ahead of myself! Fixed the video problem by switching from XSplit to Fraps. Unfortunately I don't know if I can stream since Xsplit doesn't seem to work, but I went ahead and redid the segment and shaved off 3 minutes from the ingame timer (: (just don't pay attention to the boat ride >.<) video being uploaded now, I'll update the post in a while

ANOTHER EDIT (come on guys, a little feedback? I'm talkin to myself here) Got my stream working,

Hopefully I should get a full game attempt in today, so I have an idea of final time and full route. After that I'm going to be polishing up my execution one disc at a time. Hyper speed comes with many challenges of its own, the game can be very difficult to control for one but also during certain minigames you have to be able to quickly toggle it on and off, for example the train sequence on disc one. On HiSpeed, you have nowhere near enough time to input the code before it times out, but it does help for going up/down the rope and getting past text boxes/waiting for the guards to pass. Timing it so that you don't waste any time here is very difficult and I'm gonna have to do a lot of practice in this spot for sure.

Disc 1 in 1:06 game time, check my twitch past broadcasts. It's in multiple parts