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I personally was thinking "All Materia" and "All Optional Bosses", but what do you guys think?
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Actually he's doing it right to discuss it first here. We want to try and keep game specific discussions in there at a minimum and instead keep that topic as a "post in here once you've established the definitions"
Willing to teach you the impossible
Guess I was wrong. Sorry about that.
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Quote from FionordeQuester:
I personally was thinking "All Materia" and "All Optional Bosses", but what do you guys think?

If you go for all materia I think you would have to go for all Items/Key Items too. And there are just too many things to get which would make the run way too long.

I think all optional bosses + all optional story cutscenes would be doable.
I guess it would be:

-all materias (all master materia)
-all limit breakers
-all bosses
-Yuffie + Vincent
-Ruby + Emerald weapons
Eh, I don't really like the idea of all limit breaks or Master Materia.  The Limit Breaks just seem sort of arbitrary, and as for Master Materia, technically you already get it before you even give it to Bugenhagen, so, I don't think you should have to activate the Master Materia as well.

The only reason I suggest All Materia is because it's such a central focus of the game, and not getting them would sort of be like not getting all the Espers in Final Fantasy VI.  Or at least, that's how I feel about it.  Maybe I should rephrase it to say "All Materia not found in Shops?".
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I think you could do like

- Pick up all treasures (This includes, Treasure Chests, Items/Materia lying around, Items/Materia you get from other People like Alexander materia)
- get Yuffie and Vincent
- All Side Quests and Bosses
- Defeat Ultima, Ruby and Emerald Weapon
- Maybe defeat the secret Battle Arena? (For which you have to get W-Summon, Omnislash and defeat Ultima Weapon)
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UraniumAnchor: 2012-07-04 03:29:48 am
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FF6's definition of 100% is "all espers and characters", FF7's definition could be pretty similar, though having to breed up chocobos for Knights of the Round would be far and away the most obnoxious requirement there.
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You don't have to breed one, you can exchange the desert rose you win from Ruby Weapon for a gold chocobo.
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In that case I'd say 'all side quests' isn't a requirement either, but I can't recall how viable it is to kill Emerald/Ruby in a speedrun setting over just breeding a gold. FF6 100% doesn't kill several optional bosses, so I'd lean towards "all materia and characters" just for consistency.

Picking up all treasures is just busywork and I can't think of any games we have that do that. There might be a game-defined 100% that does that somewhere but I can't think of one of those either.
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I was REALLY hoping nobody would open up this can of worms (because I never manage to back down arguing semantics about this sort of thing), but this is also Final Fantasy VII we're talking about, so it was inevitable.

The SDA definition of 100% for a game is very flaky and falls under very specific guidelines. The best idea I can think of is "all permanent trackable non-statistic powerups". This would include Energy Containers and Missile Containers in Metroid; Heart Containers, Magic Meters, and Bomb Bags in Zelda.

A Japanese RTA beat Ruby and Emerald in 11 hours. No Gold Chocobo or any of that crap. I was actually talking to Rane before AGDQ'12 about a way to fit those bosses into the AGDQ run as bonus content, and it was determined that it was very possible to do; the RTA just confirmed everything for me. Those bosses are the only real sidequest thing in the game that are permanently tracked (the old man is the proof marker), outside of getting Yuffie and Vincent. The way the scenario design of the sidequests in FFVII works, all sidequests end up with defeating Emerald and Ruby Weapon with all the crap you obtain from said sidequests. The adverse effect is true (gaining those sidequest items) if you beat those bosses first. When you do either, the game is your oyster. One negates the other, so it all comes down to whichever is the faster and more permanent way to unlock greater sidequests.

Weapons, Materia, and Chocobos can all be sold/released/trashed; they are counted as tangible items/powerups and therefore uncountable toward any SDA definition. If I made a video deleting every item from my inventory, you'd see why they couldn't be counted toward a 'percentage'.

Kiss the notion of getting all summons and weapons goodbye completely, as much as I wish that were a definition. All summons and Ultimate Weapons would fit so well if they couldn't be removed from your inventory and counted as a permanent non-statistic powerup.

Speaking of permanent non-statistic powerups, Limit Breaks could count under this definition; they are initially expendable items, however can't be removed from a character once learned; they are not a statistic either. Omnislash is going to be stupid to get, Catastrophe isn't out of the way, Final Heaven isn't out of the way, Great Gospel would be silly to count since Aerith dies, Cosmo Memory is gotten on the way to Vincent, All Creation is gotten during the Wutai sidequest (which is actually my first reason for wanting to include Limit Breaks as part of the definition), Chaos is gotten from Lucrecia, and Highwind is gotten from the Sunken Gelnika (which is reason #2 for including limit breaks). I have a fun circumvention to the Omnislash thing though: Cloud gets it anyway when fighting 1 HP done_in Sephiroth after Safer Sephiroth. Bagged and tagged, motherfucker, tracked and no grindy-grind. If you wanna call this idea too contrived and stupid though, then I don't blame you.

Try this:
-All Weapon bosses defeated
-All Characters obtained
-All characters' ultimate Limit Breaks (either learned or in item form, as obtaining them means all 'bosses' get defeated too)

P.S. - Wypy... Cutscenes and picking up all treasures, really? Quit trying.
Deal with it!
Yeah cutscenes were a stupid idea i know ^^ but i mentioned all treasures because everyone wanted to pick all materias and if they want to start collecting things it would be inevitable to go for other treasures too.

I like your idea going after all ultimate limit breaks.
So what WOULD be the way of killing them? Rigging up a 7777 fever?
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ping_values (Japanese FF7 runner extraordinaire) did an All Weapons RTA - Emerald takes over an hour due to its 1 million HP, but Ruby & Ultima are more reasonable with the Master Materia set you get for beating Emerald.

So, I'm sorry to bump this thread, but have we defined whether or not you would have to learn the Lvl 2 and 3 Limit Breaks as well?  Just curious.
I'm thinking that grinding limit breaks would be dull and tedious...but then again, Qxybxjjllp is doing something similar for his Kingdom Hearts 2 run, so...I'm kind of torn on this one.  What do you guys think?
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Kingdom Hearts 2 100% has all that sort of stuff tracked by Jiminy's Journal, which is why it's there.
So I guess that would be no Lvl 2 or 3 limits?
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My thoughts on low%/100% speedruns of RPGs are summarized here.

Basically, I don't see SDA having an official 100% definition for FF7 or most other RPGs (doing 100% of everything in the game wouldn't make for a very exciting watch due to all of the grinding, minigames and sidequests, and alternate 100% definitions only get approved for SDA submission if they become established in the speedrunning community for a given game over time - not just something that 1 or 2 runners want to do).  If you'd like to do a run that completes more of the game than an any% run you're welcome to do so and post about your planning and progress here though.
Alright, so I guess NOT getting Lvl 2 and 3 Limit Breaks would make sense, because that would be nothing but tedium, correct?

EDIT: And I disagree with your assertion puwexil, I think 100% CAN be defined for a lot of games using Carcinogen's definition, i.e., anything that's a permanent non-statistic power up that's tracked by the game and can't be trashed.  So, that would basically be...

"All optional bosses, all optional characters, and all Limit Manuels (since Lvl 4 Limit's, once learned, can't be gotten rid of"
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Is just a Emerald/Ruby/Ultimate Weapon speedrun still possible? I watched the stuff above and wondered if there was anyway to make that faster, was he doing a speed run? Or just a stunt to explore strategy. If its a stunt that means he most likely did it at the earliest point possible.
Nah, I'm fairly certain that he did it at the exact point that he would've done it had he been doing an actual 100% speed run.  I think this because one of his characters was dead when he fought Ultima Weapon.

And, I actually experimented with ways to make Emerald Weapon faster, i.e., grabbing a save off Gamefaqs and seeing how Tifa did...only to realize that THAT strategy wouldn't work, since you can't control who Tifa targets with her limit breaks.  Although, I suppose it might be possible to destroy everything you need to destroy WITHOUT having to go to get Angel Whisper, W-Magic, the extra Hero Drinks, and all of that, but...I'm not sure, as it's uncertain whether or not you'd still be able to destroy the three nodes on Emerald fast enough to not get completely destroyed by them. 
Then again...perhaps if you got Tifa to have Death Sentence right as Emerald Weapon activated his nodes, had Tifa Deathblow + Added Cut one of the nodes, and then finished it off with an Ultima...then somehow managed to survive Emerald's counter attacks, and keep everyone be possible, but it'd be a long shot for sure.  Still, hunting for items at the Northern Crater takes an awful long time, so it'd still be worth checking out.
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Well you can always take the easy way out for beating Emerald Weapon.  In a segmented run, just shoot it with Vincent's Death Penalty and reset until the instant death effect kills it.  So basically you either "kill" Emerald Weapon in about 30 seconds, or you reset and try again. Technicaly it counts as a glitch in the game code so it's not cheating.

Edit:  Looking at youtube videos on Emerald Weapon quick kills, Also apparently it's possible to use Cait Siths Slot Reels to one-shot Emerald Weapon too, but it's VERY luck dependent.  there's also Barrett Overflow Glitch and of course the famous Lucky 7's that can be used too.

As for 100%  I vote that you have to obtain at least one of all the Materia, all Lv. 4 Limit breaks/characters, everyone's Ultimate weapon, and beat both Ruby and Emerald Weapon. You also get every Master Materia except I believe yellow or maybe red for beating Emerald Weapon. Whichever one you don't get is optional because grinding out EXP for getting master materia the legit way takes way too long... Unless you do it while grinding out every character's limit breaks.

Also for Limit Breaks, I believe the first one you learn from killing X number of enemies (for each character), and the second one you learn from using the first one X number of times.  And I believe you have to have all Limits known before you can learn the Lv. 4 limit break.