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I don't know if Deathgaze works that way, though.  Isn't he usually in a specific square based on your total time?  So, no matter how many times you reset, if you weren't at the right time, he may not be in your path to the next place?  Maybe I have that wrong, but I had problems even finding Deathgaze to fight once a few years ago, and I got that info in some of the advice that was given to me.
Weegee Time
Doomgaze stands still until one of the following happen:

1) You engage him in combat.
2) You land your airship.
3) You enter your airship.
4) He might move when entering a town, but I don't have a sufficient save to test.

I don't know what the seed random is for him, but it could possibly be your total time.
I want off the ride....
Quote from Rakuen:
Doomgaze stands still until one of the following happen:

1) You engage him in combat.
2) You land your airship.
3) You enter your airship.
4) He might move when entering a town, but I don't have a sufficient save to test.

I don't know what the seed random is for him, but it could possibly be your total time.

I was trying to figure out tips for finding doomgaze.. I was about to try to learn some scripting language so i could run tests and see if doom gaze has some random seed he follows (that allows for quick find) or if he has general "hot spots" based on the code used to randomize him. I couldn't find progress on either... but it almost seems like tests like this would be the best way to find out how to find doom gaze.
Weegee Time
There's a tool that allows you to find Doomgaze's current location by loading a save state.  It has no ability to predict, but I think it might be a good place to start trying to figure this out:
Everything's better with Magitek
Honestly, I don't know exactly how Doom Gaze works.  I knew that he changes location when you enter/exit the airship, but I don't know how that location is determined.  I might have to check out that link, Rakuen, thanks.
that Metroidvania guy
I'm surprised Lenophis hasn't posted about Doom Gaze yet. I distinctly recall him (or at least the team he's working with on the FF6 hack) making a hack that puts Doom Gaze on the radar so you can see where he is at all times. This would be a helpful way to test how the movement works. I'm pretty sure with all the hacking that he and his team have done on the game, he could help with a lot of other stuff like that.

He's been pretty busy with his segmented FF1 run, so you might need to drop him a PM or something. I definitely know he has that radar hack for Doom Gaze.
I haven't posted because I just woke up and didn't see this thread until now. Doom Gaze's position is set every time the airship is boarded. Due to the way Square coded it, you cannot encounter him by strafing. More useless trivia, he's placed in more places than he is checked for.

EE/869A:	AD6D1F  	LDA $1F6D      (Load RNG index)
EE/869D:	1A      	INC A
EE/869E:	1A      	INC A
EE/869F:	1A      	INC A          (Add 3)
EE/86A0:	8D6D1F  	STA $1F6D      (Save changes)
EE/86A3:	AA      	TAX            (Transfer RNG index to X)
EE/86A4:	A000    	LDY #$00
EE/86A6:	BF00FDC0	LDA $C0FD00,X  (Load a random number)
EE/86AA:	293F    	AND #$3F       (0 to 63)
EE/86AC:	99000B  	STA $0B00,Y    (Set Doom Gaze's X 4x4 block position)
EE/86AF:	7B      	TDC            (Set 16-bit accumulator to zero)
EE/86B0:	99010B  	STA $0B01,Y
EE/86B3:	E8      	INX
EE/86B4:	BF00FDC0	LDA $C0FD00,X  (Load a random number)
EE/86B8:	4A      	LSR A          (Divide by 2)
EE/86B9:	4A      	LSR A          (Divide by 4)
EE/86BA:	99020B  	STA $0B02,Y    (Set Doom Gaze's Y 4x4 block position)
EE/86BD:	7B      	TDC            (Set 16-bit accumulator to zero)
EE/86BE:	99030B  	STA $0B03,Y
EE/86C1:	C8      	INY
EE/86C2:	C8      	INY
EE/86C3:	C8      	INY
EE/86C4:	C8      	INY
EE/86C5:	C010    	CPY #$10       (Place him in 4 spots, even though 2 are only checked for)
EE/86C7:	D0DD    	BNE $86A6      (Branch if haven't done 4 placements yet)

$1F6D is tweaked by NPCs hitting walls when walking around, not sure if that helps too much.

Quote from romscout:
I distinctly recall him (or at least the team he's working with on the FF6 hack) making a hack that puts Doom Gaze on the radar so you can see where he is at all times.

Actually, it puts his location on the minimap when you get close enough (hence radar). Snes9x avi abilities are kinda "blah" so no Youtube movie exists for this. Not only that, the 2 minute clip is 60 megs. I'm not sure if Zsnes would do any better in that regards.

Anyway, in terms of searching on the console, it'll be a crapshoot. Undecided
Everything's better with Magitek
Yeah, encountering Doom Gaze is not something I'm looking forward to in the run, although I don't know if it'll be any worse than getting all those desperation attacks to work.  Lenophis, I'm not sure I understand your post correctly; you say Doom Gaze is placed in 4 places, but it only checks for 2.  Does that mean that once you board the airship and start flying around, there are 2 places you can encounter him?
Yes, if you run into him at either location the game checks, the fight will commence. When I first noticed that he was being placed in four locations, I could only speculate that Square anticipated that finding him would not be fun. Not that finding him now is anymore fun... Undecided
Everything's better with Magitek
Hey everyone, just letting you know that I'm planning stream some FF6 tomorrow afternoon, probably starting sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 EST.  I'll be testing out some things for my segmented run.
that Metroidvania guy
I won't be home from work until about 5 eastern, so hopefully I don't miss your whole stream! Shocked Either way, good luck on the segmented run!
Glitching EB 1 flying man at a time
Good luck with all of that, Essentia. I might be able to catch it later on after I get back from my interview that's at 3:15, but we'll see.
Everything's better with Magitek
For those of you who can't watch this stream, don't worry. I'm planning to do a lot of streaming while I'm working on these runs. Anyway, I'm hoping to start streaming within the next 10-15 minutes.
Everything's better with Magitek
Thanks to everyone who watched my stream yesterday.  At the end of it, I said I might stream again today; well, it turns out that I won't be able to.  I got a call from my sister last night (not the one who borrowed my SNES), and today she and her family are coming to stay with me for a week.  So, I'm not sure when I'll be able to stream next, but I'll definitely let you all know when I do.

As for the stream itself, it went all right.  I started at the Magitek Factory and went up to the IAF.  The main thing I wanted to test was whether or not I could survive the IAF if I skipped all the battles in the Cave to the Sealed Gate; unfortunately, it looks like I can't.  My party for the IAF is Celes (level 12), Setzer (level 12), and Gau (level 14), and Absolute 0 always killed Celes and Setzer when they were at full HP.  So either I need to hope that the enemies never use Absolute 0 before I can kill them (not likely with 6 battles), or I need to have higher levels.  I tried quite a few times to get past the IAF but was never able to.  I'm sure it's possible at those levels, but it's not very probable; I'm thinking if I could just level up Celes and Setzer enough that they could survive Absolute 0, then it would be a lot easier.  I'm considering Joker Dooming a couple battles on the way to the Sealed Gate, since that would be least out of the way to get some extra experience.

Also, I had an awesome Ultros 3 battle; too bad I wasn't recording.  It went almost exactly how I want it to go in the segmented run.  The strategy for him involves Vanish/Sabre Soul (Strago's desperation attack, which is an instant death attack), which skips Relm showing up entirely, and I pulled it off on my first try. Smiley
Here are some numbers for you regarding the sealed cave monsters:

Ing 740 exp
Zombone 1072 exp

Triple Ing formation: 2220 exp
Double Zombone formation: 2144
Double Ing single Zombone formation: 2552

So you'd be wanting the last formation for the highest exp/JD.

Highest efficiency based on real time would probably be Double Zombone formation killed with 2 revivifys, but since they are pretty expensive I guess you are unlikely to have the money to spare for some before this point.
Everything's better with Magitek
Thanks for that, moooh.  At first I was a little confused, because I got lower numbers from my SS videos, but then I realized you posted the total amount of experience, and dividing that by the number of characters in the party is the amount each person gets.  I'm wondering if it would be worth it to bring only two characters instead of three (just Terra and Setzer but no Gau).

Then again, I don't think the game re-averages everyone's levels until after the Crescent Island part.  So another option would be to fight some enemies just before Ultros 3 (I've been told Adamanchyt gives the most exp); however, that would make the Ultros 3 segment even more annoying than it already will be.  I really don't know which is the better/faster option, so this is definitely going to need some testing.
There's a word for that
Is there somebody a higher level than Celes you can bring to the IAF, or is she there for a reason?
Everything's better with Magitek
Celes is there so she can learn Muddle (to be used for reverse Joker Doom).  Right now for spell learning, I'm just following what the TAS did, but other options might be possible.  It might work to take Edgar and have him learn Muddle instead; I'll have to check what his level is.
I remember beating the IAF with a lv7 party. The trick was to summon Siren in each Spit Fire battle.
Can you equip Siren on someone or do you need all the MP from those battles to go towards other espers?
Everything's better with Magitek
Celes and Gau both need the MP, so the only person I could equip Siren on would be Setzer.  But then I'd have to wait for his next turn to be able to do Joker Doom, which would take way too long, especially for a segmented run.
Everything's better with Magitek
I did a little testing last night, and I found that Celes and Setzer can survive Absolute 0 if they're just one level higher (level 13 instead of 12).  Just gaining that one level with them significantly increases my chances of making it through the IAF (although it's still hard).  However, even if I make it past all 6 IAF battles, I could still lose at Ultros; either strategy (reverse Joker Doom or Vanish/Snare) requires some luck, which is going to make this part really annoying in the actual run.  Oh well, it's not like I'm not used to it by now. Wink
Everything's better with Magitek
I'm going to try streaming some more of this tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.  I'll be starting where I left off last time (at the IAF), and I'm hoping to make it to the WoR to possibly test some routes for the 100% run.
Everything's better with Magitek
Just reminding people about my stream.  I'm going to be starting in a few minutes
Well, the break plan went down the drain. Just confirmed that neither tentacle is weak to petrify contrary to what Master Zed's guide says. I was thinking you might have tried getting Shoat from a magicite since you had Celes locked up on Phantom for that fight.

Getting that ice rod will probably still be your best bet.
Break and Demon Eye both fail against any target immune to instant death.  The three tentacles vulnerable to petrify are immune to instant death, so those attacks won't work on them.  The only attack I'm aware of that petrifies without checking for death immunity is Dread (Deep Eye rage), which you obviously won't have.