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Everything's better with Magitek
Yeah, I'm thinking the best strategy to use on the Tentacles is the same one I used in my SS run: gravity rod on bottom left, one fire rod (kills bottom left), then ice rods until all the others are dead.  I don't see any reason that it would be slower than using only fire rods and debilitator, plus it will be much less frustrating.
Everything's better with Magitek
So I've started working on this game again (I can't seem to stay away from it), this time improving my SS route.  I've found at least 5 minutes of improvements.  The main changes are:

-Do Sabin's scenario first, so I can use smoke bombs during the Terra/Edgar/Banon scenario (I've found that Edgar's relics - hyper wrist and atlas armlet - make no difference in Sabin's scenario).

-Take only Terra and Setzer to the Cave to the Sealed Gate, and fight only 4 battles there (just enough to not need to buy extra rods for FlameEater and Ultros 3, and to level up Setzer so he can survive the IAF).

-Use reverse joker doom on Ultros 4 instead of vanish/doom (I can do RJD with only 3 people now).

-Skip fighting Ice Dragon for his force shield (pick up aegis shield in Kefka's Tower instead).

-Skip picking up the force armor in the Fanatics' Tower (it's only helpful for Celes and Edgar, and they're in separate parties in Kefka's Tower anyway).

These changes are riskier, however.  I'll be a couple levels lower for the IAF, and won't be able to summon Siren if something goes wrong.  I also won't have quite as high MBlock for Kefka's Tower, and Edgar won't have maxed out MBlock for the final battle (Celes will still have maxed out MBlock, though).  I've done some practice runs, though, and it's still very possible to complete a SS run with these changes.

I've also been looking at the stats and battle AI scripts for bosses and finding a lot of other small improvements.  For example, I've discovered how to always defeat Ifrit before Shiva shows up, and Number 024 is vulnerable to sleep.  With all these improvements, I'm seriously considering doing another SS run of this game.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Good luck with the run! I'd rather see new games going up, but these changes sounds great.
I need to get around to finishing FFVI so I can watch this (Yes, I know it's terrible that I have never finished it).
I am not exactly sure what is going on this RTA's Ifrit and Shiva battle, but I do know that it's very fast, faster than the Ifrit and Shiva battle in erroky's TAS actually.  The runner manages to win the battle by running away while Shiva is appearing.  Was this known?  Is this possible on the U.S. version?  Is it faster than the method you intend to use?

The battle starts around the 14:18 mark:
Everything's better with Magitek
No, that's not what I was planning to do for Ifrit and Shiva, but it's definitely much faster!  I didn't know you could run away when it switches to Shiva - that's awesome!  Ifrit switches to Shiva on his next turn after you've hit him 4 times, so I was planning to just have Edgar use drill 4 times and then Celes hurry and cast Ice to finish him, but now I'm going to have to try out that running away strategy.
To explain this little exploit:

The "Can't run!" flag is set when any monster onscreen has the bit attached, which prevents you from running. When Shiva switches out, the game detects that no monster with the flag is onscreen, and clears it for that brief period, which allows you to run. The only caveat is if your run counter is high enough to allow you to run during that brief period. I don't recall the flee code enough to see if your counter gets incremented even if you can't escape.

I'm thinking this could be used in the Ultros Opera battle, but I don't recall if his name ever disappears (that's when you know you can execute this exploit). There may be another location or so where you can use this exploit, but I don't remember for sure.
Doesn't appear to, but if you check the video, he one-rounds Ultros Opera anyway, so it seems irrelevant.
4:55:11 RTA by 蛍火:  (Timing doesn't stop until "The End" is displayed following the credits.)

Final visible in-game time was 4:02.  The Japanese exclusive item bug helps (i.e. anyone can equip any item.) as does Japanese text, but it's probably worth watching.
Japanese exclusive item bug?
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Tranquilite: 2012-02-02 11:38:51 am
Quote from Carcinogen:
Japanese exclusive item bug?

The Equip Anything bug -

Although commonly known as the Equip Anything as a Helmet bug, this glitch can
work with any Equipment slot except relics.  To equip anything to a certain
slot, eliminate all equipment that the character you want to equip can use
(i.e. if you want a new weapon, eliminate all weapons from your inventory the
person can equip by de-equiping their weapon and selling, throwing, or using
everything else), put what you want to equip in the bottom right-hand slot, go
to the character's equip screen, and use Optimum, Best, or whatever it's
called in FF6j or whatever translation you're using.

Can be used to equip a drill as a helmet for maxed defense (255 def and mdef) I believe.
Hahahaha.  That is amazing!
Everything's better with Magitek
Quote from nitwit:
4:55:11 RTA by 蛍火:  (Timing doesn't stop until "The End" is displayed following the credits.)

And here I just got done revising my SS route. Tongue  Guess I've got another run to watch; I can't imagine that the Japanese differences accounted for all 41 minutes of improvement over my run.
Looks like you need to start running the Japanese version...
Moo! Flap! Hug!
Question about the 100% route: do you have to defeat Phunbaba the second time to get Terra?  Because you automatically get her to join your party when you reach Kefka if she hadn't joined prior to that.
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mikwuyma: 2012-02-05 02:44:22 am
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Oh BTW, for those of you who can't read the kanji, that is Hotarubi. He's also active in peercast.

I know he has a really good Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts time (超魔界村)
Hotarubi is way too good.  o.O
Everything's better with Magitek
Oh wow, I didn't know Hotarubi ran FF6.  Awesome!

Quote from Poxnor:
Question about the 100% route: do you have to defeat Phunbaba the second time to get Terra?  Because you automatically get her to join your party when you reach Kefka if she hadn't joined prior to that.

If you haven't gotten Terra, she doesn't actually join your party; it shows a cutscene of her leaving Mobliz, but she doesn't show up until after you've defeated Kefka.  So yes, for 100% you have to defeat Phunbaba a second time.
Essentia: Are you planning on switching to the Japanese version? I might have a copy of the (J) cart sitting around.
Everything's better with Magitek
Um, I hadn't really considered switching to the Japanese version. I've played the game enough, though, that the language change wouldn't be that big of an issue for me.  Do you need a super famicom to play the Japanese version?
Professional Second Banana
It's possible to play Super Famicom games in an American SNES, though there are tabs around the cartridge slot that would need to be broken off in order to make a Super Famicom cartridge fit.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Alternatively, you could drill or carve slot holes into the SFC cart... yes I saw someone do this.
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Melodia: 2012-02-07 11:17:22 pm
You can also use a pass through converter -- there were specially made ones, but I used a Game Genie (which at the time was cheaper) as that works fine too.
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brassmaster: 2012-05-28 10:37:01 pm
hey guys, I'm going to revive this thread as I am highly considering doing a segmented run.  I have not attempted to speed run the game yet, but am starting to learn a bit (watching essentia's runs as well as the TAS).  The problem I do have is in creating a route/segment plan.  I'm thinking about modeling the TAS route for the most part.  If anyone doesn't mind lending a hand, I would greatly appreciate it.

In case it changes anything, I am also going to be playing on the Wii VC version, which I am fairly certain is the SNES version 1.1 which only fixes the sketch glitch.