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Thanks Brossentia!  Is it possible to do this glitch on the Wii VC version?  Not that I plan on speed running this game, but some of these glitches are cool.  Though I might plan to speed run FF: MQ for a 100% in the future.  Smiley
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Far as I know the VC version is a straight port of the SNES version, so all glitches/tricks should work the same.
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I was pretty sure the VC version was 1.1, not 1.0. The sketch glitch was patched out of 1.1, so you might be out of luck.

With that said, here's what I'm imagining would be a fairly good route. Feel free to make changes if you think things would work better.
1. Get Relm.
2. Sketch on over to the WoR using engulf.
3. Warp back and do the floating continent.
4. Airship glitch back to Gogo's Cave.
5. Get Gogo and leave.
6. Get Mog!
7. Go fight a tyranosaur or brachosaur (both are mould 4; supposedly, you can use this mould to get goggles onto someone without the huge wait, and this place is 100% consistent in getting those battles).
8. Win the game.

I mean, there are a few things in between, but it seems like a good start to the end-of-game route.
Now I'm not too terribly familiar with the sketch glitch (and I have a 1.1 cart, boo that) but from what I've seen and understand, everything that happens in a battle and thus all the wrong warps and boss skips are only effects that can be triggered in battle, correct? There's no way to trigger a flag or rewrite an address outside of the battle system? I know what's been done so far has been because of some unique properties of Engulf/Sneeze and the like to trigger story events/anti-game overs.
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You're pretty much correct, Neerrm. Everything has to happen in battle.

Right now, I'm working on getting moogle charms that can be equipped as either shields or weapons. This is a huge pain in the butt, but it will be worth it. Simply put, we could skip all random enemies beginning with the floating continent.

Also, turns out that there are thousands of different combinations that make different sketch effects, not just the three-per-mould that I thought. This game has no chance of surviving.

EDIT: Managed to equip moogle charms. Didn't manage to escape the battle. I'm getting closer.

EDIT 2: Alright, it looks like we've managed to get moogle charms into the hidden slot; if you use optimize, it can be equipped. Also, black belts are now usable items with one of the sketch glitch thingies. Using a black belt as an item will allow you to use engulf on the person of your choosing. That will raise chances from 50% up to 100%. The beautiful part of this, as well, is that there's no 2-minute wait for either of these. The bad news is that we need to get a spell like remedy in the spell slot; it's doable, but it might require a different route for learning magic.
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Yeah, I'm double posting. Wanted to update people on a new find. We're now able to equip moogle charms on anyone shortly after getting sketch. This will be most useful on the floating continent as well as in Kefka's tower.

So that you can use engulf to get to Triangle Island, I'd suggest equipping three people with moogle charms and storing them in the airship. That way, they'll be ready for the island and the tower.

Here's the video:
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Felt like a change of pace with this game after SGDQ, so been working on Japanese Version Any% (using the Equip Anything Glitch) since then.  Finished my first full run last weekend with a 5:17:42 (4:54:40 Kefka kill) with probably 8 minutes lost to 2 deaths; and using a route for the Floating Continent and World of Ruin designed to minimize grinding (used the IAF battles and 1 FC random encounter to reach lvl 14 and raise Celes' MAG stat for the Tentacles, recruited Gau after getting the Falcon, then used Vanish+Snare for Doom and Muddle+Phantom+Doom for Goddess).

I've since decided that my lvl 14 route is a bit too RNG-heavy for the endgame, so I'm retooling to use the FC grinding route that Hotarubi/Essentia do in their PBs (grind for lvl 16-17 and learn Vanish and Doom on both Celes & Edgar so they can solo Doom/Goddess).

Here's a couple of strats I came up with, that I wouldn't mind feedback on if anyone has any:

Mt. Kolts: Run from all battles and skip the Atlas Armlet - haven't timed this out yet, but guessing at least 90 seconds faster than the lvl 10/9/8 route, between 2-3 fewer encounters and running from the rest.  I do still need to scroll the Mithril Pike to the glitching slot before Vargas (Locke having 2 weapons is a necessity if Edgar doesn't have the Atlas Armlet), so I do this during a pre-emptive before I run away.

Lete River: If no Mt. Kolts encounters or Lete River encounters are fought, then the only battle I've found that's significantly slower without the Atlas Armlet is Ultros 1, who takes 5 rounds of Edgar Mithril Pike+Mithril Blade attacks + Sabin AuraBolt instead of 4.  I haven't explored this battle deeply enough to see if Terra/Banon are capable of doing anything to cut out that 5th turn, though an idea I just had while writing this is to give Terra 2 weapons (either Mithril Blade+Mithril Knife via Genji Glove or Mithril Blade+Air Lancet via equip glitch) and have Edgar use AutoCrossbow instead.

WoB Scenarios (Sabin/Locke/Terra): Doing Sabin first means that I have sell the White Cape in order to afford 5 Magus Hats + enough Smoke Bombs to last through Zozo (and have to wait until Jidoor to buy Echo Screens), but then means that I can do the Celes skip in Locke's (name Celes but then leave South Figaro without actually rescuing her) without risk of a really bad pincer attack in the Cave of Figaro (which would probably mean a reset unless I still have the Air Lancet).  Also, Sabin only being lvl 9 means that I need to recruit Shadow in order to avoid a pretty slow Templar/Grunt battle in the Imperial Camp (plus stealing his Ninja Gear is nice to give Gau some extra defense for Kefka@Narshe and Zozo, and Locke some extra speed for faster Smoke Bombs during the rest of WoB).

Opera House: I glitch 2 Magus Hats onto Edgar during my menuing before Kefka@Narshe, which makes Flash strong enough to 1-shot the Sewer Rats without having fought any random encounters on Mt. Kolts or the Lete River.  Ultros 2 is a bit slower with no Atlas Armlet, but not as much as Ultros 1 (1 extra Drill and 1 Locke attack, or just the 2nd Drill if the Fire Knuckle procs).

Sealed Gate Cave: Couldn't find a fast way to kill Flame Eater without Morph (which requires 6 AP worth of random encounters), but starting the cave at lvl 10 means that I don't need to have characters other than Terra run away from any of the cave battles as long as at least 1 is 2x Ing+1x Zombone (Terra will hit lvl 12 off of the Imperial Castle battles, and if I glitch 2 Magus Hats onto her during the free menu time before the banquet, she'll be barely strong enough to 1-shot Flame Eater with a morphed Ice Rod).

IAF: Change parties by trying to start the IAF battles with 4 characters, rather than talking to a party member below deck.  Still undecided about going downstairs to talk to the unequip guy (all I need off of the Thamasa characters is 1 Earrings or Hero Ring, but having Strago/Relm's equipment lets me sort it during IAF/FC battle animations for more optimized selling in Nikeah).

Figaro Basement: Glitch Running Shoes onto Edgar before the Tentacles instead of an AutoCrossbow (thanks to LCC for this idea).  This means Edgar will die if he gets Bio'd, but the odds of that are much lower than of him getting grabbed without Auto-Haste; and being able to count on Edgar being around for most of the fight can cut it down to 4 Ice Rods (Edgar Dooms the SW Tentacle and then uses Bio or Drill on the NE one) and/or make it less problematic if Doom misses the 1st time.

Kefka's Tower: Buy a 2nd Enhancer in Nikeah, and glitch both onto Setzer after Inferno.  With 2 Enhancers + the Force Shield/Armor and a White Cape, Setzer's M.Block can be maxed out and a Wall Ring won't be needed for Poltergeist (allowing it to be sold for Rod money in WoB).  Having the Force Armor will also mean Celes can get decently high M.Block for Doom (to avoid getting frozen) without needing 2 White Capes (saves having to buy a 2nd one at Nikeah + simplifies menuing before the final battle a bit).
Hey runners, I've been lurking around for some time and have been thinking of running this game for awhile now.  Been playing this game since I was a kid when my brother introduced me to it way back when.  I understand that there are many different categories for this game, but I've been thinking about doing any% glitchless.  I've fumbled around the thread and I was hoping for a little more of a collection of information that would help out instead of going page after page through the thread, if it's honestly not too much trouble or too much to ask (what am I talking about, of course it's too much trouble).

Any help would be appreciated.  Smiley
Glitchless has less public info available, so my advice would be to watch Puwexil's run here:

One big thing about this category is that there is no standard way to do the World of Ruin section; there are multiple paths that all work equally well. Experimenting with your own routing for it could be good since it's somewhat unexplored on the english version.

This thread for the most part pertains to any% no sketch glitch and hasn't really been used for the past year or so. Most new discoveries are spread through twitch/youtube/word of mouth, and the most up to date notes are the sketch glitch route haha.
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Planning on running FF6, but I keep getting obliterated by Magiman's there any strategy for defeating him? I looked everywhere for speedrun strats but can't find them.
What's that gemma?
I'm not familiar with any common routes which involve fighting MagiMaster.  Is there a reason you're climbing that far up the Fanatic's Tower?

The casual playthrough's expected solution to the Ultima on-death counterattack is to Life3 at least one member of your party.  Learning that spell is a strange proposition in a speed run, but so is fighting MagiMaster.
Magimaster used to be fought in the glitchless route to get the gem box, but the route I've seen puwexil curently use no longer gets it. The speed strat is to count damage then use palidor to get the kill while other characters are still in the air.
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The order characters land after you summon Palidor should be consistent based on their Speed stats and whether they have Haste or Slow status; so like LCC said you can use that to plan a strat around having the 1st character that lands kill MagiMaster and eat the Ultima counter.
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Quote from Crow!:
I'm not familiar with any common routes which involve fighting MagiMaster.  Is there a reason you're climbing that far up the Fanatic's Tower?

The casual playthrough's expected solution to the Ultima on-death counterattack is to Life3 at least one member of your party.  Learning that spell is a strange proposition in a speed run, but so is fighting MagiMaster.

Yeah, I'm doing a casual playthrough of it right now to get an understanding of things, so i'm trying to go through everything to get as much information as possible. I just got Phoenix earlier today, so i'll train up for that and take out the MagiMaster. Thanks for the tips.
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Okay, so I Berserk'd him so he couldn't wall change, and I cast Life 3 on Celes so she'd survive the Ultima. It all worked out pretty well, but the journey down the tower was the most nerve-wrecking glad that you don't have to do the Cultist's Tower in a speedrun.
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What's the minimum level I should be before heading into Kefka's Tower?
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40s-50s maybe?  If you've been fighting regular battles throughout the game and done most of the World of Ruin sidequests, you shouldn't have much trouble with Kefka's Tower (especially if you've learned spells like Flare, Pearl, and Ultima).
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Quote from puwexil:
40s-50s maybe?  If you've been fighting regular battles throughout the game and done most of the World of Ruin sidequests, you shouldn't have much trouble with Kefka's Tower (especially if you've learned spells like Flare, Pearl, and Ultima).

I kinda figured, but yeah I have completed all the WoR quests just about, and currently leveling to 45 before I even try Kefka's tower. Hopefully I will complete the game by this weekend if I have enough time on my hands.
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Finally completed FF6 for the first time ever, and my time came to an unimpressive 54 hours! Going to do another run with all of the knowledge I've accrued and trying to get around 30 hours for my second 100% glitchless playthrough. If you guys could direct me to any website/video that could help me that would be great!
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When should I start my timer for this game? Should I start it when I get control of Terra, or what?
Let the intro play out when you turn on the console, press A to skip the Magitek snow walking scene. After this you start timer at the same time as selecting "New Game". Doing this will skip the intro whenever you select new game.
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Okay, thanks, I finally mastered everything up to defeating the Ghost Train. I have two questions, do all I need to do is use a Fenix Down on the train to kill it or do I have to do something else before that? Also, is there a site I can look at notes for a 100% glitchless run because watching videos is a tad difficult when you're trying to learn everything.
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So I am currently working on my first speedrun ever and working on FFVI Glitchless Any% using Puwexil's rules and looked up a lot Puwexil's route and LCC WoR route is very interesting for me. I am at the point of routing after I get the Airship in WoR.

Are the Fixed Dice stacking with Streight stats? Asking this since I wanna know what Esper to equip to get the most out of the Fixed Dice. I know that Zoneseek is OP for levelling because of +2 Magic / Level but wondering If i can get something similar for Fixed Dice.
Fixed dice damage is only affected by your level and berserk status. Using Gau with merit award + dice is also a thing, but Gau's level is determined at the same time you get the airship. This means he won't get the benefit of level averaging if you decide to grind 1-3 people before recruiting.

My route gets bogged down by inefficient grinding, despite recycling rods and skipping zoneseek. The fact that you have to really be on top of things to get everyone to run + use death abuse costs a lot. At best it can match puwexil's time, but using his route it could be improved way more.
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Hi folks! My name is NemesisMagic. I've started following puwexil, Essentia, and obdajr, about 6 months ago. Since then, I've become more and more amped up to join the community, especially after watching each of the 3 relays. Watching LCC and bichphuongballz finish within FRAMES of each other, really pushed me over the edge. I just got LiveSplit, OBS, and Twitch set up, as well as some new toys in the mail on their way to me now (RCA splitters / cable, EasyCap). So, I'm almost ready to get in there and get my hands dirty! Dream goal? Sub 5:05, join the next relay! Smiley

If it wasn't obvious, since I'm posting here, my game of choice is obviously FF 6. I had 2 primary questions for you guys.

1) What is the best way to practice, section by section? I'm incredibly un-familiar with emulators, and don't really know the most efficient way of handling practice. Hell, I don't even know what emulator to use, or how to create a Save-State or keep said Save-States organized and labeled, or how to setup a controller to my PC (if that's even an option). Any advice here is OVERWHELMINGLY appreciated.

2) Are Mr. MV's any% notes up-to-date enough? I realize not every strat used today is in there, but what are the most glaring changes that I should look towards incorporating into my games?

I'm really excited to get all of this set up, and to get to interact with the SDA community a bit more directly. I look forward to chatting with ya'll. Thanks!

Edit: Running any% no sketch glitch