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Final Fantasy IV (Any %) (Single Segment)

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Well then, I think I shall have to say, that because of the airship crushing that poor town, I have to reject the run.  Wait, no, I take that back.  In all seriousness, with the new tricks, I am going to give this run an accept.  A/V is good and no signs of cheating (outside of the tricks/glitches).  I'm not really sure how to time this run... the current run on the site says 3:35:xx with the final hit on Zeromus happening at 3:55 on the movie's timer (yet the game is well past the start at 0:20:xx into the movie).  This one lands the final hit on Zeromus at 3:40 on the movie's timer.  So yeah, not sure on timing.  I think the run is much more well done than the previous one, so it definitely deserves an accept as an improvement.

Quote from zewing:
Tellah: "You Spoony Bard!"  I hope you heard this before. 

Audio and Video was very good.

Now for the run.  I love in the run how the author hits himself during the first Kain fight (quit hitting yourself).  I also liked how the author skipped chests even if they were in his path which is great since some chests hold gold (no sense if the author can do money glitch) or other useless items.

Using the item cure2 on undead enemies during Milon form 1 was great exploit of undead weakness.  During chocobo rides (great music...but i prefer FF VI chocobo music) I notice the author appears to cut through corners by going through the water.  Great movement optimization by the author. 

Kainazzo fight went very well.

Dark elf fight had sucky bard music instead of awesome HYPE boss music T^T

Magus sisters fight was very fast (i was very surprised they went down so fast as i only played this casually).

Golbez fight after Calcabrena was very impressive to me

In fact....every boss fight was handles rather smoothly.  Especially since the author used Battle Speed 1.

I finally get to see the dark crysal early get used to skip a pretty significant part of the game.

During Giant of Babil I was confused as to why the author was running back and forth on the bridge.  After seeing the eye that used alert.....I finally see.  Great way to get experience.  Very clever. was really really really really boring to watch the grinding.  I watched it.....but I felt like I wanted to just sleep.

CPU got it's ass handed to it.

Zeromus got it's ass handed to it too.  Wow the author really fought each and every boss using very well constructed strats.

I don't feel like saying what went wrong in the run since all that went wrong was the accidental running into a wall (I SAID I WASN'T GONNA SAY IT).  Very impressive run.  I'd say accept easily.

So, you sonnies are back for another round with the switch?

Wait, you're bringing me a classic? Final Fantasy II? Ah, you kiddies are learning!


WHAT?! FOUR? This ain't no damn Final Fantasy IV! It's Final Fantasy TWO. Dos. Ni. Zwei. Deux. I mean, look right at the title screen! You damn kids and your LIES. You know what happens when a child lies? IT'S SWITCHIN' TIME!!

*SIGH* FINE. Let's get talkin' about your damn speed run video. Today we're talking about the story of two men: Cain and Abel.


WHAT?! Cecil and Kain? Bah. Screw the fine details. Two men! One girl! Couldn't they share her? I mean, back in my day, we did threesomes all the time and WE LIKED IT. But now you have to worry about all these damn diseases and stuff. And it's soooooo immoral. I mean, come on. Who wouldn't wanna bang a chick that wears a lacy dress with her underwear visible all the time? Hard for a man to focus on his job. Like tending to his sword. I mean crops.

Bah, even hard to focus on this video. I suppose it's because Cecil is a "good man" that she ignores Kain? Though given his grumpy attitude towards little girls, I guess it can't be helped.

The dialogue in this game is AMAZING! You young uns need to learn proper English! SPOONY. Go look it up, it's used in perfect context. Much better writing than anything Stephenie Meyer can come up with, and I'll even loan her a dictionary and a thesaurus! Sure, it may be a few dozen years old, but it's still perfectly FINE. FINE I SAY!

Speaking of vampires, you notice the lack of them in this game? Yeah. No sparkly vampires. Then again, no unsparkly ones either. None guarding any rubies. Hell, none guarding any diamonds, emeralds, or other fancy gems. Tis a pity.

Bah, getting distracted again, thinking about that lacy underwear. Anyways, part way though the game, Able is killed and turns into some white haired pretty boy. I found it disappointing. Boys aren't suppose to be pretty. They're suppose to be MANLY. MOUNTAIN MEN. BIG AND STRONG AND FULL OF FURY. Oh well, I guess he was lead on a holy journey. Well, white journey? Bah. Stupid Nintendo censorship.

In the underworld, I have to question this...Where are the other two crystals held? Or technically the other one since the Dwarven Castle seems to hold two...IN THE SAME SPOT! I mean, if Golbez was so determined to take over the world, why did he only take the one? Cause he's stupid! That's why you stay in school, kids! SMARTS!

Granted, nobody in the entire game seems to be pretty smart. How so? All the heroes walk on the moon without a space suit! How do they breathe?! Or better yet, how are they not instantly vaporized the UV rays of the sun? Melted into GAK? Bah. I know, VIDEO GAME LOGIC. Shut your mouth, sonny!

Now before I go, I must ask you one final question. What the hell were Rubicante, Kainazzo, and Valvalis doing in the Giant of Babil when Milon Z was fighting? TAKIN' A NAP THAT'S WHAT. Just like what this old man is gonna do.

GOOD NIGHT. And don't let the barn door hit you on the way out. You know how to close one, right? You weren't raised here!


Note: For clarification purposes, this is an accept.

Audio/video quality fine for a SNES capture.  I watched the run live so I can vouch for no cheating.  In-game timer is last seen at 3:11, so by my math 3:11:59 + 9:33 (real-time until Zeromus starts to fall flat into the deep ravine) = 3:21:32 final time

Very nice improvement overall.  Battle menu inputs were tighter and allowed for use of faster battle speeds for most of the run (especially the 2nd half of the run and final boss).  Excellent use of the recently-discovered (to English-speakers at least) MP underflow glitch to save time and remove RNG dependence on the Baigan/Magus Sisters battles.  Better A/V quality with no noticeable dropped frames.

Only significant execution mistakes I noticed were failing the Calcobrena skip and the Golbez Kain jump.  Some time also lost due to really bad luck in a few places (failing to kill off Palom/Porom during the Baigan battle, the Black Chocobo playing hard-to-get, having to stop and farm the D. Machine battle instead of getting it on the go), but such is the life of an SS RPG speedrunner.

I vote to accept.

^^^^ What he said, except I didn't catch it live.

Noticed a few times when the runner took a step in the wrong direction or flubbed the menus a bit, but the run's almost four hours long so that's pretty much inevitable. Overall the execution is solid and only a couple notable chunks of bad luck.

Now how fucked are those tides after the second moon flew into the æther?



Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Andrew 'RaneofSoTN' Melnyk!
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