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Final Doom (Any %) (Single Segment) (Ultra-Violence) [Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment]

Verifier Responses

Quote from ClonedPickle:
I didn't see any cheating, and I sincerely doubt there was any given that this was recorded as a demo and played back in a better looking source port - if there's any doubt that Dime wasn't cheating he can fork over the demo and someone else can play it back to see if it desyncs or something.

Play quality isn't perfect, but this isn't a TAS. General play quality is at the very least on par with stx-vile's run; there's quite a few minor movement mistakes, a couple drops off platforms that require a few seconds to get back, and one Good At Doom moment (severely harming yourself with a rocket by accident), but that's what happens in 30 straight levels of Doom. Most of the time gained comes from route improvements and new tricks, which come with their own required skill. Dime is only slower than stx-vile on 4 maps: map02-04, where most runs die, and map11, where Dime got some pretty crummy archvile luck. He's even with stx-vile on map07 which basically can't be improved anyway, and every other map Dime is faster. There's easily enough mistakes to iron out to get this sub-30 (hell, a TAS might be able to get sub-29), but this is definitely a better run.

Audio/video is great. Video looks great without the weird motion blur effect the old run had and also doesn't look horribly washed out. Level music is actually on unlike the old run. The only really annoying bit about the GLBoom+ rendering is the "you got a secret" notifications, but it's not worth re-rendering the video, especially since that's a subjective thing.

Overall this is hella accept. Quality all around is better than the current run on SDA. An even better run is certainly guaranteed in the future at some point, but a nearly 11-minute improvement is nothing to scoff at.

pastebinned the notes I wrote as I went, hope that's alright:

Looks good, sounds good. Video contains the run, and just the run.

No signs of foul play.

Play Quality:
A single-segment doom run is all about risk management. You have to decide when to play it safe and when to go for it. Plutonia in particular is a serious beast to overcome, making any finished run quite the accomplishment. This run represents an infusion of new strats (especially glides) into Vile's old run, which brings the time down substantially. This run is nothing short of impressive, and clearly meets quality standards. The most common location for time loss would be general movement throughout the run (getting stuck on monsters briefly, etc), but the following things specifically caught my eye as far as mistakes are concerned:

Realm - generally the first arch vile hit would knock the runner into the exit, but this time he bounced to the side (~1 second loss).
Genesis - falls down by the exit and has to run back (~8 second loss).
The Twilight - fires an unnecessary rocket while invulnerable (~1 second loss)
The Gateway Of Hell - the final boss can be killed in two elevator cycles, but the runner takes 4 (~12 second loss).

The list is short, which is what I found most enjoyable about seeing this run. Most of the time things go smoothly and without incident. The final time was 30:22 (in game). This type of run can always be improved by integrating riskier strategies in addition to improved movement, but naturally the chance of finishing a run decreases as the number of near death experiences goes up. For now, this stands as an excellent SS run worthy of replacing Vile's.

Verdict: Verify!

Quote from LotBlind:
A/V, cheating: good.

So this run uses mainly more risky strategies than the previous submission with similar execution. Lots and lots of new tricks many of which are difficult to make consistent.

The room in Caged where the four barons appear is done kinda slow with a very safe strategy for level 4, and the run loses about 13 seconds to the old one here despite the old one taking an extra dip into the acid pool.

At the end of Baron's Lair, the runner should switch to rockets already seeing as he's going to use them in Caughtyard.

I feel Vile may have shown a slightly smoother overall movement but not by much. I'm looking at the 6-second difference in Hunted. Vile falls off more times though.

A/v all good, no skulduggery detected.

I'm pretty much just going to say what everyone else either has said or wants to say.

This is a great run. It sure isn't perfect, but that's just the limitations of being human. It's impressive, it's dazzling, and I've watched it a good couple of times, the second just for fun.

For the sake of verification, it would have been nice to see the menu, and the selection of the Ultra Violence difficulty, but I do understand the difficulties (no pun intended) of doing that. At the same time, it's clearly cannot be anything but UV based on the gameplay, so it's a moot point.

Clear accept.

Quote from ShadowWraith:
Run has overall superior execution to the previous one on the site and incorporates more up-to-date routes on many levels. There are some mistakes (The exit miss on Genesis being a particularly ugly one, the Slayer one was pretty bad too), but overall the level of execution is high and the optimisation is more than sufficient to be posted on the site.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Christopher 'Dime' Dewey!
Thread title:  

Hopefully I can get sub 29 minutes one day, but it'll take a crazy run to get it.
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TheKeeperSA: 2014-03-04 01:37:38 pm
EDIT: Didn't want to offend. Stuff removed because I feel it's the thing to do.
Edit history:
Dime: 2014-03-04 12:39:15 pm
Dime said:
Thanks Kunkun, sometimes things go wrong in a run! Final frontier and genesis were the big culprits in this run unfortunately.

I will say I'm going to be mad as fuck if you leave the run at that. Especially for SDA you should use the map17 death exit and aim for at least sub 28. Sadly I don't think I can really play anymore because I started getting carpal tunnel problems during the last grind. That 29:30 is probably the last run for me so if you just want the record you can just have it without anyone kicking you in the ass to improve it.

On map28 you can avoid the second teleporters (in the room with the possible linedef skip) by only firing while standing on water by the way. I also still think your map30 setup is silly, you should "always" get at most two cycle.

The 29:30 is not really relevant to this at all, but since you brought it up I have gotten a 29:29 run within the last week. These two quoted posts above from doomworld pretty much showcases the plan for the next plutonia run. AKA, i'll be putting in the map 17 suicide exit. Carpal tunnel on the other hand is very unfortunate for Kunkun and I hope that he can heal up. Not something to take lightly.

This thread should be concerned with the 30:22 and yes im still working on improving the run further.

You should link that video in the final doom thread btw, it's relevant there!
Sorry I offended you. It was not my objective as that's not the point of this community. My bad.