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Fester's Quest (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V is good, especially with the UFO music glitching, making up for the shorthanding on boss music during the actual so called boss fights. No cheating present. I concur with the 24:37 timing.

Runner outlines both glorious successes and minor hiccups in his notes. With a game this hard the fact they're only minor makes it a very impressive run. I'm not quite sure why there's a grinding segment followed by a reset starting off the recording, but I assume it has relevance for either RNG or having some pre-run recording for editing purposes.


Nice run.  The quality of the A/V is fine.  The gameplay definitely meets the standards for an inaugural SDA run.  IIRC the only run (or runs) done in the past were done without the boss-key glitch, so there's not much to compare it to.  But the gameplay and route do look pretty solid, and based on the author's comments it seems that the drops were particularly favorable in this run.

I wondered a bit about the route chosen -- upgrading the gun didn't seem necessary since you're not fighting any bosses and most of the enemies that take a lot of shots to kill can either be avoided (fancy footwork, invis potions, noose) or manipulated away with some good screen-control.  This is pretty much what the runner does towards the end of the game, but the same thing can be done in the early parts (even before the nooses).  Upon further reflection, I understand that most of the grinding is really to get Keys, and the gun upgrades are more of a side-effect.  Still, though, a run that just gets minimal keys and doesn't care about upgrades whatsoever *might* be able to get away with a little less grinding.  Possibly.  It's worth looking into.

I was a little unclear about the detour for the health upgrade and the invis potions.  The notes say "I grab the invisible potions to set up the glitch later...", but I didn't figure out what glitch is being referred to.

@Verifier1:  I think the clip at the beginning is just part of the previous run that didn't get cropped out.  If it was there to manipulate RNG then this run would be "SS with resets" and the entire RNG-manipulation section prior to the reset would have been recorded and included in the run time.  It's hard to tell, but it seems like there is a hard-power (not a soft-reset) in between the runs, which would mean there's no RNG carryover.

ACCEPT, imo.  And I agree with the runner that it would be awesome to see someone do a no-key-glitch run some day too.

A/V is fine. No signs of cheating.

This is a really good run, especially with the key glitch execution. I always though you just had to mash the button and randomly the glitch will work. I didn't think you actually had to line yourself up where the door is in the background to get the glitch to work, so that was cool. Getting the final boss key glitch was a plus too because like you said, there's a possibility to screw up if you're not lined up properly.

The other parts of the run were really good. Didn't spend much time grinding which is always a plus and I agree getting the extra health was probably unnecessary, but I think it helps for certain areas where it's just easier to walk right through an enemy and tank the hit.

Accept from me. Good to finally see a run of this game!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Brian 'Brossentia' Cook!
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No pain, no gain
Oh goodness.  Did I forget to actually split the recordings? Well, I feel stupid now. You can chop the part before the reset -- it does nothing to set things up.

With that said, when playing the game, I get the invisibility potions for two reasons -- one, in the sewers, there are sometimes snails that would take too long to kill, and two, the key glitch doesn't seem to work for me unless I get those potions first.  I've tried several times, and it just didn't work.  If other people are able to, though, I'll have to rework the run.

Also, all gun upgrades happen as key grinding.  The drops happen in a specific rotation -- a few things can throw the cycle off, but if you do it right, you'll always have the same cycle of drops.  The better weapons kill faster, so it's worth grabbing the upgrades during the key grind.

Thank you for the accept!  I would love to see others jump into running this game, too -- nothing like having a grinding race Smiley