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Faxanadu (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from presjpolk:
Video seems smooth, with the classic NES composite look. Audio seems fine.

Missed the trick kill at the Mattock? Aww, after spending all that time on it on stream, too.

Don't have Yua at work while I'm having lunch here, but I don't know how to use Yua to do an audio-based timing anyway.  I'm seeing 29:24 for control loss, a 0:20 for control again, so 29:04 looks right to me.

I'm ambivalent on whether we want to deviate from the usual SDA timing in order to penalize popups during the ending cutscene, as Shiner seems to be going for with the push to use the TAS timing.

I think the runner *can* do better, but we're talking about a few seconds, and this time is so much better than what anyone else has put up, I can't possibly see rejecting it.

Quote from HavocProdigy:
This is HavocProdigy.  I'll keep this brief since I don't want to hold up verification for this any longer than necessary and I've watched this run 4 times already.

Audio: Good
Video: Good
Cheating: None
Time: 29:03

I caught the replay three times on Twitch, watched the old 30:14 run from 4 years ago, and then watched both side by side.  I'll use my split points that I use in my run attempts to point out where time is gained or lost in comparison to the old run.

Eolis: Saved 14.9 seconds due to not killing spike guys for unneeded experience and skipping the dried meat purchase.

Trunk: Lost 2.1 seconds due to trying to look all swag-like and leap at the final spikey guy in the Mattock room and getting knocked off the platform.  Kappa face thing.

Fortress: Saved 23.6 seconds, mostly due to using wingboot extensions throughout the Tower of Fortress rather than taking the long way to the spring and having wingboots wear off.

Victim: Saved 2.5 seconds.  As far as routing, this should have easily saved significantly more time than this but there were some bumps along the way.  Oh well.  Shit happens.

Mist: Saved 14.6 seconds due to playing like a madman and skipping the ointment in the Tower of Myst.

Branches: Saved 2.2 seconds.  Again, as far as routing, this should have saved more time due to the skipped ointment and whatnot but there were some mistakes in Branches.

King Grieve: Saved 2.8 seconds.  The route is basically the same as before on this part.  The saved time appears to be solely from slightly better execution.

Evil One: Saved 12.3 seconds due to better execution, having wingboots in tact for the ladder after the final cathedral (making this room significantly shorter), and killing the Evil One before the wingboot expiration text appears.

Great run.  There's no significant mistakes in this run, just a collection of minor mistakes such as getting knocked off ledges.  This is just a sketchy estimate but I believe that somewhere in the ballpark of 20 seconds could be saved with this route by cleaning up most of the incredibly minor mistakes.  However, this is an awesome run and it saves 1:11 over the outdated run from 4 years ago.  I have no doubt that Shiner will return from planet Neptune (or wherever he resides when he's absent from the speedrunning world) and break 28:50 sometime down the road.

Verdict: Obviously Accept.


Quote from Boxfat:
Sorry for the delay - when I thought of Eolis I fell into a deep sleep lasting a week or so. I finally woke up and am ready to verify.

The bulk of the time savings from this comes from a kickass new route, but the execution is still really strong.

Kinda funny, too - every time Shiner makes a big route improvement, he makes a new mistake to be named after. First it was the greasy ladder near the fountain outside of the mist... Now falling off next to the mattock!

Surely, Shiner can get a run without either of the Shiners, but this is still a worthwhile run to have up on SDA. The execution throughout the run clearly shows Shiner's prowess with this game, and why most of the more recent competition for this game has been for SECOND place. Smiley

What an easy accept!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'ShinerCCC'!
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Yay! Thanks verifiers!
Sub 29 attempts on stream will
Congrats.  Whenever you decide that you want to stop farting around with League of Losers, I'm officially challenging you to Faxanadu races, even without knowing how to ladder rejump.  We 'muricans love a good underdog story.