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Thinkshooter: 2017-10-25 09:58:14 am
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Thinkshooter: 2017-08-18 02:01:07 pm
Runs: FCP, FC3, XWA, HD1-2, KotOR1-2
I was surprised to see there was no thread for this game yet.

I just uploaded my segmented run here:

- 16 segments
- Survival / Expert mode, though not Permadeath
- Aim and melee assist were both off
- You'll notice that it's not the full run all the way to the "Land of Oros Conquered" message. There's already an entry on speedrun.com/fcp where apparently two runners decided a year ago that eliminating the main bosses (Ull and Batari) is a reasonable stopping point. So that's where I concluded my run too.
- BNH's existing single-segment run was a solid starting point - kudos to him!
- You can see that much of the video is in hunter vision. I know it looks bland, but it's major help in spotting resources and enemies.
- I neither used nor looked for glitches.
- This run is not for vegans.

I wanted to show you guys in order to crowdsource some new ideas. If I missed any major routing improvement opportunities, I'd be interested to know.

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porit: 2017-09-19 12:41:18 am
I was tring to repeat your score, but i failed (x7) :/ umowa kupna sprzedaży
Runs: FCP, FC3, XWA, HD1-2, KotOR1-2
(For the discussion of a possible new strategy:)
Rename the attachment to "1.save" or whatever your latest savegame number is. Back up your existing such savegame.