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Fancy Pants Adventures (Any %) (Single Segment) [World 2]

Verifier Responses

Quote from cooopercrisp:
A/V is fine. No cheating detected.

Because the previous run of this game was manually timed, I must comment and say that this is a six second improvement to 7:55. Going by the in-game timer, however, the final time is 7:21.77. The time improvement is misleading because the in-game timer stopped for a cut scene at the beginning. Comments should be able to handle that discrepancy.

As far as the run is concerned, the only hiccups are getting hit by that mouse and a slow third hit on the boss. I encourage the runner to improve his time because of these two errors, but that is no reason not to accept this run.

Quote from Lhexa:
Audio/video are fine.

~2: Very nice shell bouncing.  Could jumping make it even faster?

~40: Shouldn't it be possible to jump over the mouse, instead of hitting it?  Though I don't think it would save much time.

~50: It's possible to jump off the loops at their apex, skipping parts of them.  When I tested it out, though, I found that this method gave almost exactly the same time as running them normally.

~75: Cute time-saving jump, looks difficult to time correctly.

~118: Could you aim the cannon a little to the right, then wall-jump up to the door?  I couldn't get it to work myself, but maybe it's possible.

~140: It looks like you should be able to skip one spring, but you can't.

~150: Touching the wall before hitting the second spring slows the player down unnecessarily.  Less than half a second lost, though.  Edit: never mind, the game doesn't let you pull back before touching the wall.

~155: The player could have jumped towards the door a tad more quickly.

~195: Ouch, hit by the mouse.  Two or three seconds lost.

~215: I think it's possible to do this one cycle faster.  That's about a second lost.

~290: I like the tunnel skip, it's more difficult than it looks.

~310: Very good execution on this section.  The player was even able to skip a platform, and the final jump was timed very finely.

~340: Hesitation on the wall-jumping, but only a fraction of a second lost.  The wall-jumping is surprisingly tricky.

~360: I think the player could have jumped onto the second moving platform a bit more quickly.

The rabbit fight doesn't look all that impressive, but it's actually very good.  Those snail shells are hard to control.  The third cycle is slower than optimal, but I'm fine with that.

Opinion: accept.  The wonky physics of this game make it harder than it looks, so the run displays considerable skill.  The visible mistakes (none of them major) only add up to about five seconds over the run.  It's a good run.  As the game says: Run fast, run fancy!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Newtmanking'!
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Well, either way, my verdict was very similar to the other two responses. Accept by me, in an informal way, I guess Smiley
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