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@RyderC I just got a 35:09 on a fresh boot, which I guess is fresh boot WR now. Not proud of it at all since I wasted over 1:23 (1:03 alone was wasted on the dam skip) I'm pretty sure the route I use is ~40 seconds faster than the one you're using though, after I tested the one I use and a tighter version of yours, both on fresh boot.

It looks like a 33:xx could be attained SS, fresh boot, and even without block boosting at this point.

If you want a video of the route I could upload one just let me know, I usually hold off on uploading runs until I get one I'm actually happy with.
Hi, dont' bother about uploading the run, did you used the same route as your 33.27 ? Because I get a 33.40 with it ( without fresh boot, it was days ago, and with little personal adjustments ), and you're right about your route being faster.

I think a 33.2x isn't unthinkable.

And my run, if you want to check at it :

It's the run that I used to compare with yours, so at least, there is no travel light stacking with it.
Well like I said, I wasted over 1:23 on my 35:09, 20 seconds from walking in to the Lucky 38 when I was supposed to go straight to Yes Man, 1:03 on dam skip, so if you just got a run using that route it'd be a sub 33 SS fresh boot.

Here's some things I noticed about your run that might help you out if you don't know them yet;
There's a Med-X right beside the operating table in Doc Mitchell's place that wastes no time to grab, but you can use it at the Boomer's as a safety net to ensure you don't get your legs broken (When I was testing the tighter version of your route, I used that Med-x to let me tank straight through the Cazadors and Deathclaws, since we skip the dam we can use it pretty much any where now)
You took 5 INT, tagged Medicine and took Steady Aim, all of which are unnecessary, 1 INT is a fair amount faster
I changed up my route so I don't wait for Benny I just sleep in his bed because it's a free heal to all my limbs (Most importantly the legs)
You can stop talking to Yes Man after the "What are the details of the plan?" option has been taken
I've changed up my route so I don't talk to Victor, go to Gomorrah, leave, then come back and kill House on my second trip through Vegas, I just kill him right away. I used to use that route to make sure I'd avoid Vulpes, but I've found slightly better movement that just barely allows me to avoid him, the only downside is if the NCR trooper doesn't spawn right away to tell me about siding with the NCR, and instead spawns once I get in Gomorrah, I get softlocked.
If you use the SPECIAL I do, when it switches to the perks for level 6, Bloody Mess isn't the perk directly behind Speech, but Toughness is, which is pretty useful for the run
After you shot the BoS and left their bunker, you travelled immediately, that only worked because you had enemies despawned due to playing through on a second file, on a fresh boot you'd need to walk forward and left once you leave the bunker until you hit the fence and get to a sign that's there, then you can travel.

Pretty good run though.

And for the stream settings, you might want to change it up and use Llanfair since you can split freely while in New Vegas using Llanfair, unlike Wsplit, just make a run with only one segment and it works just as good. And if you want to get a transparent background on your stream so it's just the timer over the game without a box around it, set all of the background colours to a certain colour, (I use Black for the Background and Separators, then White for everything else, for instance.) Then in OBS settings, once you've added the Llanfair window capture as a source, right click on its source and hit properties, then in there check off Sub-Region and select the sub region so it only goes around the part that says "Ready" in Llanfair. After that, check the box that says "Use Color Key" and hit the "Select" button beside the colour, then click on your Llanfair background. Now you'll just have the timer on your stream. (This works with Wsplit as well if you'd prefer to just stick with Wsplit)
About llanfair and wsplit.
I used llanfair at first, because llanfair work if I'm in windowed mode, but windowed mode give me frameloss, and sometimes the mouse can get "outside" the game and make me lost 3s to get in it again. So I don't use windowed mode anymore and take wsplit again ( but I need to do alt-tab to start it, that's why I put the -5s delay ).
And I don't really care about using split if I can't see it during the run.

Steady aim give me the possibility to kill house and touch the BoS guard more consistenly, which can make me win 3-4s ( sometimes it take like 5-6 bullet to touch the BoS guard ), and only make me lost one, in the futur I'll maybe don't take it, but for now i'm good with it.
About Benny, If you wait one hour before entering his room, and talk to him at the same time you're opening the door, the door will be "blocked" and stay open after you kill him. It can be a little gain to not have to open the door when you're leaving ( even more when you know that door opens on the left and can block you ).

And I was already aware about the dialogue with yes-man, I'll try to not forget about it in my next run.

About avoiding Vulpes and killing house later, it could be faster, but getting a random softlock on the gomorrah can be kind of annoying if it happen to often, I don't know for the moment, I'll not use it in run, it's only 4s lost.

I take bloody mess because it's the fastest SPECIAL to randomnly take, but that's because I have 5 point in INT, with 1 point, Toughness would be faster to get.

And I know about the despawned enemy, I was lucky on it.
Did you try to kill the enemy and not getting to the fence ? They only need one bullet, and there are only two, just at your right when you get outside the bunker, don't know if it could be faster.
33:24 SS Fresh Boot

Good luck on sub 33 Ryder
You can't player the slayer
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Ryderc: 2014-02-09 03:24:36 pm
Ryderc: 2014-02-09 02:59:21 pm
Ryderc: 2014-02-09 02:58:09 pm
You asked for it :

32:56 SS Fresh Boot. I'm sorry but the stream was a bit ( sometimes more than a bit ) laggy.
I think the 32.48 with perfect run is possible.
Nice runs! I picked up the game this week and these video have been very educational, thanks.

It's a very minor point, but is there any reason in particular you guys go to the "Let's Review" tab in the Vit-o-matic Vigor Tester? After distributing the Luck points, you can just get out of the menu by pressing 'a'.
Well, you teach me something ! It's almost a  3s win, pretty useful !
Ok so wouldn't it be better to start the timer where the doc asks you your name. the game is stopped at that point and that is also at first input. It will throw off our times but I think this the best way to do it.
There is no point about starting the timer so late in the game.
I'm even thinking Slayerofbabies is right about starting it when he start a new game, I think I'll use the same starting point now.

It's not like winning 20s on the timer will change anything, if we had a 15 min intro, it would be different.
But it's just my opinion, but I think it's easier for everyone to start it at the "start" than somewhere else in the game, only 25s later.

It works the way it is currently, and we have to watch that section every time we do a run anyways, so there's no reason in not starting the timing when you select Yes for your new file.
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netarchy: 2014-02-17 09:20:27 am
netarchy: 2014-02-17 08:40:43 am
I decided to try my hand at speedrunning FONV this past week, current PB is 32:45 (yes, I admittedly was gunning for your time Ryderc ;D).

And the original highlight on Twitch:

I hadn't read this forum yet at the time of the run, so I missed out on the discussion regarding when to start the timer, so I was basing my timer start off of Ryderc's 32:56 run.
If memory serves, there would only be a couple extra seconds added for starting the timer right when hitting 'yes', since you can skip the intro anyway, so I hope it's not a big deal.

I hit a couple snags during the run, otherwise I think it is possible to get 32:30 or possibly sub 32:30.

Ryderc: I found for the most part your route is very efficient. I did tweak it a little bit though, you save more time by not tagging the power station straight out and instead going from black mountain
after taking the Travel Light perk. That 10% faster movement really adds up.
Really nice Netarchy ! But you're running in RTA, not SS.

It's something like 1 min faster than SS Smiley
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netarchy: 2014-02-17 08:32:50 am
netarchy: 2014-02-17 08:29:55 am
netarchy: 2014-02-17 08:22:28 am
Quote from Ryderc:
Really nice Netarchy ! But you're running in RTA, not SS.

It's something like 1 min faster than SS Smiley

IIRC RTA = Real Time Attack, but what is SS ? (I'm terribad at acronyms)

I thought these were all real time runs?

EDIT: After some searching, SS = Single Segment? ie; no tracking splits? How would that be faster when I'm doing it all real time in a single session? #Confused

EDIT2: It's also worth noting that the run was after a fresh start of the game, should I re-make the highlight to show that I exited/restarted the game before that run?

EDIT3: Ahh never mind, someone explained it to me, SS would mean no quicksave tricks then yes?
Oh well, the difference between RTA and SS here is I don't use the quicksave/quickload to skip dialogue.

So you win something like 40s with Doc Mitchel, and maybe a bit more later.

And you don't need to specify about the fresh boot, but it cool be cool to integrate the "game's boot" in the record, so we can see it .
Quote from Ryderc:
Oh well, the difference between RTA and SS here is I don't use the quicksave/quickload to skip dialogue.

So you win something like 40s with Doc Mitchel, and maybe a bit more later.

And you don't need to specify about the fresh boot, but it cool be cool to integrate the "game's boot" in the record, so we can see it .

Re-made the highlight to include the game fresh boot Grin

Will replace my youtube vid in a bit.

I'm still pretty new to speedrunning, much terminology to learn apparently.

That said, now that I get the difference between RTA/SS, it gives me something else to work on, seeing how fast I can go without quicksave skips.
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Ryderc: 2014-02-17 08:43:18 am
Yeah no problem, you still have the wr in RTA Smiley

But I think you could do a sub 32 with it Cheesy
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netarchy: 2014-02-17 08:45:53 am
Quote from Ryderc:
Yeah no problem, you still have the wr in RTA Smiley

But I think you could do a sub 32 with it Cheesy

Given all the snags and mistakes I made in the 32:45 (nerves I suspect, the chat/viewer was huge from what I'm used to) I'm pretty sure sub 32:30 is possible, maybe 31:50-ish with some luck and perfect pathing.
ChickenB0h BOH! :D
yeah there are some games where it doesn't really matter but difference is basically SS should not have save game loads
New PB of 32:27 on SS

Original highlight on twitch:

Added together my load screen times for Ryderc's reference, 1:10 of loading screen time.

Dunno how you were thinking my total load time was like 20-30s O.o
I added up yours and subtracted the extra travel you take that I don't (I don't fast travel to the power station, I just travel to black mtn twice while you hit black mtn twice AND travel to the station) and came up with 1:45 of load screens.

Difference of 35s, 56-35=21, plus allowing the 4 seconds of additional time from the difference in timer starts makes it 25, so to beat your time, I'd have to score 32:25 with 1:10 in load times, so your time is indeed better still by 2 seconds Cheesy

Looking forward to seeing how much you can widen that gap with route changes and such.
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Ryderc: 2014-02-20 06:14:32 pm
Ryderc: 2014-02-20 03:34:45 pm
Ryderc: 2014-02-20 02:41:45 pm
Here my new 32:40 SS Cheesy :

I get 1:57 min of loading screen, so it's a 30:43 at the end, with a fresh start, and with the same timing start than you.
Oh and I lost 10s on the dam skip, and I got some frameloss, so sub 30:30 is absolutely possible in my opinion.

I don't why I was so wrong on your loading time yesterday, but it was pretty late, so I was probably too tired to count correctly ^^

The youtube thing is a glitch that's been happening for a while, try re-exporting it from Twitch. I've had highlights that I had to upload 2-3 times before it was handled right on YT. It's a YT issue, not a Twitch issue though.
Ryderc: I just got through looking at your video finally all the way, and counted up the load times the way I count them for my runs.

I think we must count our load screens differently, because timing your 32:40 run I get 1:42 of loadscreen, not 1:57.
New PB of 32:03 on SS:

Original Twitch highlight:

1:10 in loadscreen by my count, comparing to Ryderc's 32:40 which (by my count) is 1:42 in loadscreen, not 1:57, making the difference 32s, 40-32=8, so the time to beat with my load screen times should be 32:08, making this run faster by 5s.

Again though Ryderc, I think we count load time differently, I only count the time on screen you actually see the loading wheel. Perhaps a third party counter might be in order to give the final say?