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DXHR runner
We can tomorrow! I'm currently in the process or moving my room around and my computer is unplugged :p I'm on my laptop
Hi ! I tried the any% no stimpack, so I used my route with safer strat, and get 34.40.
The run :
DXHR runner
Some guy named Slayerofbabies claims he has the fastest time for Fallout New Vegas SS and wants to race against potentially me and bronzeleaguer at SGDQ...anyone ever heard of him?
He appears to be the guy who did the run at SRG marathon last year: ; looks like his twitch channel was shut down due to "TOS violations".
I can't found better than ~40 min by slayerofbabies, and there is a lot of people who did better than 40 min in SS.

He can claims whatever he wants.
Lord Of The Beards
  this is one of the first vids to come up for Fallout New Vegas speedrun on google this is his run.  You did not look hard enough.
Yeah, I found after that his best time is 36.3x

But can found the video; and it isn't better than mine anyways. But there is good tip in it, I will improve my run a bit thanks to him.
SlayerofBabies is the master of walking simulators.
Yea im going for Rydercs route of SGDQ. still gonna try for no stim.
DXHR runner
Ah I see, I've never seen him post before on here, which I assumed all the members of the Fallout community would be posting here, as that's kinda custom...
DXHR runner
So wait, what is the WR for any% SS then? I need to change it if it's not 32:02 by Ryder
ok the record is 34:02 by Ryder
It's ~32.02 without the loading time, and 34.14 with it.
DXHR runner
I'm gonna go by in game time for the WR on my stream, so it's 34:14 in game?
ok 34:14 leave loading times in for now
no we use wsplit
the in game timer is off
DXHR runner
I'm aware of that, but since Wsplit does not work with Fallout, and I have yet to use the timer you sent me the download for yet, I have nothing to go for except in game time at the moment >.<
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BronzeLeaguer: 2014-02-03 04:30:22 pm
BronzeLeaguer: 2014-02-03 04:29:46 pm
the other timer is bad i had  to stop using it. it was causing input lag. do u have fallout NV on steam?
DXHR runner
Yes I do, Bronze
You could try llanfair, free and not so bad, i'm using it actually and it work decently.
yeah, I used llanfair for the few runs I did of this game and it worked fine.
ok with fallout and steam you can use wsplit you just have to hit shift tab to get to the steam menu hit ur start button the shift tab to close the menu same to stop the timer.
DXHR runner
What I COULD do (and this would require some testing) is use Wsplit with a delay timer on the start. Alt tab over to the game, play, and alt tab right at the end cutscene to stop the timer. That would actually be pretty decent. But if llanfair works, someone link me please!
DXHR runner
Shift Tab works too? Good to know Bronze. Once I have some time today I'm going to try that out!