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you could use xbox version it would just be a seperate record
DXHR runner
Well, maybe down the line once I get close to WR in Deus Ex and after I run Director's Cut I'll look into speed running NV :^) 34.14. I'm getting closer to the sub 34.
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atomicJo: 2013-12-27 02:46:44 pm
@Ryderc -> according to SDA rules, you can use whatever version of the game you want
@atomicJo > Ok thanks ! I'll continue to work on that version so.
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letterswords: 2014-01-01 07:44:32 pm
Hey, so I just picked up this game casually. I got a 39:39 earlier today on my third run, with a death. Pretty non-optimal movement and text skipping. Here's a video

Also, how do I get DLC to not load through steam? I have the caravan pack, and unchecking the pack under the data files doesn't seem to do anything.
DXHR runner
That will be my problem too with running it, if I ever do decide on running it. I'm going to get all the DLC and challenger myself with nosrl all unique weapons collected, and when I do speed run I'd want the DLC disabled
Its not a huge deal since I just can avoid actually using any of the items it gives you anyways, but I get a little pop up message at the start of a new file that I could do without.
You can move or delete the caravan files in the Fallout new vegas data folder.
It's the only way to keep them from spamming at the beginning.

But I don't play fallout new vegas on steam, so i'm no sure if it'll download it again. new record with 34:02
I think we'll need to calculate the loading time at every run, it can change a lot.
I had 2:16 minute of loading screen on my 34.14, and I get 2:10 on my 34.02.
DXHR runner
Hey guys! remember a month or so ago I said I would consider running this game once I get better at Deus Ex? Well I currently have the world record at a pretty good time (could be better) and I've decided to pick up this game as my second (technically third) game to run! I'll be learning it in a few days and already watched some routes online but not sure if there's a faster one or not. If anyone is willing to give me some tips or help me learn the route that would be great Smiley
DXHR runner
Just one quick question about the game, do you guys go by in game timer or Wsplit timer for WR?
The game timer never gave me correct time, don't know why.
You get at least 1 min more than your real time, and I already get more than 4 min at the end of a run.
If can you find where does the difference come from, it will be a big help, but from now, wsplit, or any extern timer will be more heplful, or at least more accurate ( I use an extern timer to know approximately where I am during the run, and at the end, I count the loading time to get the final time )

And about the route, it look like "my" route ( thanks to 5tr1k3r again ) seems to be the fastest, but we never know, there is some strat in Bronzeleaguer's route which are faster, by example, the way to hidden valley from goodspring's cemetery ( a bit more by the north), wich can make you win some time, but in a more "unsafe" way, so I don't use it for the moment.
I only can advise you to try new thing, because it can be faster, or not. I'm always asking to myself if an optimize bronzeleaguer route ( getting to hidden valley and black moutain before new vegas, and don't pass by vault 19 ) could be faster or not, I don't think so, but you can't know before trying.

At least, we know the yes-man ending seems to be the fastest way overall Wink

And you can run in a single segment 's way, like me ( more like the Speeddemoarchive rules) , or in a real time attack's way ( like 95% of the streamer on twitch ), like Thebronzeleaguer.
The difference mainly reside in using, or not, the quicksave/quickload tricks to pass some dialogue faster.
I don't like that trick (and I don't use it ), but it's definitly faster, it's up to you to choose what you want to do.

If you need some advice, don't hesitate to ask here, or to pm on my twitch. I don't stream often for the moment, but i'm regularly on it.
DXHR runner
I mean, I'm not new to speedrunning, I know how splits go and what not...and I can probably figure out a comparative route if I just know the steps to take to complete, and what speech options to take. I've played Fallout (from the first to NV) pretty much my whole life lol
Well, sorry if I hurt your speedrunner's pride, I wasn't even talking about teaching you how to split, just what could be the category on FNV specifically, but nevermind.

The game has only a few steps that you must already know because you's played Fallout since you're born Smiley :

-Wake up on the doc mitchell house, choose to be a girl. Choose the 10 in endurance and 10 in charisma to get more life, more point in speech (to get more dialogue choice ) and survival (to get the "light travel" perk later with 45 point in it), the other stuff is irrelevant.
-Get to new vegas, you have two different ways : - To pass by the vault's 19 to be closer from the khan's camp later
                                                                                - To pass by The hidden valley/BlackMoutain/El Dorado to get the fast travel to that specific location immediatly
In my opinion, the first way is the fastest, because you never take the same path twice.
-Get the platinum chip from Benny, the use of the "Black Widow" perk seems to be the better way to get it, because you kill benny without fighting, and you're already next to yes-man just after doing it.
-Talk to yes man, and go kill Mr house.
-Talk/interact/approach with every clan (the 2 casino on new vegas + The boomer + the steel brotherhood + khan's camp ) to get to "know" them.
-Get back to vegas, upgrade the robot, go to El Dorado, install an override chip to get access to the end, go back to vegas, go to the dam, talk to legate lanius, the 10 point in speech give you the posibility to not fight, finish the game.

And inbetween, a lot of walking.

If there is a faster way to complete the story, I don't know it for the moment. The game is pretty short, it'll be easy to learn it just by watching the previous run.

I don't know if I answered to what you were asking.
I can be more specific on some point if you want to, just ask.
DXHR runner
That's actually exactly what I needed/wanted to know Ryder! And no hard feelings dont worry :p thanks!
DXHR runner
I am proud to present my very first single segmented run of Fallout New Vegas (mostly blind too, I didn't watch any videos except for the final part) of 1:03:16 in game timer. Wsplit doesn't work with Fallout in windowed mode (it won't let me use my hotkeys to split for some reason) otherwise I'd probably have a more accurate time!
Gratz DXHR runner keep at it. any link for the video.
Made first cut for SGDQ guess id better practice a ton more lol
DXHR runner
Hey Bronze, grats on making it through the first round! I didn't record my first playthrough because of a major pause gap of looking through a video. But I would love to do a race with you at SGDQ of the game if you'd like! We could even do a comparisson of Jumping vs regular walking to see which is faster! (Lots of casual Fallout players, like myself, believe that jumping is actually faster when it still hasn't been officially proven to be much slower or faster)
yea racing would defiantly help also if you use live split program we can use splits while in windowed mode. Finally!
DXHR runner
I use Wsplit and it doesn't work for Fallout windowed mode >.< can you link me to a download to another live timer? Rydou linked me in my stream before, but I forgot to check it lol
DXHR runner
Awesome! Downloading now!
do you want to skype for a bit while time trying to build the splits