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Not a Zelda 2 refrence
It looks like you can't grab in the air now, so no flying.

I wondering what the rules are on the pre-order bonuses, there is no obvious way to remove it. If this run is anything like the FO3 run then the one that comes with stims or super stims is going to be the most useful ( I got the steam one ).
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Sid: 2010-10-25 06:13:52 pm
Now it's Sui^^
I've finished the game today. It took me 10hrs, but I guess, if I knew that almost faction quests leads to game's ending and I haven't got lost due to badly placed markers on the map and stuck in some parts of a game, I'd finish the game faster. Anyway, it looks like an awful lot of work, before we could be sure, what "path" (quest line?) can be finished the fastest and what glitches to use.

And for the start, I post this...

one of the glitches, found by a guy who I'm subscribing on YouTube. I wouldn't be surprised, if there was more of such stuff in the game Wink
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Not a Zelda 2 refrence
I oobed on indoors like that before and it took me to an earlier part of the level.  And of course getting stuck in the landscape is pretty common. I can't think of a place it would be useful in the required story missions unless you could some how glitch into the last area.
The hardest part of the run would definitely be the planing. There are at least four possible sets of ending quests, and seemingly useful skills. You can get a 10% faster run speed at lv 4 with 45 Survival, so getting to lv 4 quickly is important. Getting some caps, a fake ID or 80 Science is needed to enter the strip and that probley means we need to meet the bos, khans, and boomers before we enter. The last battle needs a 100 speech test to pass otherwise that fight is going to be nearly unwinnable at low levels. The legion path may be easier because the speech test is only 85. Meeting People with Benny's Suit and Comprehension would mean you only need to get the far more reasonable 75 or 60 speech to skip the last fight. Can't think off hand any other skills that might be useful, so Speech, Survival, and Medicine would be my best guess on what skills to peg.

As for s.p.e.c.i.a.l. Strength seems useless unless we need to equip a good weapon, Perception is useless unless we need to lockpick something ( I don't remember a place off hand where this would save time (edit: unlocking the safe to get a gun to kill Benny?) ), Endurance raises Survival and base hp, Charisma just for the speech buff, Intelligence gives skill points on level up and boosts Medicine, Agility, wiki says it changes running speed so this needs to be tested, Luck boosts all skills so any extra points should be used here.
The special I would test would be
S 1
P 1
E 7
C 10
I 10
A 10
L 1
if getting the required survival is easy and we need more speech, or if we need the level 4 perk for Comprehension and can't afford to get Travel Light we should cut Endurance for luck.

All this is guess work, I think I'll record a test run once they've stopped patching the game every week.

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Now it's Sui^^
Hmm... the Securitron Gatekeepers are extremely bugged. But I have an idea - I'll post the results Smiley

edit2: So, I've been trying different strategies to get to the Strip and I think, this one is the best (and by the beast I mean that you don't have to fight all of the Gatekeeper robots or being chased by them in the Strip).

I've recorded the end of the video to show, that after entering the Strip, the Gatekeepers don't react any more.
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Not a Zelda 2 refrence
interesting, so you need to lure the robot away, kill, loot, wait, profit. neat
Just keep in mind it doesn't take that long to get a fake passport. You can get the required 50 speech at level 1 if you get 10 speech from Meeting People magazine in goodsprings, get 20 speech from 10 charisma, +15 points from tagging, + 2 base value, +2 from Vault 21 jumpsuit, +1 from luck
then you can get the 500 caps by selling the preorder equipment, I think it sells for close to what you need. Not saying that's faster then killing one of the bots, but it's not that slow.

There is a repeatable speech check when talking to mr. house that can be used to level up really quick, it requires 35 Medicine but you can get a medicine magazine during the intro without losing any time so that shouldn't be hard, don't know how high you need to level but just getting to level four so you can run quicker would only take a few minutes. You can't kill mr. house before a quest asks you to without passing two hard hacks, so it may not be worth spending the time to visit him if you can level up quickly elsewhere
Not a Zelda 2 refrence
just finished a hardcore Legion run, it took me about 90 mins from killing benny to beating the game but I wasn't going for speed really, and there was no planing.
The Leagion quests seem like they have the most walking, but the only other one I've done is wild card
I think the legion rout would look like
go to strip, kill benny, house, white glove person
stop by New Vegas Medical Clinic on the way to the boomers and buy a bunch of stuff
kill two boomers
fast travel to goodsprings
walk to hidden valley to put it on the map, then all the way to cottonwood cove
blow up weather station
blow up bos
preform malpractice
sabotage AA gun
last quest

Having a high hacking skill is important for the legion quest, it's the quickest way to finish the bos mission, and useful in the weather station
being able to kill people quickly seems to the quickest way to finish a few other missions, and a couple points in sneak will help with the white glove mission
also 50 points in explosive makes one of the missions very fast

Wild card mission path
on the way to the strip find a place near red rock cavern to fast travel to later
go to strip, kill benny, house
do something with the Omertas and white glove, kill them probably
walk to and talk to the leaders of boomers, khans, and bos
go to the El Dorado Substation
last quest

wild card seems quick because there are no real skills you need to beat it, and you don't have to do any quests for the boomers, khans, or bos just walk there. Not sure how much you need to do for Omertas and White Glove
The other big advantage is I don't think you ever need to go to cottonwood cove or hoover dam and that saves a lot of walking
Not a Zelda 2 refrence
looks like there are quite a few xp exploits, a few are near the strip
Not a Zelda 2 refrence
don't want to make this just my posts, but I just did a test run of the wild card path and finished in 63 minutes, so you don't need to do the Omertas and white glove quests but talking to the Omerta leader is tricky so finding the best way to do it is needed.
No leveling tricks where needed, the only skills I used where 100 speech and 45 survival, everything else should be put into median, I got to lv 8 by end game so no skill books are anything are needed
I found a small trick for the BOS part where you don't have to talk to the ncr ranger and you don't have to kill a power armor paladin with your fists
took the mono rail to the strip, if you run past the guards you won't take much damage and you can still ride it
I didn't have a very good path back to the strip afterwords because I forgot to take a normal exit and put it on my map.
Killed Benny with sex, I need to go to his room anyway
fast traveled to hidden vally, walked to black mountain radio, fast traveled to black mountain radio to get to El Dorado Substation
doing that is probably the best way to the strip because it puts two useful things on your map
only luck involved is not dieing on the way to the strip the first time, or during the endgame. So it would make a better single state run then the fallout 3
also got lost a few times at the dam
overall a real speed run would probably be 50 something minutes using the wild card path
Now it's Sui^^
~50 min?! That's a really nice time, especially the first run of this game Smiley
During the last 2 days, I've seen some of the glitches on YouTube, but I don't think any of them could have been used in speedrun, so I didn't post any of them here Tongue
Not a Zelda 2 refrence
it was 63 minutes in game time, but there where at least 5-10 minutes worth of mistakes, and in game time adds a few minutes
You can get into Caesar's camp early, I believe, by wall-climbing out of the lake and going pretty much up to the front door. If someone wants I'll make a vid to explain how? I've been trying to find an easier way to get into there than by doing this, but we'll see. I'm thinking of working on this one like I did FO3. With the removal of float-jumping there's some actual planning involved. ^^
Visit my profile to see my runs!
You may want to be careful running this using some of the bazillion bugs out there, with all the plans for patches, right?  just curious if that was an issue
Not a Zelda 2 refrence
you mean Legate's Camp? Can you do anything useful there? You can't fast travel once you start the last quest. I would be interested to see where you start the rock climbing.
@InsipidMuckyWater: I haven't heard of any useful glitches that have been patched, but it should be possible to roll back to an earlier version and play offline for a speed run.
DLC should be used if they make the run quicker, but Mike hasn't decided what to do about Preorder dlc, it should save some time to start with 5 stims, and make single state easier because you can get hit more
Actually, I meant the Fort.
Not a Zelda 2 refrence
there's no reason to go to the fort in the wild card or NCR missions, but in the other two it's probably quicker then going to cottonwood cove because you need to go to the damn anyway
might this be a fast way into the strip?

basically you run towards sloan as soon as you start, then to neils shack and from there you can follow the mountain wall to REPCONN HQ (explained in more detail in the post, which is not mine btw).
from there I'd assume getting an NCR armor of the dead guy nearby and taking the monorail is a pretty fast way to do things.
Unless there is a good way to navigate deathclaws this should be pretty fast.
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My best run was 42 minutes on hardcore . (wild card ending)
you just need 10 char 10 end 10 int the rest is not necessary but you can put it in agi to get your weapon faster.
take the stims,energy guns, food from fridge,the 2 first aid boxes. After getting good nature you can talk to the doc angain (30) speech and you get more stims and create some at the sinence tabale.

here you go travel northeast you can pass enemies easyly by traveling near on the cliff  and go to vault 19 then north there is a broken car theending fence jump up the cliff and here you go. at mc carran use the trail to get to the strip fast.

go to glove speak with leader, then to the tops and you earn 1000 exp near benny get your 45 survival and fast travel perk, rest points in speech. kill benny at the way in his room easyly with the laser gun and talk to yes man. go to house attack the robot next to the computer at panthouse. kill house wait till your quest has canceled move out the robots will not attack you, go to garmora and say you just want to get out this will count for your quest. move down the strip to get fast travel, move to goodsprings go to bos steal the key and move out before he start talking with you and get a shot on a paladin move northeast to black mountain , fast travel to black mountain, move east to el dorado, do the rest you should heave enough stims and hp to survive the dam if you want you can take the thougness perk 3 times. gg Cheesy

and dont forget the doctors bag next to your bed at the start. you maybe need it.
Not a Zelda 2 refrence
That's a good time. Agility effects your running speed in this game, unlike the last one so it should be at 10. That many stim packs is kind of excessive ( in normal difficulty anyway ), a segmented run can probably make due with just the starting 4 Stimpaks and the one on the shelf left of the vigor tester. Vault 19 seems like the most direct rout. You didn't mention going to the Khans, did you fast travel to McCarran and walk there?

It looks like flying by jumping off armor actually does work in this game, not sure why I couldn't pull it off when I tired before, timing seems a little different now, but not really harder, seems like you need to be directly on top of it. Anyway I'm uploading a video of me going to Legate's Camp early.
Quote from nocti:
My best run was 42 minutes on hardcore .

What about boomers, khans, speaking to Yes man after killing mr house?
Your time includes loading time?
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nocti: 2010-11-04 05:20:34 pm
its "do the rest" if you wish me to write it down ? ^^ okay
you travel to khans from vault 19 why else should you explore vault 19 ^^ ? and boomers you travel from mc carran Cheesy
and then you do the rest .. you rly should know what to do Cheesy
Not a Zelda 2 refrence
early Legate's Camp
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good job unfortunately there is no npc you can talk to ^^ to trigger the end quest  can you enter the tent  ? this is a great idea maybe you can use it to pass the trail/strip hoovers dam earlier ! lets try  thank you yep there is a way to skip another minutes with your flying trick Cheesy
nope just one 41.03 minutes
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error1: 2010-11-06 04:19:26 pm
Not a Zelda 2 refrence
It looks like the only place the air jumping will be useful is that first jump in the video during the last quest, to avoid going to the basement and blowing up the generators. You can enter Legate's Camp normally and finish the game at that point. You have to do the jump under heavy fire so it's probably only for a segmented run.
I did test awhile ago to see if jumping was quicker then walking normally and it doesn't seem to be except it may be a little quicker up hill.
I'm going to test the aglity thing myself because everything I've read says it effects run speed

edit: I tested it, and with no armor agility has no effect on run speed
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5tr1k3r: 2010-11-10 11:28:10 am
Quote from nocti:
and boomers you travel from mc carran Cheesy

how to get to boomers from mc carran? i didn't find any way to do that faster than just simple walking from the strip north gate.
Quote from nocti:
go to house attack the robot next to the computer at panthouse

why do we need to attack the robot?
i thought that might prevent that long boring observation of upgraded securitrons, but it doesn't, hm
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Quote from nocti:
kill benny at the way in his room easyly with the laser gun and talk to yes man

i managed to kill benny in his suite only, too hard to do it with 4 guards around him (hardcore, normal difficulty). i wonder what i do wrong
edit: damn, it's easy