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riversmccown: 2017-07-22 11:17:37 am
puwexil: 2017-07-22 11:13:59 am
The RPG and Final Fantasy communities are once again looking for players to participate in the main series Final Fantasy SNES relay! As always, we will be playing FFIV Any% No64, FFV Any% SFC+Eng Patch, and FFVI Any% NoSketch in a relay format where the first team to finish all three games is declared the winner! This relay will be streamed at
Relay Date: We are targeting September

Those who were chosen will be added to a Discord group where specifics will be discussed and details worked out. Thank you to everyone who signed up and we look forward to seeing you in September! Keep an eye on this thread for more details!

What details do I need to know about the Relay and signing up?
» We will be looking to target September for the relay.
» Sign-ups will open immediately upon posting of this thread.
» All SRL rules apply when participating in the relay (this means only specific emulators are allowed, no save states, etc).
» We will be choosing teams of (3) runners. Historically, we have had four (4) teams, and while it is likely we will keep this format, it is possible we may increase the amount of teams, depending on demand. In the event of a shortage of runners for a particular game (unlikely), one runner will run for run for multiple teams or we will reduce the number of teams.
»  Possible relay dates are 9/2, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30 with a start time of approximately 10am EST (FF4). Please indicate what dates you are available when you sign up.
» You are free to sign up for commentary as well. Please use the same sign-up format (see below).
» The relay moderation team is still considering ways to handle run incentives. This has been a touchy topic in the past (see prior threads). Please be patient while we come to an agreement on this.
» Sign-ups will close at a date to be determined in the future, we will try to allow at least 3 weeks notice to chosen participants.

Sign up Format:

Twitch Name/Channel
Game Offered and PB
Dates Available
Link to PB Highlight, if applicable

Example Sign Up:
Name: WRWRWRHolder
Game: FF4 - 3:05:30, FF5: 3:52:30, FF6: 4:40:00
Availability: 3/26

Link: fakeyfakelink.fake/fakelink

Sign ups will be tracked at

Fall 2014 Relay thread:
Winter 2014 Relay thread:
Winter 2015 Relay thread:
Spring 2016 Relay thread:
Thread title:  
I must simply laugh.
Looks like im gonna start this off

Name: eLmaGus
Game: FF4 - 3:12:01 , FF5 - 4:11:35, FF6: 4:55:03
Availability: All Dates named should work if chosen ahead of time.
Misc: I'd prefer to sit back and commentate and be a backup runner instead.
Professional Second Banana
Name: puwexil
Game: FF4 - 3:11:36, FF6: Can learn (have done JP Any% No Sketch runs)
Availability: Should be able to make any date work with enough notice.
Misc: Can commentate any of the games.
Twitch: Liin1
Game: FF6 - 4:46:18
Availability: Everything should be fine

If we keep throwing bodies at it, eventually SOMEONE will get the marathon WRWRWR, right?
Name: prenguin8r
Game: FF4 - 3:09:59
Availability: Any of the proposed dates should be fine.

FF4 no64 PB:
Name: Fathlo23
Game: FF6 - 4:44
Availability: Erryday

FF6 PB - If its not on it doesn't exist
We're canceling this due to lack of interest. May attempt to reboot it next Spring.