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SS Any% run

Verifier Responses

The Video/Audio Quality was good.

I didn't see an points of cheating.

As far as timing goes, if we use the in game timer it works something like this

Lvl 1: 6.60 + 5
Lvl 2: 14.62 + 3
Lvl 3: 22.52 + 6.5
Lvl 4: 13.50 + 5
Lvl 5: 15.12 + 6.5
Lvl 6: 21.32 + 4
Lvl 7: 28.56 + 3.5

Total: 122.24 + 33.5
= 155.74

With a final time of 2:35.740 or 2:35

The reason I'm adding some onto the time is every time the runner collects a gem it reduces the time by half a second.

If we aren't going by the in game timer I got a time of 2:46.900 or 2:46

Well now that all of that is out of the way let's get to the meat of the run.

As far as the run itself goes it was pretty good.

Lvl1: Pretty much Optimal

Lvl2: Pretty much Optimal

Lvl3: At the Beginning it could probably be done faster by a machine with more precise movements but that was about as good as you are going to get from human. The rest of the stage was optimal however the runner did get slowed down by a wall at the end due to the beginning.

Lvl4: Pretty much Optimal

Lvl5: Mostly good. The runner was slowed down by walls a few times, the most notable one is at the end when the runner should have gone under the square rather than through it.

Lvl6: The runner hits a few walls in this level and a hand from the cloud costs him a second or so. At the end the runner hugged the wall rather than optimally taking the path a bit before that. (I know I'm nit picking a lot here but there isn't much to complain about.)

Lvl7: Probably the worst level in the run. There is a mistake at the beginning where the runner stopped for 2 hands which pretty much messed up the rest of the level for the runner. This is probably where all the time is lost.

All in all, it was a good run. I congratulate the runner on getting the two hover glitches. There were a few mistakes near the end of the game. The fact that the only things I'm able to complain about is the runner barely clipping walls should be enough to tell you my answer.


No visible cheating, and no signs of this being a TAS either.

A/V quality is good.

So, is this run good enough? Well, let's leave my verdict for the end. Here's a blow by blow, which, inevitably, is very similar to the above:

Lvl 1: no significant time lost.

Lvl 2: probably lost 1/4 to 1/2 a second by not jumping on top of the first enemy and going straight to the other platform; it's hard, but not impossible to do. No other significant time lost.

Lvl 3: probably lost 1/2 to a second due to small imprecisions (the beginning and the small clipping).

Lvl 4: no significant time lost.

Lvl 5: probably lost 1/4 to 1/2 a second due to small errors (wall clipping).

Lvl 6: probably lost 1 second due to an unfortunate flying hand, plus 1/2 a second due to small imprecisions again (wall clippings, slightly less than optimal jumps through the 'maze').

So, up to this point, he's behind the optimal by around 2 to 3 seconds, with an overall time of around 123 seconds (using in game timer, I think it should be fine to use it, although I haven't checked how precise it is), i.e., that's very good.

Lvl 7: probably lost around 1/2 to 1 second from the two hands in the beginning, which is compounded by the consequences for the rest of the level. He then makes what I believe, but I'm not completely confident, the single mistake (as opposed to an execution error) of the run; instead of waiting for the enemy to enter the bottom part, follow through, jump on top of him and pass through the 'structure' using only the bottom passage, he opts to take the upper path instead. Doing this would probably have saved around 1/2, maybe more, even when compounding the time it takes for the enemy to move, as opposed to what he does in the run (although it looks nicer the way he does it and the time lost isn't that significant).

Overall, by adding the time lost by having to wait for the enemy just after the two hands, which costs him around 1 and a 1/2 seconds, the time he takes using the upper path, probably another second, the time he loses by having to wait for the other enemy (on the structure just before the 4 gems/skulls), which costs him another second, he lost around 4-5 seconds because of the hands. This is more than anything else in the run and it looks somewhat bad... so that raises the question: is it possible to actually make it through the hands in one go? I mean, TAS apart? The answer is, anticlimactically, yes, seems to be. But, admittedly, it is pretty hard to do so, more so in an SS.

So, is this mistake and level, that costs him around 4-5 second, that bad? Well, for an SS run, gut instinct tells me it's acceptable. But given that he probably lost around 6 ([EDIT] realistically) to 8 ([EDIT]with Mario Bros level of precision)* seconds overall to what might be achieved, I want to hear what others think too, as I lack in running experience and I think I may have been too lax in previous verifications that I participated in.

For now at least, as we need for me to give a yay or nay, my verdict is that I think that the run it's just about good enough, since, lvl 7 apart, he does pretty well throughout, which means an Accept on my part, or at least until I've heard from the other verifiers.

* [EDIT] Ignore the adjectives there, what I mean to say is simple: there's somewhere around 5/6 to 8/9 seconds to improve upon.

Audio and video are very good in this, no signs of cheating noticed.

I'm not very good at doing individual level comments, but even though there were a few points that cost him tiny bits of time, Bangerra did a great job of this run.  I agree with the time estimates given by the first verifier.

Decision: Accept.

A/V fine, no cheating etc.

I'm also not goign to do a level-by-level commentary as there is at most 3-5 seconds to gain by improving this run.
Getting the hover glitch twice worked its magic making this a very impressive run.
As I don't see this being significantly improved any time in the near future this is a definite ACCEPT.

The first verifier's run timing is acceptable to me.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Dave 'bangerra' Janssens!
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bangerra: 2012-11-08 03:29:29 am
Thanks everyone for the accept! The final 2 levels aren't optimal I know, but doing them optimal is like a 1 in 20 shot, especially with the random flying hands in stage 6.
This combined with how tight the other levels are and how precise the floating glitch is made me very happy with this run.
Improving this single segment will be very hard unless other glitches are found. You can have my word on that!

Edit: In my original file I have a time of exactly 2:46.996, so I went with 2:47. Calling it a 46 is a bit redundant at this point imo..
Congrats Bangerra! Smiley
Nice Bangerra Cheesy