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Hi everyone

These last few days I've been playing a lot of this game.

Ether One™ is a first person adventure that deals with the fragility of the human mind.

There are two paths in the world you can choose from. At its core is a story exploration path free from puzzles where you can unfold the story at your own pace.

There is also a deeper, more adventurous path in which you can complete complex puzzles to restore life changing events of the patient's history in order to help the validation of their life.

The choice is left to you.

I've finished the game twice. Once on the easy path, and once more solving all the optionnal puzzles.
This is a pretty cool adventure game inspired by classic point & click games.

Let me know if some of you are interested. I've just started running the game, and it is going pretty smoothly. I've already discovered a few tricks and strats, that I might post here later Smiley
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I was going to pick it up as soon as the price drops a bit further. I have too many games to play at the moment but Ether One is definitely on my "to be played" list.

At first I was confused about the speedrunning option for this game because all trailers only show slow pace gameplay footage. But I watched a playthrough and even though the guy had no idea what he was doing, I saw sprinting and jumping was possible. I wonder though how much it could compete with other puzzle games such as QC, Antichamber, Kairo or Amnesia when it comes to speedrunning.
I've interviewed the developers recently :
(it was published today though, it's in English at the bottom of the page, since it's a French website after all)

So as I was saying, I've interviewed them and they said :
We’ve basically designed the game so if you’re one that wants a core narrative/explorative experience in Ether One then you totally can! You can play for 3-4hrs and get a full story and feel rewarded for doing so.
Throughout the world however, there are memories relating to the patients history, you’re sent in as a Restorer. So your job is to restore these memories. They come in the form of puzzles. All puzzles are optional along this core narrative path, and if you choose to solve them, you’ll get even more meaning and depth to the story along with a fuller understanding of Ether One

I don't know if you are aware of that, but there are two paths, on that is pretty straighforward (you just get the story), and one with challenging puzzles and all.
The easy story-driven path is to quote them 3 to 4 hours long, for a first regular playthrough. I think speedrunners can do it in an hour even less. But that could be boring as is, I mean just doing what the game design wants you to do.

I'm not sure if I can publish it, but I've found a way to go out of bounds, and bring the any% run down to 20 minutes and 30 seconds. Could easily be sub-20 if I found a way to end some dialogue scripts. I'm actually still trying to figure out how to do that, since my last few attemps at trying stuff pretty much messed up the game. Like dialogues, scripts essential to finish the game that won't trigger any more.

I'm still hesitating to publish my run here, since the developers said they'd try to find a way to fix that.
If there's people interested in running Ether One, I'll post it here for sure. But if I'm all alone I don't see the point Smiley

Let me know
Glitching :3
I'm currently trying to find as much tricks as I can. You should upload the OOB you found even though it has no use right now Smiley
Also, don't worry about devs fixing the game, it's still possible to run 1.0 by using a cracked version. I'm pretty sure it's allowed and done on some games.
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Okay so,
Here it comes, it's not perfect, as I said I'm still trying to figure out a way to skip some dialogues that can be pretty long.
As for the OOB, it's pretty much perfect right now, optimized and 100% consistent. I posted below me two recorded runs, with two different OOBs. In the first one getting out of bounds is really a pain, so I found a new spot that is perfect (you can see that in the 20:30 PB video)

For those who haven't played the game, I enter the Harbour area, go OOB a find a way to load another area of the game (the one before the end). So I skip pretty much 2 whole environnements. By doing so the game thinks that I have done what I was supposed to do to get to that last area, so everything is unlocked.

I've also explored a lot of OOB stuff, like getting out of the Case (that is located IN the lighthouse), getting to the lighthouse from an OOB in the Village, etc ... nothing useful for now.
What you see when getting OOB from the Pinwheel Village and heading to the lighthouse

And what you can see if you try to get into some of the solid walls under the lighthouse : The Case. But you can't get in, there's a solid wall, but at several particular spots you can see through the textures.

ps : I have downloaded the 1.0 version of the game from my humble page, just to be safe.
pps : I used the real time, because the ingame timer is not accurate enough (it just shows the hours and minutes played, not the seconds). I start my timer when I click on "okay" on the "start new game" screen, and I stop it when I sit on the chair at the end. After that it's just a cut scene where you can only move your head if you want to. I hope that's alright to you guys

Ether One Any% 21:34 RTA

Ether One Any% 20:30 RTA

I use Dxstory to record, so I don't know how to add the Wsplit timer on it. I'll try to find a way to do this for my next runs.

Me messing arround with the OOB when I first found it :

(discovery of ceiling clipping)

(discovery of the major skip : obsolete now because not optimal at all)
Glitching :3
Nice ! I found out the spot you used in your 20:30 run but I didn't tought of using the physics glitch to get up here. (it works with drawers too by the way)
Looks like the best I can do now is to try to break pinweel village Smiley
We should discuss the categories, and also we to start/stop the timer.

To "break Pinwheel Village" ? What do you exactly mean ? Smiley

I got a new PB/WR : 20:15
But the weirdest thing happened, the very last cutscene - after the last input - didn't start this time. I just sat there on my chair for a while but the game was stuck. I'll post it here anyway, but I'll try another run to make this a bit better.
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MauvaisVitrier: 2014-04-01 09:57:06 am
MauvaisVitrier: 2014-04-01 09:56:55 am
So I got a new PB/WR = 20:11

I still managed to cut the ending cut scene. Maybe this happens when you click on the chair to quickly.

I used a new little skip arround 13mn. You're not supposed to be able to jump over the stone low wall, but if you stand next to the tree trunk and jump in it's direction, you'll land on an invisible platform form which you can jump again, over the low wall this time. That saves maybe like 10-12 seconds, since you don't have to go all arround it. This discover changed the route for the red ribbons, since you cannot do that from the other side of the low wall (the tree is only on one side of it).
I messed it up in my PB and lost about 5-6 seconds I think. I did better in my 20:15 PB, so I think I could grind it down to sub-10 even sub-5.

I also explored OOB a lot arround  the lighthouse, but I couldn't find anything useful that could speed up the dialogues, or allow us to avoid some triggers.
I'll update this post with my PB video when it's finished uploading.

ps : I trying also to figure out if running down and up stairs slows you down. I feels slower to I try to avoid them or jump over them, but I'm not actually sure that works. If someone is able to investigate this more precisely than me, please do Cheesy

Okay so, once again I'll edit this post with a new video.

I finally got a sub-20 PB. 19:10 to be more specific.
I managed to stop the neverending Phyllis dialogue when you pick up the red ribbons in the Village, after the OOB.
She usually went on for about 1mn45 after the last pick up, but by triggering another dialogue in the church close to the last red ribbon, I managed to save a whole minute.

There are still a few mistakes, lack of optimization here and there, but it's a pretty good run.
As is, sub-19 seems possible.

So, I bring this topic up a bit to ask you guys a question.

Is there anyone interested in running the game. Because I think it would be pretty interesting to figure out a route for the 100% (also to define what would be 100%)
I've been running the game for a bit more than a week now, and I would like to know what do you think and if anyone is intereted in doing any% and 100% runs. To discuss it, try to find new strats and so on.

My current record (which I think is a WR since no one has posted a run except me) is pretty good. It could be improved, but with the current route I don't think we can do better, and I running out of ideas to be faster.

Has anyone messed up a bit with the OOB, or discovered tricks etc ... ?
Hey dude, I got a 20:49 for any% in 4 runs and i'm definitely keen to plan a 100% run. I'll bookmark this page but if theres any other way to get in contact that would be awesome Smiley
Hi Scibbyy !

Nice to see someone running the game ! That's great. I've abandoned runs since nobody wished to run it. Don't hesitate to post your own runs here.
Are you using my route, or have you figured out a new way ?
Does the ending cut scene load for you ? Because for me it doesn't anymore (but I guess you already know if you have read all the previous posts)

ps : you can contact me via twitter (@MauvaisVitrier)
pps : 100% could be awesome to do, especially to figure out the most optimal route to do it Smiley
Double post intended.

I wanted to know, now that the game has been out for a few months, is anyone interested in speedrunning Ether One ?
Hello, not gonna read the thread to avoid spoils, sorry.

Here is what I found, I think everything is new:

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Wow, this is really amazing. Has anyone tried to apply this to a run yet ? I will definitely try this Cheesy
The usual route takes around 3:07 mn to complete and yours around 1:15 mn. This is really good. I don't know if this was your best shot at clipping but this is definitelly faster.

Can your clipping technique can only be used to go down ? or could you clip through ceilings going upwards ?
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MauvaisVitrier: 2016-01-26 05:41:27 am
MauvaisVitrier: 2016-01-26 05:09:46 am
Hi everyone. So Pewable, I've tried your sequence break on PC and on the new Ether One Redux version (Unreal Engine 4) :
The Tree climbing is still possible (I don't know your exact technique for this but I find it quite difficult to make it consistent), the level is still built the same way so there is absolutely no issue getting out of bounds and to the clipping point.
But the clip doesn't work, I've read the instructions on the youtube description box, but I can't do it. You said it was because of lag. Were you playing on the PS4 version of the game ?
I've tried putting all my settings to high, and lowering the framerate, but it still doesn't work.

I've redownloaded the regular Ether One version so I can try it there and see if it works. That's a really cool sequence break and it would be sad if it couldn't be integrated to a PC any% run.

ps : I haven't played through the whole redux game, but there are some slight differences that could make the game faster to run, especially the very long intro scene.
pps : Door cliping is impossible in the redux version. Your character's hitbox doesn't collide with the doors anymore. RIP run. At least we still have the regular version of the game.
Also, they have reworked the teleportation system (using the T key by default) you cannot skip some Case dialogues by teleporting. You now have to listen to them entirely. Sad news for Ether One Redux
If anyone still hangs on SDA after all these years, here is a new world record for the any% category of Ether One (normal version) in 18:35:

I can detail what's happening in the run if people show interest.
Have a good one
Shame about those splits on top of the game window.
How should one change that ? I'm not that familiar with split softwares.
Which program are you recording it with? I'm guessing it's just a full-screen recording? Change it to a "window recording" (in OBS at least) and then arrange the two windows in such a way that the game itself is unobscured. Since you can't fit the game window onto the canvas at full resolution anyway, you might as well lower the resolution in-game so it naturally fits on the "canvas" together with the splits. Of course those splits, AFAICS, are only of interest really to those who watch lots of runs for the same game, or speedrun it themselves. It should also be possibly simply to only record the game window, and you don't have to change the resolution or do anything else to make it conform to the SDA A/V requirements.

I looked at the first 10 minutes of the run, and while I can't comment on routing, at least your execution looks sufficiently clean we could probably accept a run of this quality. I see you're even jumping over some of the opening doors. We like things like that...
I'm using OBS.
I run the game in windowed mode with an already lower resolution.
I use game capture to record the game through OBS.

I've tried making the Livesplit window transparent using color key but it looks super dumb
I haven't tried your suggestion yet, however, it seems silly to make the game smaller just to include splits.

I never thought of submitting runs to SDA, I just used the forums - 5 years ago - to kickstart an interest in this game from the speedrunning community. Then I moved to recently when I found another runner there and no one active here.
I've read some of the submission rules.

Before reading your message I had already done several more runs. I'll post them here just in case. They all have the same "splits over game" problem though.

Any % (normal version, PC, 2014)
On SRC the somewhat "arbitrary" rules are to split at the end of the final 4-minute cutscene when "Thanks for playing" appears on screen. I've complied to this rule. One thing that happens in my previous run (4 posts above) is that I execute the last input too soon for the game's liking, so the last cutscene doesn't trigger.
In the run below, I complied to the "no softlock" rule and I did split at the end of the 4 minute cutscene. I do not particularly agree with these rules but they are what they are. I've argued in favour of the fact that it's the last input, so why should we even be bothered by the softlock: there is nothing after that except a four-minute long ending cutscene.
There is a lot going on in this run, although it seems pretty chill and uneventful. I might do a write up to detail everything going on.

Any % (redux version, PC, 2015)
Same game, different engine: Unreal Engine 4. The devs tried fixing some of the issues of the previous version. Result ? An even more broken game. The run is hella fun though (well, breaking it was fun)
Out of bounds, sequence breaks, route optimization

100% (normal version, PC, 2015)
I spent 3 days routing this category. I'm currently writing a document to explain the choices I made, the tricks, optimizations, sequence breaks, etc... in order to post on the "Resources" section of SRC so I might post it here as well when I'm done.
I'm really proud of this route and this first completed run. I've made a small mistake in the middle of the run, and that cost me around a minute to fix at the end. So, there is room for improvement on this one.
BTW: I had this game (Redux version) in my GOG library so I decided to give it a spin seeing as it doesn't seem that long. I just finished the first memory (mine), and while I was waiting for the crystal thing to be destroyed, I noticed I could jump multiple times, i.e. I was jumping while airborne. When I got to the hub area, I could jump OOB pretty easily. Maybe this is known-about.

This thread should give you the low-down on how SDA is different from SRC, and why anyone might want to submit here.
Okay ! So, if I was to submit a run to SDA, I think the verification "board" or mods have not make a ruling about the end of the Any% run on the normal version.
Like I already explained, there is a softlock possible at the end of the game. Here are two of my runs (with time stamps) to showcase the regular ending (no softlock) and the softlock ending.

If I chose to sit in the chair immediately, the game softlocks and doesn't trigger the last cutscene.
In both cases, clicking on the chair is THE LAST INPUT of the run. So what would you recommend ? Does a softlock matter when the run is effectively over ?

In the redux version, the devs have fixed the issue so this problem in particular doesn't exist; and in the 100% run, you have to go through the end cutscene to get to the TRUE ending, so you have to wait in order to not softlock or the run is over (because it's not the last input required)

Edit: I've read the recording rules and there is no mention of OBS. So I'm guessing it's off-limits ?
I've just tried running with Fraps on and goddamn my frames are GONE. The recording itself isn't that choppy but damn is it annoying to play.
Edit history:
LotBlind: 2019-04-25 11:01:16 am
Yes, good that you've brought that up! So just to confirm, do you have any control over what's happening after clicking the chair other than moving the camera around?

OBS: Sorry, those tips given in that part of the knowledge base are outdated. You can use any software you like, we just care about the end result (incl. frame rate of course). I use OBS myself. Windows 10 native recording (hit Win + G) should also work very well if you're okay with it not recording the splits.

EDIT: Do post an A/V test under "tech support" before resuming recording runs and nate, our A/V guy will give you feedback as well.

So you knew about the infinite jumping glitch?
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MauvaisVitrier: 2019-04-25 11:45:59 am
MauvaisVitrier: 2019-04-25 11:44:55 am
Quote from LotBlind:
Yes, good that you've brought that up! So just to confirm, do you have any control over what's happening after clicking the chair other than moving the camera around?

You do NOT have any control over the character, other than moving the camera around.

Quote from LotBlind:
OBS: Sorry, those tips given in that part of the knowledge base are outdated. You can use any software you like, we just care about the end result (incl. frame rate of course). I use OBS myself. Windows 10 native recording (hit Win + G) should also work very well if you're okay with it not recording the splits.

So I run the game windowed mode 1920x1080 (native is 2560x1440), uncapped framerate, low settings (according to SDA's documentation, I should switch to medium). I record 1280x720 60 fps, hardware HVENC encoder, mkv. Is that good enough ?
Since I play windowed, I can absolutely remove the splits from the recording since I can keep an eye on them, "off-screen" so to say.

Quote from LotBlind:
EDIT: Do post an A/V test under "tech support" before resuming recording runs and nate, our A/V guy will give you feedback as well.

A/V test ? can you be more specific, I'm not too familiar with the jargon

Quote from LotBlind:
So you knew about the infinite jumping glitch?

I did not know about the infinite jumping glitch. Would you say it would allow you to "fly" ? Because I know of a pretty easy way to go oob in the hub area (The Case) but it is located in a pretty isolated location within the map. Once oob there, there is just the void separating you from potentially interesting areas and triggers to explore. I will definitely look into it.
EDIT: tried spamming jump. Nothing happened. Maybe it's tied to the event your were in the middle of
EDIT: I lied, I used my previous Case oob and found a way to get to the rest of the map. I might find some good stuff in a second