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Eternal Sonata (Any %) (Segmented)

Verifier Responses

Just finished watching the run. This is a fantastic run. Video and audio quality was excellent, so no problems there.

I couldn't find any indications of cheating. The in-game timer stayed consistent from the end of one segment to the beginning of the next. Based on the times I've played the game I didn't see any areas that were skipped that can't be.

This is someone who obviously understands the battle mechanics for maximizing damage per turn, has great execution in defending against enemy attacks, and is able to avoid random encounters in almost every scenario. Simply an amazing run.

Final time (by in-game timer) was 2:55:12. Congrats to the runner, this blew my mind!

Decision: Accept

Notes about video/audio quality: A few of the segments have the audio slightly out of sync of the video. Most are minor, but 34 is off a bit. It's also missing a small chunk of video, but basically just loading the save. There seems to be no inconsistencies with timing though, but it is a bit jarring to be thrown into the segment.

Segments with issues:
Segment 12 (Very Minor)
Segment 15 (Very Minor)
Segment 28
Segment 34 (Audio Off + Missing Save Loading)

As for the run itself, it's excellent. Great use of items and wonderful abuse of how BROKEN Viola (early game) and Falsetto (late game) are. Bosses go down in a hurry, which is great because most of the run is going from point A to point B and fighting bosses. Very few other fights are done, and only to get them out of the player's way. Everything else is either dodged or ran from.

If the minor issues are fixed, this would be perfect. I still accept this run despite them, but hope that nate can help the runner get them fixed.

This is a fantastic run. Beyond the video issues the verifier before me mentioned (I didn't notice those in segments 12 and 15, but did notice those in 28 and 34), this is great! Makes me want to find my copy of this game and play it again. If the single segment run of this shapes up to be about the same length, I might even consider picking this up as a speedrun.

That said, there's one thing I noticed, but I'm not sure if there's a reason for it - the segments between Tuba 1 and up to before Tuba 2 (12, 13, 14, i.e. Forte Dungeon, Andantino Passage and Fort Fermata revisited) could easily have been merged, I don't see much reason to split those segments up? Unless I'm missing something, or the enemy spawns are just completely random.

Moving on, my decision is very easy:
Reject because the runner is wasting time actually playing the game instead of listening to the music.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'zxcvalor'!
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Fun fact, when I plugged in 'sda eternal sonata' into google to see if we had a page already (yeah I'm lazy), this was the first hit:
Fucking Weeaboo
Bunch of whiney children. Obviously have no appreciation for all the musical stuff they put in, and I'm not just talking the stuff you hear.

Double Reed Tower's design is pure genius, if you know what a double reed is. Now this thread needs more Cowbell...Hills.

Though while I studied music in college, I've sadly forgotten a lot of my musical terms. There's a ton in this game. Makes me wanna go back and research them again.
Oh, VG is a fellow musician? Nice! Smiley

Every single location and character (except for Chopin) is named after a musical term. The only things that fall out of this are enemies (although some have references to music, such as the L'Opera Knight), equipment/items and attacks, I think.
This game was a brilliant work of art, which is likely what they were going for. Beautiful scenery, great music. As a game.. it lacked a fair amount.

Some of the epic monologues were a little too epic for my tastes, and the battles got excessively long and repetitive. It didn't help that, while there were many characters to choose from in the game, they had such few worthwhile attacks that you just end up doing the same thing again every battle. I can only use Sky Divider so many times before I am driven insane.

Beyond that, there was one dungeon, Fort whats it, that I actually needed to use a map on because I have a terrible sense of direction and geography, and that place's puzzle was cryptic as hell without having it explained to you.

Overall, was a decent game, certainly worthy of a playthrough. I was thinking of doing a NG+, but I don't think I can tolerate the battles anymore.. T_T
Fort Fermata! Yes. That is a pain in the ass dungeon. Still ingenious if only for the fact its design is shaped like the actual fermata symbol.
I actually wanted to do a Hard mode run of this game after beating the original so I could access the optional dungeon, but I kinda just lost interest after having to do that dungeon again.

The other one are Coda Ruins and the Lento Cemetery, such long-ass, tiring dungeons.
I liked the Lento Cemetary.. don't remember the Coda Ruins. Smiley
Yo, i'm back from a long trip. Thanks verifiers for your kind words!

If the single segment run of this shapes up to be about the same length, I might even consider picking this up as a speedrun.

I've been working on this, currently 03:23:28, and sub 03:30 looking v doable with some luck.

he segments between Tuba 1 and up to before Tuba 2 (12, 13, 14, i.e. Forte Dungeon, Andantino Passage and Fort Fermata revisited) could easily have been merged, I don't see much reason to split those segments up?

13 and 14 could have been merged I guess but it's a matter of how much time you want to invest and how much mindless repetition you can handle. It's like a 10% chance to get through to the save point, and then even less % for the following section. Not worth it in my opinion. Having said that, on several of the RTAs I seemed to get through the whole area with just 2 quick flees - so many I overestimated the difficulty here. 

I posted this in the main eternal sonata thread, but I am v sad about the omission of the harmony chain glitch from this run, as it would save a LOT of time (possibly ~2 minutes) and is a v cool mechanic to utilise. For my part, I'm pretty sure I won't return to segmented - I am gonna work on my RTA and also possibly try my hand at the ps3 version. 

Take care and merry Xmas peeps!

Alright, thanks for the responses (I'm the quoted verifier btw). Smiley
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Congrats zxcvalor, one of my favorite next-gen RPGs and a fantastic run. *motivation churning*