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zxcvalor: 2013-08-07 04:10:42 pm
I've given in and tried my hand at an RTA, and after wiping 3-4 times at various spots, I eventually managed a complete run,
with a time of ~ 03:48. Had some bad boss fights, since I don't have any strats really, just freestyling it with more healing items than the multi-segment run. Also got a little lost, had slow shopping/equipping, and some fights where random mobs pinned me against the wall and I had to fight out. I am guessing sub 03:30 will be difficult but possible.

The video is up on my youtube if you guys are interested, i'll also write up some notes eventually; not sure if anyone is still interested in this RTA, maybe at least ciddypoo would like to take a look tho, since he did the original RTA ;p
I'll definitely check this out. Being new to this whole thing, this game is actually something I have been thinking of tinkering with. Looking forward to it.
I'm Japanese RPG speedrun player
I’m playing Eternal Sonata RTA in Japan, that I use Harmony Chain bug in battle.
Harmony Chain bug can use in Party Level 4 or 5. When echoes are 24 or 32 and 1st special attack is less than 4 Hit, 2nd special attack power is same to 24 echo or 32 echo.

Specifically, please watch my youtube video. ->

First attack is Willow Strike(32 echo power) -> Howling Thunder(32 echo power).
But, second attack is Snow Clows(32 echo power) -> Phoenix Rising(8 echo power).

As attention, if you try to attack 25 echo, second attack power is not 24 or 25 echo, it is 4 echo.

I think that this bug is very useful, and will help your RTA playing.
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zxcvalor: 2013-08-08 05:39:34 pm
Moka, this is very interesting and very useful! Its a shame I didn't know about it before, since my segmented run in finished and submitted now ; ;
Did some testing with my low level characters and it seems that using this 'reverse chain' setup you get:

~50% dmg boost on 32 echo attacks
~35% on 24 echos,
~38% on 32 echos with Hawk Eye on.

This should help from Count Waltz onwards, although you don't get Pheonix Rising until after Xylophone Tower (level40) so you will have to stay in the dark for Willow Strike ->Howling Thunder.

The one consolation for me is that all the bosses after Waltz are taken out in 2 rotations, apart from Ruined Body and Fred which take three.
And its close in all instances, so this probably won't change - but you could a) skip Hawkeye, b) skip buffing with Lion' Mane, c) charge up to 24 echoes only, d) charge with March since you don't need the extra damage, so your rotations will go faster, e) some combo of all of the above.
So I have definately lost a couple minutes, if not more! Cest la vie!

Anyway, thank you Moka, and I hope this bug sparks some interest in ES from the few ppl that are following it.
I will probably make my own video about the bug once I test more,

Gl hf all!
Just ran a  03:27:35 RTA! It's up on my twitch:
Next target: sub: 03:25, after that I'll leave it probably, very tiring run with no breaks ; ;
Nice! Just as I finished viewing the 3:47 run haha.  I am sure doing one for the PS3 version would be interesting since it has an additional dungeon, diffucilty changes, and the like.
Thanks for watching, much appreciated.

Ye, I haven't played it myself but the enemies are harder and photos give you very little money I hear.
You will probably have to rethink some/most of the boss fights, the shopping stops and so forth.
Well, good luck and have fun.
Roses of May
Eclipse1224 has done a ps3 rta and has a time of like 5:56
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zxcvalor: 2013-08-14 04:22:04 pm
zxcvalor: 2013-08-14 01:27:30 am
zxcvalor: 2013-08-14 01:27:15 am
Sup crystalbeauty, nice to see you posting here. I've heard of you from final fantasy runs, much respect!

Guys I ran a 03:23:28 earlier and am gonna take a break from this now. It's up on my twitch and my youtube, and some basic notes are attached here for anyone looking to get into this (shopping, equipping and item setting basically). It's really quite a gruelling run, no FMVs or anything to give you a break, and I think this is good place to leave it for now. Btw, I've been using moka's harmony chain bug from count waltz onwards and it's helped tremendously.

Take care of yourselves, peace out!
Oops, wrong file! Here are the notes...
Came back to this game after a long break and I've managed to run a 03:18:24 ~!

Twitch link here:

The video quality is lower that usual, since my ISP is randomly traffic controlling me, so sorry about that.

Also fixed the notes, attached here. They are pretty much the same but the shopping before Root Lurker is skipped and a few of the equips are different.

Taking a break from this again, peace out & happy holidays ~!
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Potato Handle: 2014-01-27 05:34:36 pm
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
Ahoy there fellas!

I'm currently trying to learn the route for this (Thanks for the VODs and notes zxcvalor! \o/ ), I'm about half-way through, but the bosses are getting to the point now where it seems I can't fail any 'Chance!' prompts. My reaction time seems to be too slow for some of them.

Is it a matter of learning each bosses' attack animations and reacting to those, rather than the prompt, or is there a general rule or trick to follow? Seems like it will take a long time to learn by memorizing animations.

Thankee for any help. \o/
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zxcvalor: 2014-01-29 02:07:59 pm
RE: Potato Handle

There is no trick or anything, and often I get hit too. Death Crow, Dolce and Fugue are especially tricky for me. What you can do is just guard against the heaviest dmg move, for example, Death Crow's exploding sphere move is very quick, so just hit the button fast and if it's a slower move you won't lose that much life anyway. Also you can always set less mustard and more healing items ;p And lastly, keep in mind that everything after count waltz is really v easy, so once you get good at the 2-3 bosses that are causing problems, you should be fine.

Plays games quickly. Eventually.
Good, that makes me feel a lot better, haha, that block you just mentioned is one of my main walls at the moment. I'll keep at it, hopefully I'll be ready for full runs in the next couple of weeks or so. \o/
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Man, I love this game - has been on my running radar for a while now. I should delve into it after I get Final Fantasy IV to the time I'd like, great stuff zxcvalor! Thanks for notes etc.
Quick update, ran a 03:12:34 about a week ago, there is a video with commentary here:

Also updated the notes, Root Lurker + Rondo have new strats and you need to buy Shadow Tails from Forte.

Peace out~!
Happy new year people. Here is my new best time after a week of many, many resets:

Some minor changes, Salsa now used until the end.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Congrats on the new PB zxcvalor - going to watch the run right now thumbsup
I'm Japanese RPG speedrun player
I watched zxcvalor PB video. I was impressed.
I'm playing Eternal Sonata RTA too, and my strategy is one place where that is distinctly different.

I pick up Score Piece of Cantabile Inn.
And I session this Score Piece in Pirate Ship Dolce.
By doing this, I can get Dark Brooch.

Dark Brooch is able to help Viola's skill. and I don't need to buy Shadow Tail.

Please try this Dark Brooch get strategythumbsup
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zxcvalor: 2015-05-19 08:13:30 pm
Thanks Moka. Yea, I guess I will look into it, though it won't be soon, I am busy with real life stuff atm
RNG has been keeping me from improving my time, but I've been doing a little bit with the route. Here's my current notes
Most notable are the Dark Brooch change Moka mentioned, adding the Feathered Hat in to ensure quickly fleeing from Black Golds in Xylophone Tower and some minor menu fat-trimming of sorts. Curious to hear your thoughts valor.
Hey Ourobori, I had a look at the notes and also at your latest run on the new channel. Your notes are very detailed, thank you for making them, hopefully a few more people might be drawn towards learning this game with such notes available. Also, the leaderboard is cool, for all those interested i'll link it here: 

Now, as far as the route itself, I am still not convinced by the dark brooch. It takes at least 30 seconds to get and I'm not sure where all that time is going to be won back, even though its a very convenient item. Mostly, its nice that you don't need shadow tails for rondo, and that you don't need to run viola into the moving clouds for Frederic. You could even move it onto viola once you don't need shadow silhouette anymore. But again, I am not convinced those 30 seconds are worth it, but maybe there's something I'm missing? The feathered hat is quite nice, though it takes around 10 seconds to pick up, and is probably at best going to save 20 or so. Does it give you 100% chance to flee the snakes in aria temple? Either way, it's decent i think. I also like the hard jacket pickup, definitely worth it as Fugue is tricky, plus it will help a little for rondo. Will report further if I start running again, currently busy with other things though, maybe in a few weeks.
Again, great job on the notes and on your run.

Sorry for never checking the SDA thread, I need to be better about it so this response is super late.
Regarding the snakes in Aria, from my testing Feathered Hat + Bubbly Hat is a 100% first turn flee, the main reason I get it is for the Black Golds in Xylophone Tower (the big golem dudes). Without either item, you need to get a counterattack to flee optimally which is absurdly random and you run the risk of 2 enemies outspeeding you and wasting a ton of time. With both items however, you get a first turn flee the large majority of the time (not sure on exact odds) and I've estimated at most it can ensure that you don't lose around 50-60 seconds.
Thanks for the kind words about my notes, we've gotten a couple more runners who have benefited greatly from them so I'm definitely glad I put them together.
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valor: 2021-05-27 06:26:45 pm
valor: 2021-03-26 10:57:08 pm
Hi all, hope everyone is doing okay in 2021.

I've been running the ps3 version offline for the past few weeks and making good progress.
My PB is down to 04:00:33 (ingame timer: 03:53:06), and there's still lots of time to save.
I followed the notes posted on for the photos, getting ~3k per pic in the ogre champ fight, although it's not 100% consistent.

I haven't used twitch or youtube in many years and wouldn't like to return to them, perhaps there is somewhere else I could post my run? (It's an 8gb video file at the moment.)

For now I'll attach my notes + splits here for those who are interested.
Keep well everyone.

EDIT: Btw, I'm running on a ps3 super slim with an SSD. Seems noticeably faster than without, haven't timed it though.

EDIT: quick update, I've submitted my best run, a 3:58:xx to SDA, waiting to see if it's accepted.

Also, after some brief testing, I can say that the SSD doesn't make any difference compared to the default drive on the ps3 super slim. It seemed to me that at least saving/loading files was faster, but after timing it, it looks the same.
If the run quality and A/V quality meet SDA's criteria, we'll obviously host such a run but sounding like it's not quite there yet if you say there's lots of time to save. I don't know about other alternatives. 8GB isn't exactly a joke.