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zuur024: 2017-03-05 09:27:15 am
The bishop's arms take two hits each from either the front or the back. The horror's left arm(same side as stairs) always takes one hit from either side. The right arm takes two hits from the front or one from the back.
The circle of power grab is pretty easy as long as you face at a slight angle before examining it. The tapestry burn doesn't work if you're too far away. The pressure plate works the same as long as you don't go too far to the side.

The blue zombie should give more time than green to fix the urns. I want to point out that when I examine the red urn the game does the fast zoom because the singing zombie is blocking the camera, not Anthony; you can tell because Anthony doesn't disappear but the singing zombie does. It's pretty inconsistent (i think) so you'll probably have to get closer to the red urn than I do in the TAS.
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Uilnslcoap: 2017-03-07 06:14:58 pm
Uilnslcoap: 2017-03-07 06:13:49 pm
Uilnslcoap: 2017-03-07 06:11:03 pm
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Thanks again for the info. I thought of a minor time saver that you may already know about if you checked out spiralout1123211's segments. If you need to use a spell and you can start it right as you're about to hit one of those shimmering rune barriers, you can overlap the time you have to be standing still for the spell with the cutscene where the rune barrier disappears (e.g. if you cast a health pool soon after getting the Summon rune with Lindsey at the Summon barrier). Just need to take your foot off the gas right as you're about to hit the trigger, and cast the spell before the cutscene actually starts.  Similar concept to casting the enchant on the Ram Dao right before the door opening after the first big Karim battle.
Let's a-go (hopefully fast)!
Hey everyone, I haven't forgotten you. I was killing Karim's chapter when a sudden sharp pain shot up from my hands into my shoulders. The doc says I have repetitive motion strain and slapped wrist splints on both wrists, so I might be out of the running for a little while. Seems the only games I can play with these things on are Wall Street Kid and Heavy Rain (boy is it difficult, though!). Oh well, gives me more time to plan my route. Now, if you'll excuse me, this short block of text has made my wrists cry out in agony, much like those poor souls in the Hall of the Tome of Eternal Darkness...because I have come to learn fear as Pious has (no videogames, eek!)...
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Told myself I'd wait a couple months to ask if you're continuing work on this, zuur.  Again, totally understood if you aren't.
I am planning to continue working on it until at least the part where Karim gets the Ram Dao. I haven't been working on it regularly because the camera movement is frustrating.
Yes, I did know about casting spells before cutscenes. I think you can also cast spells before room transitions but I don't remember how I did it.

If you have any questions about game mechanics I could probably answer them.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Sorry to hear sounds like you won't finish (at least anytime soon), but if you ever put it down forever/a long time, I'd appreciate any other big innovations you were planning to make in the run further down the line. Best of luck to you in all things, and thanks for the entertainment and ideas.
I wasn't sure if you were talking to me or zuur Uilnslcoap, so I haven't responded until now. I still have the wrist splints, but in response to big innovations, I didn't really have any major things in mind. I did think about using Mantorok pool spells for the infinite sprint and sanity regen. Sanity effects are even more of an issue in a single segment run. This pool spell could be most useful for Peter and Roberto, due to their predilection for said effects, and even for Alex in her trek through Eng'gha. She might only need to cast two of these instead of the magick pool and two health pools (total of three) used in the segmented run. I thought of a three point Mantorok pool for Michael (the firefighter, it's been so long I can't remember his name, gasp!), but his magick is so pathetically low, I couldn't route his chapter without waiting around. Although, skipping the guns are completely out of the question! In a bit of a gutsy move, I thought about skipping the Magickal Elixer in Peter's chapter and facing down the Black Guardian, mono y tentacle. Most of the spells you use in your run, I was going to in mine, it's pretty optimized in my opinion. Thanks for the luck, and I hope you and your family are healthy and happy!
I noticed it's been nearly a year since you posted, Uilnslcoap. Sorry for the wait in case you were attempting the insanity of a single segment run or a run with all runes. Time has a way of getting away from a person, doesn't it?
I started a casual stream of ED:SR last night, and today I tried to get that first segment down. Here's my 5th attempt at getting back into swing of things!

I'll leave this link here just in case anyone is unaware of the Eternal Darkness Discord channel
Hey everyone! If anyone is still interested in speedrunning this game, we have a leaderboard in ( I know a lot of people don't have a lot of time for full game runs, but we have single chapters categories too.

A lot of discoveries and interesting stuff have happened for this game in the past months, tons of new glitches, tricks and route changes. You should really check them out! There are links to the Discord channel we use and to important documents we made for the game in (notes for Any% and game database)
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Copy pasting what I put on Discord.

Holy shit, 2:01:50? Running this game has changed a lot in 8 years, actual skips! Thank you, Pandora Jane, I will be watching the fuck out of that run tonight or tomorrow.
Pandora Jane is a fucking goddess, and zuur cracked Edward skip a couple days ago. Everyone who likes this game NEEDS to see the latest at 1:44:XX single segment. It's so great that the worst chapter to run is the one that's skipped.