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The issue I come across in Ellia's level is the last area where you retrieve the staff and then have to run back. I've actually got it down to the point where you can avoid all traps (even when the mantorok zombies appear in the trap hallway) and it's such a long run that the stamina runs out long before I get back to the final room. The neckless helps prevent that.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Yeah, but it's still better to let her stop sprinting and walk sometimes instead of grabbing the Strange Necklace in the few comparisons I did.  If you could prove it were faster on video, I'd obviously believe it, but the few tests I did showed slowing down at times throughout the level to be faster than grabbing the necklace.
Fair enough I might have to to some tests on this.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
They FINALLY scheduled my interview for next Wednesday (the 16th), so in the weekend following, I'll finally be able to watch Llyno's and Zwajken's runs! Smiley
Sorry I haven't been on in forever guys, a LOT has come up especially with my move to NC, so I havent had much time for practice and my funds for a computer went down the fucking drain too. I'm not fully out of this, but I'm out of commission for a while. Damn it...
The darkness claims another runner...
I HAVE RETURNED... And I have become one with the darkness that you all fear, embracing my madness, not as a disease but cure for the wicked and vile plague you call sanity...

(Translation: Bullshit "The darkness claims another runner", I'M BACK BITCHES!!!)
I finally broke 4:40!
Screw the Sanity meter, who needs it
I'm throwing my hat into the Eternal Darkness realm! I'm still re-learning the game, but I plan to do a full run eventually. How do you guys call the splits? When you gain control of Alex again? Or when you start the next chapter?
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Hey there!

I don't think the split timing is important.  For SDA (as I've mentioned earlier in the thread), the run starts when you gain control of Alex in the nightmare (after the swooping camera angle) and ends when you pick the "Bind" rune as ghost Edward after the boss fight.  Where you split regarding chapters is personal preference, AFAIK.  Someday (probably years from now), when I do single-segment runs, I'm going to use the "creepy music tone as Alex looks up after finishing the chapter" as my split after each chapter (and there might be some mid-chapter splits depending on how I feel/how useful they are to me).
Screw the Sanity meter, who needs it
Awesome. Are there any good places to look for glitches/strats? Things like whether or not I go for the enchanted gladius, etc.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
I'd suggest a) my segmented run on the site which clocks in at 2:08:43 ( ) and b) Zwajken's PB 2:20:02 single-segment run which clocks in at 2:20:02 ( ).  Those are the fastest runs of their varieties that I know of.  Life commitments kept me from looking at a couple of recent runs by folks getting into the game, but I will do my best to rectify that if you start showing your efforts.

I can tell you that the enchanted gladius (and the Mantorok rune) are not going to be worth it in any%.  If you go for 100% (which I guess would be those things and all the rune tablets), then you'd get those, but frankly, I don't think 100% would be all that different/interesting to watch.  I can answer most any question you have, I think.  Peruse this thread for my continuing thoughts on the game ('s not worth it to pick up the Strange Necklace in Ellia's chapter to get sprint back by healing, so far as I can tell in my experiments), and feel free to ask me anything.  But mostly, watch the runs first, and then ask after, I think.  It's certainly possible there are things I didn't think of or ways to improve upon what spells are assigned to quick spell and the like, but I think the skeleton of the run is pretty solid.

I didn't find many (really, any of significance) glitches, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be worth trying for yourself!
Screw the Sanity meter, who needs it
Dude, you the real MVP. I'm hoping I can get a run good enough to go to SGDQ with it.

So what alignment would you say is the best for a speedrun? I've been doing mostly blue, but I kinda get screwed near the end because I run out of mana and need to run around to get mana for a shield, etc.

Also, would running it on the second playthrough be recommended? Obviously for the ability to skip cutscenes, but are there any other things that would make an impact to run it say the second or third playthrough?
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Green is definitely the best.  Weak enemies, and most of the spells you assign/cast will be red...which happens to be the default alignment in the menu (no scrolling!).  Mostly, though, it's that you can burn green zombies for runes and chop their heads off and then instantly be able to finish them (when that's required).
Screw the Sanity meter, who needs it
Ok. How bad does it fuck with sanity? I know that sanity effects can make/break a run, so how much does sanity mess with you if you were to go with Xel'tolath?
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
I approve of this.  That is all.
Screw the Sanity meter, who needs it
I approve of your approval.

Btw, my stream is, and I'll be running a lot in the coming weeks, until I get Gauntlet:Dark Legacy, in which I'll be switching on and off on those games. Cheesy
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iStorm: 2014-11-11 01:03:45 pm
Screw the Sanity meter, who needs it
So, starting at when I gained control of Pious to when I switch to Alex again, that segment was 4:14. I'm not sure what your cutoffs were, Uilnslcoap, so I'm not going to start comparing yet, but I already feel confident in at least the first half of the run.

Edit: Made it to regaining control of Alex right after Ellia's chapter at 15:01, starting when you gain control of Alex during the nightmare at the very beginning. Now to shore up the other chapters.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Sanity effects are going to be a factor early in the run no matter which alignment you run, but depending on your willingness to take risk, etc., you can certainly mitigate it with recover/shield/pool spells starting around Karim/Max.  Realize that a sanity pool spell (Spell 11, once that option becomes available to you near the end of Chapter 6) will take a while to build sanity back up (so if you need a quick boost, that's not your best option), but is a better long-term investment since it generates so much more sanity than a recover spell.  Also don't forget that Paul has a meditation rod that gives you back all your sanity with no magic use.  You'll have to decide for yourself whether you're willing to deal with an Ellia sanity effect or if that's a reset.  You get a free sanity (and health) boost from getting the staff from the statue in Ellia's chapter.  Anthony has a sanity effect that can quickly be bypassed (it's much better to not fight monsters and take that one sanity effect).  Karim is pretty rough for sanity effects, possibly the worst in the game.

One other thing: running/sprinting does not generate sanity any more quickly than walking (or even sneaking).  They all generate magic at the same rate, so don't waste your stamina sprinting if all you're doing is building up mana.  (That is to say, sprinting for 5 seconds generates the same amount of magic as walking for 5 seconds.)
Screw the Sanity meter, who needs it
I think that my biggest thing is going to be memorizing the spells, and putting them on the right quick casts at the right times.
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Uilnslcoap too pro.  So glad to see these convos happening again.  I'd love to pitch in, but Uilnslcoap has it covered better than I could...
Screw the Sanity meter, who needs it
Not only that, but I've gotten in touch with Zwajken, who holds the world record, or at least has held it, and he said he's gonna help me out. I'm hyped.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Welp, I'm gonna do segmented again.  Just got a new DVD recorder.  I've thought about streaming, even got the equipment, but I think I'll wait until I run SS in a few years to do that (I just don't think the constant resets and short bursts of segmented will be that entertaining and my current PC is kinda shitty anyway, don't think it would hold up to the stress).

Given my relatively busy "real" life and the higher standard I'm going to hold these segments to, it may take a long time (years?), but it's going to happen.  Tentative goal is 2:06:XX and maaaaaaybe 2:05:XX if there's more room for improvement than I think (current record is 2:08:43).  Got a 4:46 in-game timer from start to Pious finished just now with literally no practice, a shitty clock, and a shitty save (though I did get the green block zoom skip!).  4:29 or bust (it was 4:31 in the run on the's going to be painful trying to be that lucky and that good).  Gotta sort out the brightness and figure out Anri-chan before I really commit to recording, though.  In the meantime, Pious practice.
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Uilnslcoap: 2014-12-05 10:03:53 pm
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Started recording exactly two green block zoom skips in an hour (shitty luck) and one perfect clock in my last attempt...then I fucked up grabbing the Tome, haha.  Three 4:33's and a lot of 4:35's. I've started resetting for crap loading luck but not yet for imperfect clock or not getting the green block zoom skip.  I'll probably update this post on occasion, but I won't make a new post until I get the 4:29.

Night 2:

Good news!  Best Pious ever!  4:30 featuring a nearly-perfect clock, green block zoom skip and superb loading look into both the "insert concrete blocks" room and the "Pious statue" room (these are the two rooms with the longest possible black screens between rooms in this segment).

Bad news.  I fucked up the Tome grab (again) in the attempt!  It could have been the 4:29!  GRRRRRRRRR!  Well, nothing for it but to keep going...
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Uilnslcoap: 2014-12-07 08:18:18 am
F*ckin' sanity effects...
IT HAPPENED!!!  IT HAPPENED!!!  OMFG, YES!!!!!  Saved two seconds over my old run by the in-game timer!

Perfect clock + green block zoom skip + excellent loading luck + no significant fuck-ups = extremely happy Uilnslcoap.

I seemed to start getting the feel of the green block zoom skip the last few attempts (three tries in a row, it worked out)...I think it helps to be moving (you can't pick up objects while sprinting, but you can be moving) rather than releasing the stick entirely.  I think I chopped off frames compared to the last run by 1) getting Alex moving a little sooner after the secret passage opens, 2) getting Alex not quite so close to the Tome but still triggering the Examine prompt, and 3) getting Pious down the ladder just a little sooner...but most of it is loading luck (check out the transitions into the "insert block" room and the "Pious statue" room).

Mistakes: 1) got Alex too close to the first door you go through, can trigger from further away (barely noticeable) and 2) after the green block insert, I got Pious hugging the wall a bit before getting out of that room.  But what-the-fuck-ever.  I guess you could consider Alex's navigation out of the clock room and down the secret passage hallway a mistake, but it's actually pretty good by my standards.

A 4:28 is possible, I'm sure (maybe a 4:27 if you're a computer), but I'm very happy.

I'm surprised it happened as soon as it did, honestly.  Tonight: Ellia practice.  I'm going to save when she enters the Mantorok room the last time, so that I can perfect her sprinting through that room and into the final room, part 3 will end in front of the door that leads to the bishop...I expect those two segments will be relatively quick compared to the next one (where I need to get the excellent trapper skip that I didn't attempt last run and get Karim down the dead soldier hallway and save in front of the door there).