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General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Awesome Uilnslcoap!  Fantastic finish.  You're right about the last few relic hits, it was bending over for you.  Wink

And it's easy to support your work when it's of such quality.  You deserve praise for improving on this game.  It's still one of my guilty pleasures.  Can't wait to see it come up in verification and then the front page.  Very well done!

Oh, and long live Mantorok.
Thank you so much, Arrow and DK28.  Really means so much to know people enjoyed it.

Here's a list of things I really get annoyed at looking at the run again and some suggestions for a future runner (these will be in my run comments as well--I JUST thought of using the strange necklace to recover Ellia's sprint stamina...maybe not worth it, but maybe totally worth it).


Things I would take back, improve, or research:

Two weapon equips turned out to be completely pointless—1) arming the revolver as Alex right before Lindsey’s chapter (using the pickaxe seems to disarm any weapon currently equipped so you have to equip it right after that to shoot the trapper) and 2) arming the sword as Paul (I found a way to get past the bonethieves without combat in the segment two after the one where I armed the sword).

I really wish I had been able to improve Karim’s chapter…that spell assign eff-up is just sooooooo disgusting and that last zombie getting up such that the horror shocks me (while not as bad as it might look) really annoys me.

Running out of sprint as Ellia near the end of her chapter—it looks worse than it is, but it’s still pretty horrid.

Ugh, I *just* thought of this as I write this (after the last segment is done), maybe after doing the Chattur’gha zombie candle room and coming back to the main chamber, Ellia could pick up the Strange Necklace (this would seal the hallway she just came from) and use it to cure running fatigue whenever she runs out of sprint?!  Don’t know if this would be faster than using the run/walk/run/walk pattern here, but definitely worth testing.

Could improve the seven-point creations and initial assigns significantly.  I was a bit slow.

Research shooting the three trappers on the spire in the last chapter vs. just using another magic attack (wouldn’t have to pick up bullets just before Michael’s chapter).

Research using a sanity pool in Roberto’s chapter (and *maybe* Peter’s) instead of using sanity recovers (didn’t think of this till I was on the last chapter…kicking myself!).

The other thing I’d try to do is improve the first part of Paul.  The screw-up on the bell-ringing and the bad grab of the book of reliquaries are both pretty irksome to me.

You can actually manipulate the spell menu to be on the spell you want when you load a save…just load a save where the spell menu is accessible (i.e. not in a level before collecting the Tome), pick “Spell List” and highlight the spell you want, then load the save you want to work with and when you pause, and select the Spell List, you’ll be on that spell still!  I realized this some way into the run and decided to keep it consistent throughout by starting on “Enchant Item” (Spell 1) for the start of each segment, but in a future run, I would save the 15 seconds or so I think you would gain across the run by starting on the most convenient spell for each segment.
Oh heck, you might be able to use a sanity pool in Alex’s chapter too!  (if a 3 or 5-point sanity pool gives you all your sanity back like a 7-point recover does…and I think a 5-point definitely would and a 3-point might...ah well...)
Sorry to triple-post, but I also think that using red shields and sanity heals MIGHT be better than going with the green shield throughout Lindsey's level...not too much of a difference, but maybe some.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Just wanted to let everyone know that I think the submission process should be good and started now.  I had some technical difficulties, but hopefully everything is ship-shape now.  If anyone here volunteered to verify, thanks very much. (I believe we're not supposed to say if we're verifying something, but thank you anonymously anyway Smiley  It was awesome that it got enough verifiers pretty quickly.

I have done most of an audio commentary too.  Hopefully that can get tacked on if the run gets approved.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Some things:

1) thank you to everyone who watched this thread who verified!  I'm still getting the audio commentary ready, but hopefully that'll be done this weekend and the run will show up on the front page in the next few months.

2) Although I say differently in the run's comments, I admit I've been thinking of having another go at this run, but how it is timed may have something to do with what I decide to do next...a self-improvement on the segmented category if the loading screens don't count in the final time, or a single-segment run (God help me) if they do (I'd probably start doing single-segment attempts anyway after getting a significantly better segmented run).  Maybe I should start practicing for single-segment attempts anyway until the run is timed...from what I understand you can pause the game while you're changing DVD's, right?  (So I'd probably have the first DVD end with the five-point creations and assigns, then the second at the Michael spell assigns perhaps...)

3) If I did segmented again, I'd stick with Xel'lotath and segment the following ways:

1: Start to Ellia standing in front of blowgun (or the room right before that if you can't save there)
2: Ellia finish to room where you drop the filled urns as Anthony (having the big spell/inventory session at the end is a bit scary, but the stuff afterward is more risky, less dependent on practice)
3: Anthony finish to door at end of dead-guy hallway after elevator as Karim (would want to nail the trapper trick for Anthony the way spiralout did it)
4: Karim finish to just before boss fight as Max
5: Max finish to Paul standing in front of Old Tower door (might split this into two depending on being able to use luck manipulation for sanity effects in Lindsey's chapter)
6: Paul up to 5-point damage field room (want a good Anthony fight and fewer steering errors)
7: 5-point spells
8: Paul finish, Roberto, Peter up to after generator (same as my run's segment 9--would want to use sanity pool instead of recovers in this one, I think, except maybe for Peter's part)
9: 7-point spells (same as segment 10 in my run)
10: Peter to boss door (same as segment 11)
11: Peter finish, most of Edward (would be longer than segment 12 in my run, I'd only leave the 9th rune for the next segment...the riskiest one with the damage field)
12: Edward finish, Mike to light puzzle (mostly same as segment 13)
13: Mike finish (same as segment 14)
14: About half of Alex (until just before teleporting to Bind room)
15: rest of Alex up to boss fight
16: boss fight

This is designed to have all the risky stuff concentrated at the beginning of segment attempts.  We'll see if I actually want to put myself through this...
F*ckin' sanity effects...
More and more I've been thinking about improving the segmented run (I'll find some better strategies here and there which will help an eventual single-segment run).  I do have one question before I get into serious research/route-improvement mode, though.

In the quoted bit below, I mention a glitch where you can have the game start with any spell highlighted (besides Enchant Item).  Would this be useable in a run or do I have to stick with starting on Spell 1?  I think I've read that anything that requires "setup" has to show that setup, so I figure it's a no-go, but thought I'd check with the powers that be.  It was pretty annoying having to always switch back to Spell 1 before reloading a segment just for consistency.  I basically had to "set up" using the default spell for most attempts/segments!

You can actually manipulate the spell menu to be on the spell you want when you load a save…just load a save where the spell menu is accessible (i.e. not in a level before collecting the Tome), pick “Spell List” and highlight the spell you want, then load the save you want to work with and when you pause, and select the Spell List, you’ll be on that spell still!  I realized this some way into the run and decided to keep it consistent throughout by starting on “Enchant Item” (Spell 1) for the start of each segment, but in a future run, I would save the 15 seconds or so I think you would gain across the run by starting on the most convenient spell for each segment.
Hey Ulin! I'm new here and I'm reading through the thread as I want to run this game. Hit me up if you're still lurking!
F*ckin' sanity effects...
I'm here, EP!  Happy to answer any questions or do some research.  Still brooding on the idea of doing segmented again, but never committed yet because trying to get 4:30 or less on Pious sounds aggravating (and that would be my first step).  Let me know how I can help (are you thinking of doing segmented or SS?).
Most likely SS but ill need to practice first. I'm currently in the process of setting up a NG+ for Okami but I think I will move on to EDSR when I'm done with that. I don't have much longer to go so I shouldn't be long, just doing a lot of clean up right now. Anyway I still need to read all of this thread, so ill do that when I get some time.
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Edit history:
Uilnslcoap: 2014-02-18 10:55:15 am
F*ckin' sanity effects...
FYI, this is the best SS run I know of (2:31:53):

Zwajken, the runner, actually contacted me via PM.  Then I gave him, uh, somewhat extensive notes on his run.  I think I may have offended him with my constructive criticism because I haven't heard from him or seen him run ED since.  Sad

But I think you'd have to get into the sub-2:20:00 range for it to be a really good SS run (the run I linked does a couple of conservative things I probably wouldn't do...including getting the Strange Necklace as Ellia and the magic potion as Peter).  I have a bounty ($50?, can't remember) for anyone who can make it to sub-2:16:00.
A bounty? Oh my, I didn't need much more motivation but I'll certainly take it! As I said I'm busy finishing setting up for a future Okami run but the SECOND I'm done there I will immediately move onto this. It sounds incredibly fun and decently challenging for my first run ever. I was originally planning to run "American McGee's: Alice" as my first game, but there's nothing even REMOTELY recent that's been done with that game, so I'm putting it on hold for now. At least here I've got someone to help show me the ropes so that I'm not completely off on my own in the wild land of speed running. Anyway, I shouldn't be more than 1 1/2 to 2 weeks max to finish Okami setup so you shouldn't be waiting too long. The only thing is right now I have no way of recording my runs, so I won't be able to put anything up to show how I'm doing. I'll give an update every time I attempt a segment though so you can give feedback and all that.
So... Okami is pissing me off, I'm doing a Pious run tomorrow.
Well I posted in the wrong place before, so if you don't mind a little copy/paste magic.


First time posting in this board, and new speedrunner here. So I just started dedicating my time to casting and as such I've taken on the task of speedrunning an older game that doesn't get too much love, but is a game I love nevertheless. What game you might ask?

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Yup, I've read everything I can and watch a lot of video from both Uilnslcoap and spiralout1123211. I hop either are still active on this board, as I have a few question for them. Either way I plan on doing full speedruns instead of segmented like my predecessors have. The main reason is because I like the idea of a 2 hour run going flawless to get a new PB/WR.

So far I've been practicing Both Pious and Ellia and to pious I can consistently get about 4:33 (need to clean up my menu-ing and clock). I've figured out the block-grabs and how each spot works and can get it pretty consistently. The main reason why you can do the skip is because Pious gets in the way of the camera zoom, so it just cuts to a quick shot of the block. The green is actually pretty easy to accomplish, but you have to be dead in the way of it and the camera which can be finicky just because of the round pedestal making the up motion push Pious to either the right or left.

Right now I'm working on timing the traps for Ellia. The main trap that keeps getting me and I can't explain why is the blow darts at the beginning and after you follow down the hole. I can't figure out the pattern for either, and it feels like I get hit by RNG (but I'm sure that's not the case). I'll keep watching video until I get it though!

Hey so what's the reasoning behind the true NG+ game start are there specific benefits to it? Also I noticed you didn't hunt for the clock hand how did you avoid that?
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Great to see renewed interest in this game!

Llyno: 4:33 is a good time for Pious (fine and dandy in a SS, that's for sure) and you summed up the "skip the camera zoom" issue pretty nicely.  The only thing is there's a quicker way to skip the green block that doesn't involve stepping in front of it (in a SS, I would probably just practice getting in front of the block to make sure you skip the camera zoom, but for segmented, you need the good luck going on the side toward the next door).  I think the reason you only get it sometimes from the side is perhaps that it depends on very specific zombie positioning, which is at least partly RNG.  As for Ellia, yeah, there's definitely a way to avoid the darts in each hallway with practice.  I believe on the way down the first hallway, you can go straight, but that you have to dodge slightly to the right at one point on the way back from killing the red zombie.  One thing to make sure you know is that in that last set of five/six blades in a row before/after the slot mechanism, if you run straight through, you won't get hit in either direction.

EP: the reason you want to have all three alignments finished is to make sure you can skip cutscenes.  That is, let's say you finish the Xel'lotath path the first time through the game; then you can't pick the Xel'lotath artifact anymore until you've finished the other two alignments, and you can't skip a cutscene until the game knows you've finished that alignment.  So all three need to be done.  As for the clock hand(s), you don't have to hunt for them until chapter 10.  One thing about setting the clock.  Press both the analog stick and the d-pad to the right, and when you release the analog stick, if you're close to 3:33, the d-pad will make it stop immediately instead of going past it (the analog stick will just make it keep on going, obviously).  I got a perfect clock and mostly great performance (though merely okay loading luck going from room to room) on my Pious segment, so beating 4:31 on Pious will be a bit tricky, and certainly I wouldn't expect it often in a SS run.  It can definitely happen, though.

It will obviously be tricky to help you both out without video.  I can only give general advice or respond to your questions instead of being able to see it, so if either of you can get video up, that would be helpful!  I understand, though, I couldn't post video the first time I got here, but I learned how.
I just pulled a run and I hit 6:20... Pretty unhappy about it but now I guess I'm gonna run through the rest so I can skip the cutscene for picking up the artifact. I was having trouble with the clock and my menus could use some cleaning up. But anyway, I'm gonna hurry through the other two paths so I can finish this run properly.
Well there are VODs on my twitch channel (/llyno87) but I'll do some specific youtube stuff in a few days. Still have to set up a youtube channel.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Ohhhh, that's cool.  If at any point, you want to, like, highlight your best attempts on Twitch, I'd be happy to take a look and tell you anything I can think of.  I couldn't look at more than a couple of SS attempts in a given month or anything, but I'd be happy to help figure out issues and give encouragement, especially on a more piecemeal basis.
Sure thing! I'm still new to the whole streaming business, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. But yeah I totally don't wanna bombard you with entire casts for sure. I'll let you know when I put something together worth watching lol.
Even though I can't REALLY run any segments until I finish the game two more times, I finally managed a decent-ish Ellia run. My text and menu nevigation need lots of cleaning up though, but I feel like that's something to worry about when I begin to do actual runs.

ALSO. A quick question. It turns out I have a Chattur'gha save file on Ed's chapter. I already have Xel'lotath's alignment complete. Could I just finish this save and would it add to the pool of completed paths  or do I need to start from my Xel'lotath and THEN pick Chattur'gha?
Ai just started thinking how cool it would be to break this game. The amount of things you could skip with a good break... It'd be nice...
F*ckin' sanity effects...
It WOULD be nice.  My kingdom for a chapter skip (or several).  It seems somewhat unlikely given how everything is stacked to be found/discovered in a certain order and the rooms are all separate instead of being one large environment, but don't let me stop you from trying!

RE: text and menu navigation: yeah, it sucks.  It's always been a big deterrent for me in doing a SS run, the thought of having to negotiate all the spell-creating in one session.

RE: Chat file and Xel file...I'm pretty sure you have to have carried over the finished game from before.  That is, you need the "You already finished this/these alignment/s, want that info to carry over to your new game?" prompt to appear at the beginning of your new game(s).  Sadly, your best bet would have been to finish off the Chat game, then carry that over to your new Xel game, but ah well, 2 to go.
This was quite literally like taking a tank round to the everything... I'm gonna try the Chattur'gha, on the ever SLIM chance it does work it will save me worlds of time. If it doesn't work then fuck it at least we have a proper answer to the question, right?

I think ideally the best scenario for skips would be of course to manage to only get the summon, creature, opposing sign, and pargon runes and somehow make it into the last chamber... Maybe you could somehow manipulate a trapper warp? Maybe even the warp in Pious's section? It'd be difficult but it might be possible... Don't ask me how though.