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Earthworm Jim (Any %) (Single Segment) (Normal)

Verifier Responses

Quote from mike89:
A/V: Noticed some slight stutters throughout, but no big deal.
Cheating: None

Haven't actually seen runs of this in a long time, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Watching confirmed what I'd long suspected: this game is a bitch to run.

Clear mistakes:
* What the heck? boss - missed one hit on the cat
* Snot a Problem - died once on round 3 and the second attempt took quite a while. But getting the one-pass kill three times in a row is stupid.
* Level 5 - missed the first whip grab a couple of times, had to go back around
* Andy Asteroids 6 - took a hit
* Andy Asteroids 7 - went for the shield instead of the boost (with a shield in hand). Safety first, I guess?
There was another death in For Pete's Sake but I'm fairly sure that one was intentional.

All told I'm still going to accept it, but not recommend it as highly as I really wanted to.

Quote from sloth_machine:
A/V: I viewed the HQ encode, and I didn't notice any issues during the capture
Cheating: None

My manual timing was 31:26

The runner shows a good knowledge of the levels and routing. The runner shows some impressive skill during some parts of the run, notably the second sub dive, the first two rounds of 'snot a problem', and basically all of 'for pete's sake'. However, there were parts that were a bit unpolished. Most of them have already been pointed out by Mike89.

Overall, it's a good attempt, and I am going to lean towards accept, because getting a flawless single segment of this game is rather demanding, and because there is currently no run up on the site.

I am sure with further attempts the runner will be able to put up a deathless run, which will obsolete this one without a doubt.

Quote from Zyre:
Game- Earthworm Jim

Video quality- Good, though I suspect that it wasn't recorded at the proper framrate or interlace or something since Jim disappears when taking damage. Timed to be 31:24 (0:25 start, 31:49 end).

Sound quality- Good

Evaluation of the run-
New Junk City: Missed a hook and had to damage boost off the spikes when getting the plasma shots. Only one trumpet on the boss though, so very good.
Andy Asteroids 1: Good.
What the Heck?: Accidentally whipped before a jump right after the Evil bomb skip. Missed another whip attack and was chased by a demon (though no time lost there). Got hit by the boss once, so lost a couple of seconds there.
Andy Asteroids 2: Good.
Down the Tubes 1: Good. Second pod section was pretty risky.
Down the Tubes 2 (Tube race): Good.
Andy Asteroids 3: Good.
Snot a Problem(s): Quick kills on the first two rounds. Chomped and missed the quick kill on the third.
Andy Asteroids 4: Good.
Level 5: Missed the hook, lost about 5 seconds. Second cage spot could look better, but no time lost. Took a lot of damage, plus accidentally climbing a ledge right before robot chicken.
Andy Asteroids 5: Good.
For Pete's Sake: Intentional death at the second meteor shower. One accidental Peter pitfall, lost a couple of seconds there.
Andy Asteroids 6: Ouch...hitting that asteroid.
Intestinal Distress: A couple of minor hits here and there. Boss fight seemed like it could have been faster and cleaner.
Andy Asteroids 7: Got the shield instead of the boost. I make that mistake too.
Buttville: Good.

Final Decision- This game can be very technical and has lots of little time saving tricks on each stage, making this game both a good challenge and a pain to run. Some RNG is involved (Evil the Cat's licking animation length, for example), but even accounting for that, there are many spots in this run that needs to be cleaned up. Overall, though, this run is a good start. I give this a weak ACCEPT. I'd love to see an improvement soon.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Jordan 'Athens_' Kloster!
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Thanks for the accept. I know it isn't the smoothest run, but it's ok, because with some new strategies, and the despawning of a certain puppy, this run will definitely improve soon. Also, now that my upscaler is set to the correct framerate (not locked at 60), the disappearing when taking damage should be gone.