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I haven't run the numbers, but it you mostly use PSI with Ness for a fight then the Casey Bat and a lot of reloads might slightly increase a few late game boss speeds. Then again, with that kind of patience for resets you should be going for the 1/128 item drops. Yeah, running this game basically comes down to how patient you are in luck abusing.

Also, I read somewhere about getting the T-Rex Bat with Jeff before leaving Winters. It requires some training while in Winters, but it means Jeff joins strong, and it might save some serious time against Belch, Trillionage Sprout, and the #3 moles, among other bosses.

Also, be sure to get the exit mouse when you leave Onett, and get it again at every opportunity. It seriously saves time if used in the right spots.

All forms of bombs and bottle rockets should be abused to no end. By spending most of your money on those instead of equipment, you could probably beat most bosses at remarkably low levels. Absolutely nothing in this game shrugs off a multi-bottle rocket, and the big bottle rockets/super bombs seriously bang up the middle game bosses. Don't look for the best exp from enemies, look for the best money! You can buy all of this except multi in fourside, i.e. remarkably early, and the uber multis come late in deep darkness. Also, a few accessories sell for ludicris amounts of money; be on the lookout for those. I don't remember the numbers, but the Heavy Bazooka might be a low level damage tool as well.

Um, yeah, I don't think this run would be particularly complex; the only issue would be the central one to all RPGs, how low of a level can you squeeze by with?
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How could you get the T-Rex Bat with Jeff?  He has no ATM card, and you can't get money directly from enemies.  The best you could manage would be selling bread to the store, and that seems like it would cost quite a bit.  I doubt it'd be worth it in the long run.
I've heard of it being done; I guess selling bread and whatnot would be the way. You can get a fair deal of money from the stuff from the school alone anyway. The thing about it would be powerleveling Jeff as he would end up being a user of bottle rockets anyway. IMO Jeff could easily be the most important character in this.
Rock on, Earthbound. Rock on.
I suppose therein lies the question.  Is it worth powerlevelling Jeff and getting the Rex Bat for Ness when Jeff will wind up using bottlerockets anyway?  It's worth looking into, I suppose, but my gut reflex says no.
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I also say no. Bottle rockets for the win! And if you know me, you know what I think about leveling.
The only problem is that you frequently won't OHKO so Jeff has to survive a hit.
Sorry for the bump, but is anybody going to pick this up?
Rock on, Earthbound. Rock on.
This is still Lucid's project, as far as I know, but he has to finish his SOTN run first.  For all we know, he could actually be done with that one and working on this, or soemthing else, or maybe just taking a break.  Lucid, you still around?
His SOTN run is up now.
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The question is, would the time it takes to earn enough money to increase one character's physical offense (and inevitably levelling up Jeff in the process) be made up for by the time it saves to beat your enemies?  It wouldn't be fun to watch, that's for sure.  You can sell all the items you get from the boarding school to give you about half of what you need to buy it (after fixing the broken spray, at least), but the rest would have to be earned from selling items.  You've got your spiteful crows that always give you cookies ($3 each), runaway dogs that give you bread rolls about half the time ($6 each), and the gruff goats that give you salt packets on rare occasions ($1 each, and not worth it for the money).  With $353 left to go after selling your initial inventory, that's between 59 and 118 items you have to sell, and  you have to deal with the cashier asking you "Which item would you like to sell?" and "I'll give you [$] for that, is that okay?" or some such for each one.

If we assume you fight only crows, for the guaranteed item drop, and you manage to kill one every 15 seconds (which I admit is probably never going to happen - especially if you throw in the level ups that are bound to happen), that ends up being a half hour spent on battles alone.  If you only fight runaway dogs, and manage to get the bread roll every time, you can cut that time in half, but the possibility of not getting it means you'd have to be incredibly lucky for that to happen.  Then you have to make sure you go to the store and sell it all once your inventory's full, which could take about two or three minutes per trip.  It would get Jeff's level a bit higher, though.

By the way, I got a good deal of my info from this guide:
Yeah, I said it.
I'm working on EarthBound now. Right now I'm focusing mostly on Onett through Threed.

Level 8 seems to be the earliest reasonable level for Titanic Ant. Ness gets a considerable boost to Offense, PSI Rockin Alpha, and any fight with one Black Antoid becomes an instant win. I was considering using the Sharks to level up a bit, but I may use Attack Slugs mostly, as they're easy prey and give a decent amount of exp.

Twoson's bosses are really easy. Everdred is a pushover, Carpainter is easy with the Franklin Badge, Mondo Mole is helpless once he's been paralyzed.

As for the T-Rex bat, there is _no way_ that putting that much effort into one weapon for Ness is worth it. That's a nice tactic for casual play, not for a speedrun.
Rock on, Earthbound. Rock on.
I'm working on EarthBound now.

And a cry from the heavens was heard singing "Hosanna!  Praise be the highest!"  Or something equally blasphemous in this context.  Glad to hear you're on track Lucid.  Grin
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As for the T-Rex bat, there is _no way_ that putting that much effort into one weapon for Ness is worth it. That's a nice tactic for casual play, not for a speedrun.

  I don't know why the developers even put that bat into the game.  By the time you can get it, you'll be able to get a much better bat a short time later. 
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They did a lot of weird stuff in this game.  Like the baseball cap in Magicant.  It's the exact same one you get in Onett, so it's absolutely worthless at that point.
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The developers weren't entirely sane at the time of writing I think.
I'm glad someone is working on this, a very nice and quirky RPG to watch. Smiley
Rock on, Earthbound. Rock on.
That cap was SYMBOLIC.  Stats have very little to do with things in the real world most of the time, why should they always be your primary concern in a game?  Especially in a messed up dream world.
Yeah, I said it.
Magicant alone is better than most other entire games out there.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I own this game, and considered doing a run for it on NES Videos, but decided against it.

I'd love to see a run for this game once it's done, hehe.
............... .......
Sweetness! I can't wait until it's done and up for download! It will be very fun to watch indeed!
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
That cap was SYMBOLIC.  Stats have very little to do with things in the real world most of the time, why should they always be your primary concern in a game?  Especially in a messed up dream world.

Thank you!
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Lucid Faia: 2006-03-30 12:55:23 am
Yeah, I said it.
About the EarthBound run. It's kind of on hold at the moment due to a lack of interest on my part, thanks to school and other games... I played through the game, and got general ideas on level requirements for certain bosses, what equipment I should have or shouldn't bother with, as well as good leveling spots, but nothing too ground-breaking. I'm not working on EarthBound very much at the moment, but I did get a lot of work on it done, so if anyone wants to try a run of their own and needs some advice, just ask and I'll try and help you out.
Long live SF64!
I hate to see this forum lose steam over the last 2 weeks or so...this stands as one of my favorite games of all time, and while I don't have the time to do speedruns myself (kind of an oxymoron there) I'm a huge supporter of anyone who's working on this game...
Seems to me the issue is with the linearity of the game and the lack of known bugs or sequence breaks to take advantage of.  So the strategy in a speedrun then would be in leveling up, item collection, and especially the low level battles.  More than most RPG's, almost every actual game event seems necessary to progress the main story...which is part of the brilliant absurdity of the game, who would think that these N unrelated events would culminate in being able to do X.
Anyway this is just a shoutout to anyone who's working on the game, or anyone with further thoughts on the speedrun...
I love the work that's been done so far...level discussion, rock candy, luck manipulation...
Keep it up!
I thought it was just a surprise party!
I'm hoping to finish up Super Mario 64 sometime during May. If this project is still unclaimed then, I'll probably pick it up. (I've been in the mood for Earthbound since the release of Mother 3, but I won't be able to play that until there's a translation.)
If I can get my act together, I would at least attempt this. I don't have the equipment or the peace to do this right now. Once I get a Job and a place of my own, I will try it.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I have a quick question, do the characters gain the same thing every level, or is it randomized? Stat wise I mean.