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Dustforce (All Levels Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V: I didn't notice it the first time I watched the video because I was doing something, but there doesn't seem to be any sound in the video. Is this a problem with the verification copy only, or are all versions of the run like this? The video looks fine aside from that problem.

(EDIT: Apparently, the sound works in VLC but not in Windows Media Player. Weird. Is it on the wrong track or something?)

Cheating: Didn't see any.

Level comments:

Tutorial - 1:21.198 Pretty much perfect. Hit most of the important boosts and had lots of extra ground boosts to shave off fractions of seconds.

Firefly Forest - 23.649 Got a bad slope dash at the end, but that seemed to be the only mistake.

Overgrown Temple - 22.232 Smooth. I liked the strategy for gaining that last bit of meter needed for the super at the end.

Wild Den - 13.550 Sucks that the spike missed the last porcupine. Lost probably 2-3 seconds there. Rest of the level went well.

Downhill - 15.199 What can I say, it's Downhill. 15 seconds is pretty good for a single segment run, although a high 13 is possible.

Valley - 23.632 A few minor hiccups and fighting the bear was pretty sloppy, but most of the execution was good.

Dusk Run - 28.266 Again with the bear Tongue Level went really nice aside from that. I've always liked the shortcuts in this level.

Grass Cave - 14.250 It's been awhile since I've done the any% route for this level, but it seems like that first clip could have gone faster. Either way, this level went pretty well.

Ruins - 32.131 Went pretty much perfect, not much to say here.

Ascent - 34.015 One of my favorite levels, and the runner pulled it off splendidly.

Summit - 32.298 Once again, went pretty much perfectly.

Ancient Garden - 1.916 + 16.982 Ouch. Not only the first death in the run, but this level had loads of mistakes as well. It's a very tough level for any%, though, so it's understandable.

Night Temple - 43.583 Dustworth on Night Temple is a work of art Tongue

Park - 26.865 Looked fine, no major mistakes.

Forgotten Tunnel - 33.148 Missed a slope dash, went fine otherwise.

Construction Site - 1.266 Really nothing to say about this level, lol.

Scaffolding - 34.848 Went fine. I like the risky slope boosts near the spikes.

Concrete Temple - 53.966 Had a silly mistake near the start, but made up for it with that ridiculous spikewalk at the end.

Rooftops - 29.499 Some parts could have been smoother.

Hideout - 40.083 Lots of spikewalking. This level's really impressive to watch any%.

Alleyway - 14.065 Looked fine, but that strategy seemed kind of slow.

Clock Tower - 19.849 A 19 second clock tower in a single segment run is fine by me.

Warehouse - 20.232 Went fine. End looks bad but there's really nothing that can be done about that, just the way the level is.

Apartments - 12.699 Love the shortcut here. Small mistake at the end but otherwise fine.

Basement - 24.516 The pit at the end could have been faster but everything else was pulled off like a true Daveosaur.

Courtyard - 40.033 Missed a slope dash and it looks like a couple ground boosts didn't go your way either.

Library - 42.265 The ground boost at the start looks very cool and the rest of the level seemed to go fine.

Archive - 30.649 Was basically perfect.

Caverns - 25.183 Lots of really cool ground boosts in this level.

Cliffside Caves - 1:10.717 Missing that slope boost was tragic. Some other small mistakes too.

Ramparts - 52.701 Got hit by a gargoyle which was pretty silly.

Moon Temple - 30.749 Another level with crazy shortcuts in any%. Went well.

Store Room - 13.133 Seemed to go pretty well.

Knight Hall - 24.999 Isn't this level so nice when you don't have to sit around killing the knights?

Tower - 6.749 Another level with an awesome shortcut.

Observatory - 18.100 Went pretty much perfectly

Ghost Parapets - 49.234 A few small mistakes here and there.

Security - 30.499 Questionable route at the end there, although it may have just been a mistake to not hit that one blob in your super, but I'm not too familiar with the any% route for this level.

Access - 20.992 I think I only saw one small hiccup and the rest of the level went great

Power Room - 17.450 Went as well as it could have.

Server Room - 7.716 I'm running out of ways to say these levels went perfect.

Backup Shift - 47.617 Had some issues at the end, otherwise perfect.

Vats - 29.215 Messed up one of the slope dashes at the end which sucked. Other than that the level went fine.

Research - 35.983 One of my favorite Lab levels. Some small mistakes but was very well done otherwise.

Containment - 16.815 This level is a big pain. Took a couple hits but went well otherwise.

Wiring - 23.583 The shortcut on this level just shows how creative Hitbox Team is. Messed up a bit at the end but was otherwise fine.

Abyss - 14.833 Not much to say, went pretty well.

Dome - 25.999 Went fine.

Core Temple - 46.750 Nothing much to say here either.

Kilo - 21.115 A few close calls. Went very well.

Tera - 14.482 The strategies on this level are simply insane.

Exa - 2.565 lol exa

Mega - 2.933 lol mega

Giga - 30.232 A few deaths but thankfully they were all very close to checkpoints.

Peta - 13.850 Love the checkpoint warp here, makes the level a lot less of a pain in the ass.

Zetta - 43.349  SO ZETTA FAST. I'll forgive your silly death because of that fucking insane improvised spikewalk near the end to prevent another death.

Yotta - 1:36.647 They should rename this level to Yotta Spikewalk in honor of your unbelievable strategies here. The clip also made me laugh, funny how the secret in this level wound up being useful in an any% speedrun.

Overall, this is an easy accept, assuming the sound issues are worked out.

How is this going to be timed? Adding up the level times? Are hub areas going to be included? (There's also the issue I mentioned before regarding the warping books, which for some reason aren't used in this run)

Previous verifier was more detailed than I was going to be. There were very few mistakes, which is ridiculous ever since they added more Difficult levels (especially Yotta). The only thing worth adding is that I think not using the warping books is fine. If warping books are being used, there's really no reason for this game to have anything other than an IL table.

As for timing, I recommend real time. That we we include levels, hub world, and it accounts for manually exiting levels after finishing them, which saves time over waiting for the menu that pops up after finishing (in regular gameplay, you still get a Key if you exit this way after getting an SS rank, so it's known that the game considers a level complete and saves the time as soon as you trigger the end). I'll time the run once we agree on the method.

Quote from Same Verifier:
I didn't make this clear in my first comment, but this is an accept from me.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Mark 'Marksel' van den Broek!
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Claimh Happy
Nice job, Marksel!
grats... now I wait for the all SS run... which is probably a long way off despite krankduds progress. Yotta Zetta just made it worse to do.
I'm a chuckster!
Yay Marksel Smiley
Great job Marksel!
Awesome! Can't wait for this to get up on the site Cheesy
Has anyone told you that you are the best recently Marksel, because you are.
Congrats Marksel. I can't imagine how hard this game must be to do all level runs of.