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Spinach: 2012-08-05 04:05:40 am
Spinach: 2012-06-25 02:59:55 am
Greetings, all! I have been a lurker here for a while and really enjoy all the effort that has gone into this site.

Now, after years of taking, I want to give something back.

I am planning a run of Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna on the original (Kingdom Ehb) map. This run was inspired by LightningX's run (which I found on SDA), except for the following points:
-It uses the LoA expansion (and many of the spells that came with it)
-I'm going as a Combat Mage
-I'm going to beat his time

My goal is 2:30 by the in-game timer (about 2:18 in length, as the game timer includes the time of the cut scenes, even if they are skipped). You might ask: how will I do this? Well, I have chosen to go as a Combat Mage so I can make use of a few extremely important spells:
-Haste and Group Haste. These make running through the game even faster.
-Zorkon's Bonecrusher. The most imbalanced spell in the game.
-Summon Clone. The Glitchiest spell in the game. (One specific shortcut this allows will make your jaw drop.)
-Also, I am going to rely on a little bit of luck manipulation to get good drops from certain enemies and really good spawns at shops.

I did a half-hearted attempt a couple days ago and managed a time of 3:02. This does not even approach the standing time of 2:38, but I know many places where I can trim off time. I am half-way through another attempt that might accomplish a time of 2:40. (I will let you know what I get as soon as I finish). When I have my strategy perfected, I will start recording.

I do have 2 questions that you may be able to help me with:

1. This game has an in-game timer that you can display by pressing ";" However, every time I reload, I have to press ";" again. This gets incredibly annoying when I'm repeating a short segment over and over and over. Does anyone know how to keep the game timer on the screen?

2. What game-recording software is best for an old computer?

Thanks everyone!
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Nice to see you attempting to beat the current run Smiley Not sure if it will replace the run or be a new category because of LoA, but good luck either way!

FRAPS is a good recording software, 30 FPS should be enough for this game so it shouldn't be too demanding.
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AdHoc: 2012-06-25 09:41:53 am
I've always only played this game with LoA, so I'll be following this closely. Good luck, keep us posted!
2nd practice run: 2:42

I think I can cut out 12 more minutes, but I'm going to give it another practice run or two before I start recording.
Okay, finished 3rd practice run.

Time: 2:34

That's right, I already BEAT the current time! And there's still more shortcuts I am experimenting with!

This is gunna be good.
Cool dude! Looking forward to it.
Don't be a tease, show off some of your skips! :3
Is it possible to finish it faster using tricks only possible in multiplayer?

A cooperation run would be somewhat exciting and possibly unlock some awesome timesavers...
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Spinach: 2012-06-28 03:09:08 am
Final practice run: 2:28 (beating the current time by 10 minutes)

I'm done with practice runs. This is mostly because I am sick and tired of walking into Glacern over and over and over until I get the perfect spawn of items from the shop there. (And some of the other shops are almost as bad.)

All I need now is the recording software. Are you sure fraps is the best for an old computer? I mean, I can barely run Starcraft 2 on the lowest possible settings.

@ Onin - Here's one example: The Goblin Factory is an infamously difficult leg of the game. In fact, LightningX had to get 5 characters up to level ~20 just to survive it. However, using a single spell (Invisibility), I am able to get 1 character at level 12 through with no difficulty whatsoever. (The boss takes some time to kill, but it's a trade-off). Using spells like this and using a bunch of items that add to Combat Magic allow me to spend an absolutely minimal time leveling.

@Adhoc - I don't know. By definition, a multiplayer run would have to be single segment (right?) and the drops in this game are way too random for me to consider such a thing.

PS. Does anyone know how to keep the game timer on the screen?
If Fraps isn't running smooth enough just reduce your resolution, it makes a huge difference.
A multiplayer run wouldn't have to be a SS I think, you can save. But you're probably right to do it this way, keep us posted Smiley
Slight update: I am going to be extremely busy the next couple days, so recording probably won't start until July 4 or thereabouts.

Any other questions/concerns before then?
Currently recording run!

I just squished the giant spider at the end of Wesrin Cross. At this point, I am 5 minutes ahead of my fastest practice run.

I'm aiming to beat the standing record by 20 minutes.
Nice! Keep it up Smiley
Awesome. Can't wait to see this run. Do you plan on uploading it to another mirror, or just waiting for it to be published on SDA?
It's been going a little slow recently... due mostly to a research internship I am engaged in at the moment.

I finished two of the most difficult segments today. Now I am at the travelers camp in the dark forest. Oh yeah, and I'm 10 minutes ahead of my previous best time.

The next segment (the travelers camp) requires a lot of luck manipulation, so I expect this one will come close to driving me nuts.

Finally, I haven't decided if I want to upload to youtube or not. My computer and internet connection are not very strong, so the uploading would probably take forever. I will consider it.
PS. I now think it will be easy to beat the previous time by 20 minutes. I am aiming for 25 now, with a possibility of approaching 30. That means I could beat the game (excluding cutscenes) in UNDER TWO HOURS.

We'll see if I can do it.
Update: Just beat the goblin boss. Now 12 minutes ahead of my best previous time.

In killing the goblin boss, I just got one of the best runs of luck imaginable. He dropped a GODLY item that I had not planned on finding anywhere. The problem is that I now have 100K gold less than I had planned on. So I'm going to need to find a good stack of gold somewhere between the goblin boss and Gresh.

Let's see if I can figure this out.
Good luck man, keep us posted Wink
Okay, beat Gresh today. He was actually laughably easy. I am currently 11 minutes ahead of my previous time (Yes, I lost 1 minute by glitching the game. Don't worry, I will make it back.)

And yes, it has been going very slowly, but after this point most of the game is a sprint until I reach Gom. That should make everything a bit easier.

My goal is still sub-2 hours.
Another update:

I just finished the ABSOLUTE WORST segment EVER. It was Fortress Kroth and I was looking for a specific set of spells to buy.  I didn't think I was asking too much...

It took 293 resets to get the right spawn of items.

Now I need a nap.
-- snip here --
Sounds fun. Smiley
Your sarcasm is noted.

Beat the game today. Prepare for the most pathetic Gom battle you've ever seen.

Final Time:

2:10 by the in-game timer. Subtract cut scenes and it becomes 1:58 actual play time. That's right. I broke 2 hours! In all, I beat the standing time by 28 minutes.

Next step is to consolidate the 47 segments to a single video. Should I do that on my own, or will SDA do that for me? (I also have a small collection of bloopers I would like to include on the end of the video...)

Oh, and I need to write out my comments. I think it'll end up being a novela.

So tell me where to go from here. In the meantime, I'm going to bed.

There's a bunch of hints and guides for encoding your run on the SDA Wiki.