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Dungeon Keeper 2 (Any %) (Segmented)

Verifier Responses

Ok I finished watching.

Quite good even on LQ I had no problems with the videos

General Notes:
- Overall the run is pretty solid with a few minor mistakes
- The timing may be off by a bit because the game crashed on one level
- No cheating detected
- Wraping up all mistakes / AI problems there can still be some improvements to this run
- On another note the possesion fights were executed very well the runner didn't lose much time there

Final Verdict:
Accept. The run is solid but still leaves some room for improvements. AI RNG is horrible in DK 2 sometimes. Stupid Imps.

StatID use is inconsistent across segments. Most use the old style, but 10, 13, 14 and 20 use the new style. I watched the IQ version, perhaps it's different for the others.

One consistent area for improvement is that the runner neglects to slap his imps to get them to work faster on several levels. The time savings is fairly minor though.

Level 1: This level is on a fixed 2 minute timer as far as I know, so there's no real way to speed it up. The runner triggers the Lord of the Land quickly and drops the Goblins on him as soon as they arrive. No improvements.

Level 2: Uses an imp to trigger Lord Darius' Dwarf guards, then uses an imp to prevent all of them from attacking at once by distracting them. I suspect the second set of Dwarves could have been triggered sooner, while the first Dwarves were still being fought, but I'm not sure if the runner had enough creatures to deal with them at that point.

Level 3: Could have sped up defeating the Lord by a couple seconds or so by dropping the two Trolls on him. No other suggestions.

Level 4: The Goblin joins the fight a little late when killing the Lord, but not really much time lost.

Level 5: Excellent strategy. I can't think of a better way of doing this.

Level 6A: About as fast as it can be.

Level 7: Misses one hit on the Lord, could probably have lost the Giants sooner. Pretty solid run otherwise.

Level 8: Maaaybe possible to smack the Lord a couple times with the Dark Mistress while luring him to Horny but DK2's possession targeting is finnicky as hell.

Level 9: This level is on a fixed 20 minute timer, so 7 seconds to kill the Lord when he spawns is pretty good.

Level 10: There seems to be a significant audio desync (~0.6 seconds) in this segment. I have only checked the IQ version though. Really nice strategy for the level. Not sure if it could be sped up by placing the final bridge by Asmodeus' walls sooner, though.

Level 11C: The runner's creatures seemed very spazzy about actually attacking the blue (Belial? I forget.) Dungeon Heart. Not sure if this could have been avoided at all, it seemed a little weird to me. Runner also has a couple creatures get incapacitated while fighting Raksha's creatures, which is understandable as level 4 Dark Mistresses hurt. Kronos dies pretty quickly too.

Level 12: There seems to be a significant audio desync (~0.6 seconds) in this segment also. As before, I have only checked IQ. Probably would've been faster to possess the Vampire from the beginning, as they hit much much harder than Skeletons even at level 2 compared to level 4. Not sure if the runner was just trying to distract the enemy keeper's minions with a beefier target though.

Level 13: Little bit of mismicro with the imps cost the runner a few seconds. Route looked pretty solid.

Level 14: Definitely possible to possess an imp and destroy the hardened walls while waiting for the imp to claim the tunnel past the first set of Hero gates. The runner wasn't really doing anything at that point.

Level 15: The only improvement I can see is possessing the level 7 Black Knight instead of a level 2 one. Would only save a hit or so on the Wooden Door.

Level 16: How did you get that Guard to ignore your Imp? Very odd. Misses one hit on the Lord, meh. I don't suppose there's any way to actually get the other creatures involved in the fight? Probably not. Oh well.

Level 17: It seems the level could be done faster if it was possible to capture the Temple in the middle sooner. Maybe a point of improvement for the future?

Level 18: No real improvements spotted, though in past segments it's been clear that the runner can kill a Dungeon Heart with a single possessed creature faster than a group of non-possessed creatures, perhaps it'd be better to not fight with the random Blue Keeper creatures and just tunnelvision the Heart?

Level 19: Aha! The first amusing Narrator message! It's a shame more of those aren't featured in the run, they're hilarious. I had forgotten this one existed. I wonder if the time it takes to convert a Prince is random? That would suck. Segment is pretty good btw.

Level 20: Very clean segment. Maybe possible to get a slightly cleaner kill on the King, but that wouldn't make Horny get to the Stone Knights any faster.

Verdict: Definite Accept. This is a very smooth run with only extremely minor timesavers possible for the current route.

Alright, sorry for taking so long to do this.

Run looks very good, I can't say anything about it that hasn't already been said (e.g. slapping imps).

Don't want to hold this up.

Haven't watched all of it yet but what I did watch is a definite accept.
I'll watch the rest later.

[omitted]'s post pretty much sums it all up.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Anthony Malmgren!
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Waiting hurts my soul...
I've never played the second one, but it's in my backlog! I really enjoyed watching the first game.