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DONE! I've now watched every single last one. I'm writing a short verifier comment here and then we'll just wait for Warepire and for the better encodes. Here's my table again:  It shows the bad encodes (6 of them), the ones with the wrong aspect ratio and some of the ones with flickering but for the last one you should use Warepire's list instead.


These individual mission runs of Dune 2000 represent a very high tier of runner skill and expertise. They also represent what must be the most massive RTS undertaking so far (is there anything that comes even close?) and though they were not made with SDA in mind originally, I'm very happy that they ended up getting submitted to us anyway. There's hardly a question I didn't pose the runner during the verification and I've come to understand this guy really has his bases under attack covered when looking for major mistakes. There probably are ways of improving them (most certainly, there's no such thing as perfect with a game of this nature) including using turrets in certain hard-difficulty missions to make the early trades more economic but it's more than enough for a Shining Glorious

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Due to having more limited time now than when I originally signed up for this, I would REALLY like a staff verdict on the black frames issue before I sit down to watch all of this. Sorry if I am being a royal pain with this.
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Sorry, thought I said that the black frames are probably due to an older version of Yua. We'll try to get them fixed up in post, if that's the only problem then we can give it a tentative accept for now.
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Alright, will start watching the improved videos tomorrow.
Edit history:
Shaokhan: 2014-08-17 04:16:04 pm
UraniumAnchor: By black frames you mean flickering? The flickering is definitely on my side, as I see this inside the game without any recording at all.

LotBlind: Man, thanks a lot for your dedication Smiley
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Oh, hell, if it's the game then of course it's ok. Tongue Not much you can do about that with a game this old.
Shaokhan: Can't wait for the other A/V things to get sorted out so we can finally be done with this Tongue
Edit history:
Shaokhan: 2014-08-21 12:27:13 pm
Quote from UraniumAnchor:
Oh, hell, if it's the game then of course it's ok. Tongue Not much you can do about that with a game this old.

Only possibility would be to revive one of my old PC's, but then I'm not sure if I could get same or better play times and if not more issues would arise. Not to mention the time I would have to put into that. Maybe if I make time improvements then I can bear this in mind to do it on the old PC?

LotBlind: I'm not really sure if anything needs to be done right now except Warepire needs to give the verdict?
I hope UA at least realizes that I've told him several times there were entire completely corrupt encodes that were not just flickering. So yeah there's something more to be done for sure. And I maintain some of them have the wrong aspect ratio as a problem of secondary importance.
To be fair, when I watch the videos in the browser, the aspect ratios don't feel like any issue at all. But what I noticed, for example this video "Dune 2000 Atreides Mission 9 - Version 1 (Hard)" is very dark for me and not mentioned in the excel, anyone else experienced this?

UA: Could you also rename in /dune2000/hard/ the files with "(faster)" to their appropriate names (so they look like the rest), i.e. remove the brackets and the word "speedrun".

Apart from that, only A2-1,A3-1,A6-1,O3-1,H2-2,H3-2 Easy difficulty is left to re-encode if I'm correct?
Edit history:
LotBlind: 2014-08-22 11:47:20 am
You listed six of them so yeah that's probably the re-encodable ones. Didn't notice darkness issues.

Does the aspect ratio look like this for you?

I just noticed that one of the videos I had already watched has some problems (???), the one you mentioned, the Atreides 9-1 hard doesn't have sound and has some mostly grey frames at the beginning? Looks like only the 9-1 hard uploaded into the "new" folder has that issue, as do some of the others in there. That's why I wouldn't have watched it again. Atreides 8 hard has the same thing but again the old encode was good (I just checked)... So there definitely is a set of runs available that doesn't have A/V issues OTHER than what have been brought up now if you start from the "old" ones and fill in from the "hard" and "easy" ones.
LotBlind: Yeah that's what it looks like. There will always be black parts, either on top and bottom or left and right.
But that's hardly relevant. This way it has both the black AND a weird aspect ratio. To me it looks much worse like that than the others with black all around. I basically had a hard time adjusting my eyes to it when seeing the first such video.
Well, I couldn't see any difference, depends on the person I guess Cheesy
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Been too busy lately to even log in, but I have been watching videos whenever there has been free time, and here is what I got so far:

Here's the verification of the new files, there's not a lot to say, it would pretty much be a reiteration for every level.

A/V: Great, assuming the problems are fixed.
Cheating: none detected.

Improved missions, hard difficulty:
Atreides: Accept, much cleaner.
Harkonnen: I time the mission to be slower by about 15s than the previously submitted file. Is this accurate? If so, reject to use old attempt.
Ordos: Accept, much cleaner.

(Note: Some missions are stubs of / the same as the previous submitted file, those are probably just to make the list look complete.)
Newly submitted levels, hard difficulty:
Atreids: Accept.
Harkonnen: Accept.
Ordos: Accept.

Easy IL table:

Missions 1-4 accept
Mission 5 is slower on easy than hard by over 10s, why?
Missions 6-7 accept (mission 7 watched)

I also want to point out that some missions have different corruption than black frames due to the source being wmv, I am open to help rendering working source files for these if necessary.
Edit history:
Shaokhan: 2014-08-29 05:09:03 pm
Warepire: Nice you are seeing the big picture.

Improved missions, hard difficulty Harkonnen: Looks like you are right lol, I don't know how that happened.

Atreides Mission 5: Well, perhaps because the higher difficulty doesn't necessarily mean the passage will be easier. It's about triggering the right AI instructions that make the engineer pass that appear to be quite random. The basic idea is that you should send the engineers right away, as most people will probably start this mission by building units.
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Atreides 5: I figured the RNG wouldn't matter as much on easy, but perhaps in this case it does, so a weak accept on that one.
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Alright, sorry that I stopped paying attention to this thread again. Are there any files I still need to fix (for verification purposes) before I can pass this through? Or is it all stuff that can be fixed later?
I've watched every mission (even the corrupt encodes) and given my accepts to all of them cause I can still kinda tell what's happening...
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I should have time to finish soon, but from the looks of it so far, I accept everything.
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Finished the Atreids easy difficulty missions: Accept all.
Decision posted.
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I still had Ordos and Harkonnen easy tables to verify, but ok.
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Oh, I misread your post, sorry. Let me know if you run into any issues with the remaining videos, then.
ok, thanks guys, anything else I need to do?