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Duke Nukem 3D (Any %) (Individual Level)

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Quote from LLCoolDave:
Run is about a 1.7 second improvement on the currently published IL. The new route foregoes the jetpack but instead gets steroids to climb the level on the more intended path. The start could be a bit quicker (the atomic health is unnecessary and ignoring it allows one to sink into the water a bit quicker for the wall clip) but is otherwise very smooth. No reason not to accept this as an improvement.

A/V: okay. Cheating: looks legit.

I can't see any mistakes. It's faster than the old time.


Looks clean, the atomic health was already mentioned above. One small improvement might be possible by shooting the button that opens the window with a pistol instead of going to the button because it's facing you all the time while you travel for the roids and back. It's still going to be a lucky shot and barely saves any time at that point.

Audio and video is high quality and there is no cheating.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Alex 'pogokeen' Dawson!
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Awesome, thanks everyone! Smiley

I just ducked into the game to test out all the comments -- awesome to get good constructive feedback Smiley (it's rare for me to get the opportunity to talk Duke).

My main reason for going towards the atomic health is to cut the corner on the building, but I agree, the dive could be a touch smoother.

I like the idea of shooting the button while moving to the steroids, but the sign that raises to reveal the red key card is triggered as well by the button.  Because the sign takes so long to lift up, it adds a bit of leniency/waiting to that point in the run, so you'll probably want to trigger it raising as early as possible.

Thanks again! Smiley
Ah... I see what you're saying about the button pogo. So in reality only a very lucky flick shot would help there, not just taking aim while backing off towards the steroids.

Please do more levels! We realize Fernito is a beast so you'll almost just need to find more glitches and things, though, for improvements.
A flick shot isn't going to help either because it takes time to switch away from the RPG.

One thing we might want to consider for this game is to start moving towards the Megaton Edition on steam as it's slightly more pleasant to use and has a glitch that doesn't work on any other release. I'd reckon we'd have to replace the entire table (or make a new one) on that version for an SDA submission though, which might take a while.

As for levels you could improve next: e1l5 (very much not recommended to try without megaton unless you are really good at the blue key skip), e2l2, e2l9 (skip the boss fight), e3l2, e4l2, e4l3
And on megaton: e1l2, e3l1, e4l4, e1l5

There's currently no functional demo recording on megaton but it's something they said they were working on, so we'll see if/when that's included.
Please do more levels!

That's a really nice request, I'm happy to hear it Smiley  I'm definitely going to do more levels! Smiley

I've already recorded e2l9 w/ the skip, but I'm sitting on it for a while... (it's on my youtube though)  I've been working on e3l1 for a while, so I may submit them together.

[Megaton Edition] ... has a glitch that doesn't work on any other release

Do you mean the Death Row level skip?  I recently found that it can be done in 1.3D and 1.5 Atomic ( , but I definitely agree, I would love to see some Megaton runs on the SDA page.

I had been doing a bunch of practice and work on e1l5 in Atomic...  I'm not certain if there is a way in Atomic to perform the blue key skip from up top on the ledge, it's not too bad from below (but it's slower than Megaton for sure).  Your run of E1L5 is really nice, I was studying it as I was practicing some new routing...  Have you seen Silos' run in Megaton?  He also did a really good run recently:

Your e3l2 is really nice, are you thinking of submitting any of your ILs?  I tend to give some space when I see others rock'n new IL routes.  I also like the e4l2 pipebomb spot you found -- I had almost given up hope searching for a place to get a pipe through there.
No, I was talking about the overhanging wall clip that seems to be exclusive to megaton. It's now being used on e1l2, e1l4 (in an RTA with jetpack), e1l5, e3l1 and e4l4.

As I said before, the main issue with submitting any of my ILs is that they are on a different release, so we'd probably have to fill the entire table on Megaton as we want to avoid mixed version tables. And I honestly don't feel like improving/matching all of the current times all by myself. If you're up to it we could try reeling in silos and sputnik and get working on it.
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pogokeen: 2013-12-17 06:44:17 am
pogokeen: 2013-12-17 03:28:26 am
Ah, right!  I think I know the one you mean -- I remember it from e1l5 RTA w/ the deathmatch teleporter.  (EDIT: ah, and the initial clip from up top must also be one of this type of clip)

I'd be up for working on Megaton Edition ILs -- I'll have to pick up the Megaton Edition though, admittedly I haven't played that version myself yet.  Would SDA create a new and separate table for Megaton in this case?  Or would we be looking at obsoleting the entire current table?  (EDIT #2:  Oops, I must be tired...  I re-read your earlier post and realized you mentioned this already.  Sorry about that!  I'll be interested to hear which approach to the tables would be better accepted...  it would be nice to have both)
Waiting hurts my soul...
Please consider knocking out the expansion packs, which are in the request list.
Cool, I can definitely take a look at some of the expansions.  I'll start studying the expansions and the state of running them.  I know Fernito did some cool runs of a bunch of levels from both Sunstorm episode add-ons...  I haven't played the third-party expansion packs, Duke It Out in DC looks like it could be a fun one to learn Smiley

Thanks for the heads up about the request! Smiley