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Duck Tales (Any %) (Single Segment) (Difficult)

Verifier Responses

No cheating found, all the tricks can be duplicated.
Time: 7:26
About 3 seconds are lost fighting the Rat boss, but part from that this run is pretty insane.
A lot of TAS tricks are used which are damn hard to do.

A/V isn't great though, there's some odd flickering here and there and the audio is very low, I literally had to put my volume on max and it was still lower than I wanted.

Decision: I'm not too fond of the A/V quality, but the run more than makes up for it.... ACCEPT!

No cheating found here as well, and I can agree to the 7:26.

High quality run, the runner gets caught by a couple of blocks that aren't too big of a deal in terms of time lost. Very impressive boss fights, especially on the final one (Duckula? I never watched the show ;-;) with the double hits. As the previous verifier stated, the rat cost a couple of seconds but that boss is completely spastic so it's pretty understandable.

I didn't personally notice flickering, but I might have just been used to it. The audio is a bit low.

Accept. Maybe re-encode the video, but it's still good enough quality as is.

A/V: was good not sign of cheating

Normaly people would start in the jungle i guess because its the fastest to choose, but you started in the moon so was quite a refreshing change, the stage was really good, almost perfect but you got that 1 hit against rat boss.

The amazon & Transylvania stages were perfect, cant really ask for a better run than that.

In the Himalayas stage was good but that goat hit had to hurt, i guess because of that this stage could have been a sec. faster, but overall didnt matter much at this point, the boss fight was really great, you land really fast hits on him.

Final battle against dracula you took a couple of hits, but at the end it was a great run, and i have nothing more to say than ACCEPTED!!

DuckTales NTSC run.

Alright, quality A/V is good for what a NES can produce. I didn't notice any flickering or anything else wrong with the quality. Audio is indeed low.
I couldn't detect any form of cheating.
I had a final time of 7:27, but that'll probably be 7:26 if you round it down. (somehow my framerate counter didn't work).

Starts at moon level, probably because of glitch+boss.

Moon level itselfs goes as good as it can get.
Even gets the good boss start at the beginning, but unfortuanetly makes mistake at the end costing some seconds.

starts of pretty ok, some minor hickups here and there (probably less then a second delay). Uses a good technique to get to the other side with the chopper. Also very nice jump to the top vines at then end.
Boss fight is good, could be a bit faster.

Level goes really well, near perfect. Boss fight is also good. Almost perfect.

Gets hit by goats costing some time. (It is possible to manipulate the goats so that you do not have to get hit, it's not easy, but it's possible.)
Boss fight again very good. Nice manouvering through the falling snowballs.

African Mines:
Makes mistake with getting the key costing some time. The level itself went pretty good. Near perfect.
Boss fight was also very good.

Last level:
Makes small jumping mistake in beginning. The rest goes well.
Boss fight is good, gets hit at final attack which costs some time, but does get in good position for the climb.

soo all in all everything went really nice. There's still a couple of seconds left that can be saved, but it's getting very close to what is humanly possible. Very nice run indeed!

I concur with the timing, no signs of cheating whatsoever. Some flickering at the title screen but besides that I noticed none. Onto the actual run:

Gets the skip perfectly as expected, boss starts off with a quick hit but unfortunately gets a hiccup on the last one making it a good but not great fight.

Quick copter and instant boss warp chest boost, very nice.

Transylvania 1:
Very solid.

Very solid aswell, nice damage boost through the hare and goat at the start.

Continuing the trend of solid stages making it look almost effortless.

Transylvania 2:
Revisit goes smoothly. Magical cane > vampires.

Excellent character control all around, traversing obstacles is no match for an old duck and his magical walking cane that's never mentioned anywhere in the comics. Parallell universe mayhaps?

definite ACCEPT

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Daniel 'Dxtr' Eriksson!
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dxtr: 2012-10-07 02:04:12 pm
Cool Smiley

Regarding the goat. It was intentional. So the third goat wouldnt spawn so i can jump down the hole nice and easy. BUT he can be manipulated so he doesnt spawn, how that works though. I dont know.
Congratulations! \o/
Congrats! I defended your damageboosts in the verification thread, don't worry Wink
Awww yeah! Congrats! Smiley
The Speedrunning Teacher
I reject all the verifications on the basis that not a one said "Ducktales. WOO-HOO!"

The run will still be worth seeing, I guess. It IS Ducktales. WOO-HOO!
Quote from Zyre:
The run will still be worth seeing, I guess.

You'll be amazed.
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
"Congrats WOO-HOO!!"
spread the dirt to the populace
dxtr's stream has become a new favorite of mine since ESA, and I didn't even know he did this!

Congratulations, you deserve it!
Quote from Josh the Funkdoc:
dxtr's stream has become a new favorite of mine since ESA, and I didn't even know he did this!

Congratulations, you deserve it!

Thanks Josh! One of the reasons I started speedrunning was.. yes you. I remember about 2 years ago, halloween. At least i think it was at that time, im unsure about the date. Me and my friend were going to have a Castlevania/Dracula-theme and play through many of the Castlevania games and some obscure Dracula games. We looked up some gameplay and were astouned.

So thank YOU!