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My best NTSC time on DT1 difficult is 7:44 (on emulator) with a very optimal run, so I'm kind of curious where you're cutting off more time. Is there any place where I can see one of your runs? I can discuss some of my strats with you if I can see where we differ in our route.

DT 2 should be easy to sub 10. I got a 10:50 with next to no practice. I'm not very knowledgeable about that game though.

On a 3rd note... Still waiting on DT (GB) - JAP to arrive =(
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dxtr: 2012-09-03 01:54:06 pm

There is my previous run with kinda good 5 stages, but bad duckula! Basically i want this run with a good Duckula fight where i 2*doublehit him. That would cut about 8-10 seconds.
- I have a much easier and faster Moon boss strat. I also handle the skip differently where I take an extra damage boost, though the flying enemy has to jump more. might or might not be slower idk.

-I damage boost on the first goat in the Himalayas, probably saves a second or two, though I have to take the cake before the boss room where i loose 2 seconds so I can get an extra hit in on the boss!, which saves more seconds. (basicly you damage yourself when he's on the left so you can land an extra jump on him at the left (I did get stuck under the stage once doing this XD)

And I see you win all your seconds on using that bee to jump over the gap in Amazon.. never thought of doing that! I guess that saves a good few seconds yea, as waiting for the chopper takes forever! and the TAS strat is literally impossible.
Also: I start my timing when I hit the start button on difficult, so to sda standards my 7:44 would be a 7:42 without the amazon chopper skip.
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dxtr: 2012-09-03 02:23:00 pm
dxtr: 2012-09-03 02:21:20 pm
May i ask if you have a video fo yours? Smiley

Ive tried mixing around with the moon glitch and thats what i come up with. There is one strat where i can save maybe 0.5 seconds. But its much harder to pull off.

And the Himalaya goat i do differently now. But the boss yea, i need to work on that extra hit
All I have recorded is an old and crappy twitch recording of a 7:58, but it does have my Moon boss strat with bad luck on the rat. It's a terrible run though, be warned :p
cant see if you save time or not with that Moon strat. I go down the glitch with 578 on the clock if i do it good!

But the most pain in the ass level is Transylvania. Ive started my runs doing that level first. I hate her.
If you need an explanation with the Rat: pogo when you enter, if your lucky you get an instant hit.
Then just stand in the middle if you do not move horizontally you can jump through the rat witout taking damage. A good luck fight hits the rat 5 times within the first few frames. My moon skip setup is definitely slower that what you use.

Yeah.. Transyl boss is a pain. you can hit her midway without any problems though. It's even possible to hit het up high, though that wouldn't be a legit speedrun strat, too hard. Just gotta hope for that perfect pattern..

I stopped running this because no one wanted to race me anymore on SRL and I don't have an NTSC NES.. If I had I'd love to puch down that time with you toghether, but it's kinda not worth it for me because it's not submittable..
I absolutely love this game though.
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dxtr: 2012-09-03 02:53:38 pm
Yea i do the also now. Pogo when i enter and hope for that extra hit.

I just got a new idea that i need to tryout on the moon now. Smiley

Edit: I just tried the Himalayas. and you actually can do the extra hit on the left without taking damage. So combining your dmg boost on the goat and that. You svae about 2 seconds
Bangerra, I so want you to get a NTSC NES! Cheesy
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bangerra: 2012-09-03 03:10:40 pm
Well I modded my PAL to play ntsc.. But that's not quite what I want lol.

Edit: Yea I remember you can take on the Himalaya boss with 1 hp, but you gotta be lucky with the snowballs (yay more luck based bosses!)
Big thanks to bangerra. Just wanted to say that right now.
Its a good day for Duck Tales today!
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bangerra: 2012-09-08 04:14:22 pm
I agree!

EDIT: DT2 anyone ??
Oh man I can't believe I only see this now. I'm not really active any more here. Tongue
Anyway, I speed ran both of these games on PAL and think I know a lot of them...
But I guess I'm too late for DT1 tactics :P.
Anyway, don't have any time to really try to speedrun them myself. I always wanted to do an NTSC run of DT1, but I tried buying ntsc NES once.... it arived broken... lots of money lost so I gave up... I actually do have the game :P.

Enough of that, I only did 100% DT2 run, but the current run isn't that difficult to improve...

Enough blabering. I'll try to check this thread every now and then if I can help.

[edit] in DuckTales 1 if you have more then 3million dollar and press select you get all your health back (and lose 3 million dollar, but that wouldnt matter for a speedrun). But I never used it, because I didn't need it in my PAL runs.
Woah?! I sure didnt know about the healthtrick. Could be useful on the Himalaya stage or Duckula!
O.o yea.. never knew that either. I do know that you get a "good" ending if you get over 10 million at the end, and you can do a bonus stage if you talk to Launchpad with X70000 money in that stage.
Good work guys! Really awesome on those 2 Duck Tales records! And now... Duck Tales 2!?^^
Mu-island. Why are you so random? Sad
I should take a look at DT2 for GB, don't you agree?
Absolutely! Cheesy
Mu Island boss... I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!! (His trolling is even worse on the GB version as it's nearly impossible to dodge the falling bricks, it is however slightly easier to get double hits in)
Me and Bangerra are working on Duck Tales 2 (Good Ending).

Would Good Ending be a separate category from 100% since you only need the extra treasure from the map pieces-stage for the good ending?
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How much time difference is it? (Between 100% and good ending)