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Zealie: 2008-12-16 02:38:52 am
I found this double post worthy ;).

I've managed to finish the game in about 8:48 now. (guessing a bit here :P)
That's more then enough. Wasn't quite satisfied with how I did on the glitch (in the other run I was about 2 seconds faster with it), but considering I did the other levels very well I'll guess I'll leave it at this and want to submit this run to SDA.

So now my problem is that I'm not sure what I should do next. I've read about self encoding, but not sure what it is or what it does.
Also when I watch this video on my TV it has great quality, but when I watch it on PC it sux a bit :). I'm guessing it has something to do with interlace and stuff? Tongue (don't know much about it.)

Sorry for all the questions. The vob file is 839mb large and lasts about 17 minutes and 30 seconds (about 7 minutes of failures on it). Don't know if you can do anything with the info, but just thought I'd share it.
Well... Not sure what to do next... Hope you can help Cheesy

[edit] I tried self encoding but I don't have enough space on my HD, I do have an external HD, but I can't seem to get anri-chan to extract there. So I'm guessing I need to send the whole file then?
Sorry, have not posted here earlier. Great time! Obsoletes my 3 records easilly Smiley

You should PM Mikwuyma Tongue The best would be if you encode it yourself. But Otherwise you upload that VOB file somewhere or they answer you where they want you to upload the run. Prepeat writing comments and stuff.
doesn't make the slightest bit of difference to me whether you send the original or not. i'd be glad to encode it.
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Zealie: 2008-12-25 04:11:11 am
Well after my first Duck Tales run I've been thinking and I'm going to try and do a run of DuckTales 2.

I'm going to do it on hard. I will try to beat the easy time, but I'm not sure if that'll happen ;p.
I've seen the run and looks like I can only win great time on killing that first boss faster, but that's pure luck based, so I'm not sure if I want spend much time in that ;p.

So far now I'll just try and do a DuckTales 2 Speedrun on Hard.

P.S. I have already done some research and it seems that buying a hearth (or health point or w/e) can be benificial for the overal time. (you can kill the endboss faster then). So chances are I'm going with that strategy.

[edit] I just watched your easy run and I think I'm a bit too optimistic if I say I can beat that time in hard :P, but let's just see what comes of it :).
Buying more health can be a good idea. I can not remember how much time it takes but it should be done in a few seconds? If you buy it early it would help you on the other bosses too.

Beating my time on hard mode is definitely possible. You need a lots of luck on the first boss. IIRC. It is possible to beat him about 20 seconds faster. But I doubt that would happend.
And you can kill some of the other bosses too. To bad most of them are also random ;P Specially that flying flame duck. I was to nervous to pull of a good one there.
I have done better runs many times trough that run. runs I would like to call almost perfect with a few small exceptions. but the current run had by far the best Mu island boss fight. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to kill him and you can not do anything other then dodge him..
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Zealie: 2009-01-04 03:14:26 pm
Well, I've managed to complete that Mu Island level 4 seconds faster (was able to hit the boss twice with 1 block.)
However I screwed up a couple of other times ending up being about 12 seconds slower then your time. Also was so ecstatic at the end I forgot to skip the last text (immediately) Tongue

Now I've analysed my run and compared it with yours, but saw some things I cannot fully explain at the moment.

I've compared all the levels and in most of them I'm for some reason slower while I cannot fully explain why. (or at least am not sure why)

Because of this I've decided to stop trying to speed run this game until I know why I'm slower/what I'm missing.

It also seems that it is faster to jump into holes instead of just walking into them.
Maybe it's just this (the jumping into the holes) that makes you go way faster I'm not sure, I'm looking into it. I also noticed (especially in the level Niagara) you're video is 'skipping'. Not sure how to call it, but you can see it. I'm not sure yet if this makes you go faster and if this is because of you're jumping or if it's an error with encoding or something and doesn't really contribute to faster completion of the level. (It doesn't skip in my vob file anyways).

In this level (Niagra) you can also see that jumping down holes is probably faster then just walking into them, because in the beginning I get a better start, but when I walk in the first hole (earlier then you) we still end up exactly the same at the end. So either your NES is faster or it really does work xD.
I just noticed I also lose over a second on the falling bridge because I lag more. Maybe need to kill the bird sooner Smiley

I'll keep you posted if this is what makes you go faster. I'll just try and run the niagra level as fast as possible, with jumpin into the holes etc. and see if I then can manage to compete with your time. If for some reason I keep being slower without me knowing how to improve it I think I'll drop the speed run.
(Was also thinking about doing a 100% run for this game (it also has a 'secret' level), there's a lot more too it then with the first ducktales. I'll leave that in the queue until I can figure out why my times are slower. Also there has to be discussed what will be seen as 100%, but I'll get to that if I'm going to attempt to run it.)

after several tries I still can't really figure out if it really does make a difference :p, but atleast I have been able to stay ahead of your run on sda so I'll guess I'll just go for save and try to 'jump' into it Tongue
I've also 1 time got past webby without talking to her, but am not really able to reproduce this, so maybe if I'm extremely lucky I can manage to do this again during the real run (probably not ;p).
I'm just gonna try and do a couple of runs again, see how it goes.
12 second slower. Is that on the difficult setting? If so it is a good job dude.

I am pretty sure that jumping down hole saves time. IIRC. You save pretty much time in duck tales even if you have hard to see it. But I have to recheck that.
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Zealie: 2009-01-05 08:13:27 am
I think jumping down those holes was the main thing.

I think the mu boss really likes me, I get lucky with him quite a lot tbh. (well not a lot, but respectively I guess :P)

Anyway, I've just completed a game on hard difficulty in about 11:43.
Funny part is that now I'm actually about 1,5 seconds slower on the Mu Island and made some stupid menu mistakes. (I went from mu island to niagara and so on, so the last level would be the castle on that run.)
Also made a small mistakes when buying my extra hit point that costed me maybe 1 sec max.
Well I am quite happy with the end result if you look at the time. So I'll stop trying to beat it (for now).

I will (probably) submit it after my other ducktales 1 run has been verified. (there seems to be some problems with the torrent, but I hope it's solved now :)).

Anyway, that leaves me with 1 thing.

I also want to run this game with a 100% mode (on hard).
In DuckTales 1 there is little to no difference with any% and 100% and you need a certain amount of gold wich translates to boring 'farming' that isn't really fun to watch (imho).
In DuckTales 2 you need to collect all 7 map pieces. (you start of with 1, can buy 1 and the rest is hidden in the 5 levels)
After you've collected these 7 pieces you will enter a secret level (Underground) and when you got through that you'll get to another boss. Kill him and you'll get the secret treasure. If you obtained the secret treasure you'll get the 'good ending'. (The amount of money you have does not matter, as far as I know).

Now for what will be considered as 100%, because you also got power ups you can collect (3 of em) and there are 2 hidden treasures.
These hidden treasures do absolutely nothing apart from giving you $1.000.000 gold per treasure.
So one would say you could just ignore them.
However in order to get all the treasure maps you need at least 2 power ups. The third one also seems to be smart to get, because you can save some time on 1 level using a short cut (but is not necessary) . And 1 of the hidden treasures you also have to take in order to get to a treasure map.
So I say (guessing it would be more enjoyable watching) that a 100% run includes getting all the hidden treasures (that's 2 of which 1 you need anyway) and getting all three power ups (of which you only need 2 for the secret treasure). And off course getting the secret treasure in the underground level.

So in short if you want to complete the game the fastest with the 'good' ending. You'll need 2 out of 3 power ups and 1 hidden treasure.
The last power up seems to be smart to get because it allows you to cut time off 1 level and the final hidden treasure you do not need to get and could just ignore. However I believe that getting both hidden treasures (and all power ups) would be more suitable for a 100% run and more enjoyable to watch.

But because I don't have the authority here I was wandering what would be considered as 100%.
Hoping I could get an answer soon.

P.S. I'm guessing that getting the 100% would take 8 to 9 minutes longer then the normal run. This is purely a guess and I could easily be off by 2 minutes.
great time. I am looking forward to watch those DT runs!

about what would be considered 100%, I can not tell actually. Someone else has to answer that. I think I can see two cathegories there. one best ending run. And one best ending 100 % runs.
new equipment use to be necassary for a 100% run because it does make sense. I do not know about the money though. but you think collect everything would be more entertaining? I pretty much agree with that.
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
I want to see a best ending run for DT2. Mainly because I was never able to get all the map pieces Sad
My feelings on The Demon Rush
An 100% run should be the two hidden treasures, all three powerups, and get the good ending (map pieces and secret stages), since that's everything.
Well, I've managed to get a 100% run in 19 minutes something (forgot what it was exactly) on difficult.

I guess I'll withhold the any% run on difficult, because that doesn't really add too much anyway.
Well I think the run went ok, specially if you think about the fact you can't do mu island as first level to optimize the usage of your power ups. (you need 2 power ups to get the treasure map in the mu island level).

I've also used some other strategies at some points.
All in all I'm satisfied with the run.
I'll probably try to submit the run tomorrow or somewhere at the end of the weekend.
Looking forward to watch this one Smiley And your hard run too. It sounds great from my side anyways.
Well I've submitted my 100% run.
Maybe I'll (someday) submit the any% other run, but I think I'll pass on that. Smiley
I watched your Duck tales 1 hard mode run. This was really nice job. You make very good job against bosses, Dracula duck looks just crazy. And other fight looks as well very lucky.

Nice glitch into Moon. Surprise SDA accept use that, but yeah this looks really cool and hard. Nice job.
This run is perfect so far, i really come surprise if someone can drop that time in future. This run was simply awesome. I will wait your other Duck tales runs too. Wink
i don't like using glitches like in this speedrun on level 1... this is a mistake of a game and it shouldn't be used for a speedrun. I think SDA should be more strict with those glitches.

but all in all a great run!
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Zealie: 2009-02-12 10:50:24 am
Well at first I was even practicing without glitches, but then found out they were alowed so I figured I tried it with.
I must say my DT2 run will be less perfect then this run =x (I personally think the DT1 run is very good and yes, very hard to improve ;p). Biggest problem with DT2 is that damn Mu Island boss and since you can't pick that as first stage (if you go for 100%) you'll be happy if you get a good run against him. Damn his randomness! Tongue
Well, we'll see how it goes Wink
Maybe I'll even try to improve that time in the future, but as of now I'm staying away from DT (for a while) ;p.

[edit] stupid typos =x
Yes, this run was very good and would be a great challenge to beat. I do not know how hard the glitch is but if it as hard as the rest of the tricks then I do not know if I want to try.

That is what I call news. The legendary status sure was a bit overestimated Tongue specially when it sounds like those duck tales runs where legendary. I would like to say that the old duck tales runs of mine where one of the very worst runs I knew of Sad

I agree, the mu island boss really is a pain in the ass. I guess in average you need to do more then 100 attempts before even have the chance to pull of the boss fight I did in my speedrun, though, It was some time ago so I can be wrong. Then we have not even start to discuss the double pogo hit Cheesy I would like to say I am not totally lost when I say that the hands in SMB3 is nothing compared to the Mu island boss.

DAVIS: If I am not totally lost here, this is a separate category. SDA have this for "OOB glitches".
If glitches should be allowed or not is a discussion that never ends. I think glitches like this should be allowed but make different categories. There is just two categories at SDA though. There is not a "no glitches at all" category. Worth to mention, ZaibirQuilds run is the best legit DT speedrun. no one have tried no glitch-runs yet. Except the runs that you can not see at Twingalaxies. But they are slower then even my old run.
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Zugzwang: 2009-03-20 04:18:34 am
Thought I should bump this for you ZaibirQuild. Today Aglar, the author of the current Duck Tales TAS, found this vid of a new moon level glitch. Not sure how difficult or even possible it is to do in real time, but it does look MUCH cleaner  Wink
Very interesting, if it's anything like the other glitch, which I think it is. It should be very easy to perform...

This gives me a reason to try and make it even better because I just hate those stupid video skips in it.
I think I found out what caused them and I'm afraid they are also in my kirby run I submitted....

The most stupid part is I should/could of thought of it myself...
Ah well, I didn't :(, but luckily someone else did :D.

It's actually really easy to perform, I've just tried it about 5 times and got a 100% success rate.
It would probably shave of 12 seconds or so off the Moon level.
So there's a big chance I am going to try and improve my old run, but I'll hold it in the background for now since I'm already doing a Lost Vikings speedrun.

Thanks for informing!
Well, as you might have seen in my sig I tried to improve it anyway. (Turned out speedrunning Lost Vikings is a bitch, so I delayed that by infinity =x)
Anyway, good news for DuckTales that is.

I've managed to get a speedrun using the new bug. I'll submit it and hope it'll get accepted and posted :).

I was actually thinking about trying to improve it some more, but I think this'll do Tongue
It would probably take me waaayy too much time to get a better run, so I'm putting that time in other speedrunning stuff maybe.

Well, nothing more to say. It's up to the verifiers now.
Truly great.

Looking forward to eventual future project. Looks promisin Smiley
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
Quote from ZaibirQuild:
(Turned out speedrunning Lost Vikings is a bitch, so I delayed that by infinity =x)

Shit, I was afraid this might happen. Still, good news for Duck Tales like you said. Tongue
Just in case you were not aware of this. But here is the verification thread for Giers 08:14 run on the PAL version.

Thumbs up!,9939.0.html
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dxtr: 2012-09-03 01:19:51 pm
Bumping this since im working on it.

Did a 7:40 just now on Difficulty/NTSC. Aiming for 7:30-35!

Edit: And Duck Tales 2 when i get the time. I did a 10:01 Diff/NTSC on the ESA Marathon. A Sub 10 on that game would seem submittable.