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Take This! Ultra Frisbee-Disk Attack!
I know how you felt. You are lucky that moust of the game isn´t that expensive in amerika =P

Well, hopefully I won't have to buy most of the games on my list and I get them from my cousin's uncle. I actually called my aunt today and she said she'd talk to him about letting me borrow the NES. I will probably know tomorrow whether I can get it or not, I'm thinking that I will based on the fact that he doesn't really play it at all, which is good for me. Frezy_man, I'll let you know the details tomorrow with me getting the NES from my cousins' uncle.
Take This! Ultra Frisbee-Disk Attack!
My cousins are coming over today, I could probably let you know by the end of today if I am able to have the NES.
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Frezy_man: 2006-08-29 09:00:41 pm
I´m sorry that I haven´t submit this runs yet. (three duck tales runs) If someone waiting for them.

Duck tales 1, easy - 09:35 (PAL)
Duck tales 1, hard - 09:55 (PAL)
Duck tales 2, easy - 11:40 (PAL)

But the runs will probably be sent next time I submit some runs.

Today will play and do some attempts on the NTSC version of Duck tales 1 instead of playing mario 3. The "official" world record on twingalaxies is in 09:25. I will beat this one but don´t know with how much. If the speed differences (PAL Vs NTSC) is as it use to I should be able to pull off at least 08:50. The TAS time is in 08:11. But becuse of the hard and random boss fights I will not be close to perfect (specially not on hard mode)

Is there someone intrested in seing bouth easy and hard or just hard?

EDIT: I´m almoust sure now that you can´t run much faster on the NTSC version (compared to PAL) but everything else is faster I think.
one-armed bandit
You've probably already seen the insane glitching in the latest duck tales TAS (

After some testing I found that if you stand too close to the door when the enemy hits you, you will get stuck on top of the screen. but if you keep a little distance to the door you will be stuck inside the wall and when you press Right and the Jump button you will zip to the other side :).

HHS (the guy who discovered the glitch) probably knew this one already but when I was playing some duck tales on my cell phone I found you could use the glitch on a console as well.
Oh thanks! I watched the new TAS two days ago I think. but maybe that youtube glitch can be handy.

I will soon shipping my tapes over to Nate. I will not improve them annyway. I did this runs back in Mars or April  :-[

I also have a NTSC run on DVD in around 9 minutes. On hard. Maybe I will send this one too. Its possible to improve it by pretty much but boss randomness in all the games I play for the moment can be tiresome. So I don´t feel for playing the game. I will take a look at the run later and make the decision. With the glitch you show there I should be able to shave off 10+15 maybe 20 seconds. what do you think?
one-armed bandit
yeah about 20 seconds, I suppose. but the run would be labeled as death abuse because you have to kill yourself after you get the remote controller. making it a separate category.

You should play The Moon level first if you ever do a run with this glitch, because it can screw up your run if you do it wrong, and the level has the most random boss battle.
oh, twenty seconds is great. But you don´t have to die. you can take the thing in that room without getting hit. Its a little tight but possible.

I finally did a copy of my PAL runs so I hope to send the runs this weekend. Try to find my probotector run for the moment. Also the Duck tales 2 run will be sent. maybe a mario 3 flute run too.
one-armed bandit
you can't get out of the room if you don't kill yourself Tongue
ah... well, sorry, never thought about that, hehe.. your right then


my Duck tales PAL runs is up. Post comments here if you like. Probably my last PAL runs. Just a "Mr. Gimmick" PAL speedrun would be cool to do.

Also, I have a NTSC run in 09:03. I have to send it soon togheter with a Lion king run for SNES. I´m just too poor for the moment.
Cigar Man
Hey, Frezy_man, I just watched your Duck Tales run for the first time and loved it.  I have some really fond memories of that game from when I was younger.  Nice run!
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
my Duck tales PAL runs is up. Post comments here if you like. Probably my last PAL runs. Just a "Mr. Gimmick" PAL speedrun would be cool to do.

Now that this got bumped, could you please do a Mr. Gimmick run? I know there's a good amount of people who would want to see that. Smiley
thanks guys.. I´m sorry about mr. gimmick... I don´t think I will run that game.
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Frezy_man: 2008-11-04 09:32:47 am
Quote from ZaibirQuild:
Hi all,
Let's start off by saying I've never done a speedrun before.
Furthermore (to lose even more interest :P) I can only record it digitally and found out this isn't allowed on SDA, so I guess not many peeps are intrested anymore :P.

Ok first off the intro/motivation for why I am posting this here:

Well I just thought I HAD to post this here.
A week back I was just a bit bored and stumbled on old Duck Tales episodes (aahh the memories).
I thought it was awesome :).
Then I found the Duck Tales Theme song from the series and it was even more awesome :D.
Then I found the game music from the Duck Tales and, you guessed it, it was awesome.
I already played the game a lot in my earlier years and wanted to see how the game would feel now.
It was pretty nice :).

Then I thought, let's watch the Speed Demo of this game. And seriously, for the first time ever I saw a speed demo record I thought... hell... I can do that :O. So I figured it should be improved by a LOT to increase it's viewing pleasures.
Bottom line: I don't think the current speed run (with all due respect to the guy playing it) is good enough. I saw his speed run of Contra and DAMN, that guy would probably ownd me big time if he wanted to :P. But still, the current one just doesn't cut it imho.

My problem is I don't have the stuff to play and record it properly/according to the rules. So I'm just going to do it digitally :P. So why still post here?
Just a faint hope that somebody might pick it up after posting this/seeing my run who has the capabilitys of doing it  officially.
I hope I'm not offending anyone with this thread, in case I do, I'm sorry.
I have found out different/better ways to do the run and also done all levels faster, now I just need to practice more so I can do em all in 1 go.
I hope you guys can respect this/apreciate it.
Just felt a big urge to inform you guys.

Soo.... that's about it... Me going back to speedrunning Duck Tales and hopefully I can get it done soon... (keep making stupid mistakes when I'm getting near the end :P)

Greetz ZQD

Lets continue in this topic and I can update the first post. There is some links and a few good things sayed in the topic already. Im a little bit in the hurry for the moment but I do have a few more things to say then this..

Zabiriquild, I totally agree with you. The duck tales runs of mine is one of my worst on the site and don´t know if they even fit here. The NTSC record at 9:02 is the fastest record I have heard of for a very populare game so that is why I submitted it. Im sure 8:30 is doable and maybe closer to 8 minutes if someone is crazy enough to face the randomness of the game Tongue
The randomness and double hits on Dracula is probably why I never tried to beat this time again. I maybe do that sometime, but It would be sweat if you did. At least get 8:30 or 8:40 would be a lot better Smiley
Thats said if you are playing the American version. Which version do you play?

I make a list of where my 9:02 run is improvable.

improvable spots on the speedrun

The moon
( improvable- 8-10 s. )
00:34 - pogo kill that red alien one round earlier, dont wait for him like that.
00:40 - missed to kick that ball - Taking damage can be faster too.
The normal playing could also be improved and the duck guards could appear in better spots. Just the Moon Stage is improvable with at least 4-5s. Maybe kill yourself after picking up the joystick is a time saver. ChEcK out the earlier page.
Also the rat fight could have been faster and luckier. though, The moon is by far the hardest level. MAke sure to take this one first.
The amazon (8 seconds of mistake at least)
There is a few obvious mistakes. you can pogo jump under the be or over it. The boss fight can be improved with 5 seconds or something. Also the airplain ride, I think you can jump of earlier then I did but I was to lazy to do a research for it Tongue
Transylvania ( 10-15 s.)
This level is obviously improvable with a couple of seconds and the magica bitch fight with 5, probably 10 seconds. It could have been seconds better played and more lucky. Even if I got more luck then usual here.
African mines ( improvable with 3-6 s. )
This level should always be better then this. At least the visit to Transylvania. The boss fight could be a bit tighter too.
The himalayas (5-6 s.)
Also an easy level, some obvious mistakes here. The snowman fight can be 3-4 seconds faster too. Take damage and pogo him before he jumps from the left corner and so.
TransylvaniaFinal ( improvable 10-15 s. at least! )
I did 2-3 s. of mistakes in the level. Also the Dracula duck is a lot improvable. you can pogo kick him twice every time he showes up whereever he is with some damage taken I belive. And when he shows up in the middle you can do it without take damage. The timing is very hard.
Wowie, I'm glad this is looked upon. Cheesy
Well to begin I wanted to complete the NTSC version because this one was faster, according to your notes. And lower times just look better. 8)

I must admit that the randomness is really anoying yes. Specially with the transalvania boss, where you could easily save about 7 seconds if she only flies low, but that happening is really low chance I think :(. Although I do think you're a bit too optimistic with some times that can be reduced.

Like the african mines, apart from getting the key the level is really easy and to perform an perfect run (or one within 0.3 of a second is really doable) Your run wasn't that bad either, maybe it could be aproved with 2 secs, but I don't think you'll ever be able to get 3 to 6 seconds off that. I might be wrong, but that's just my guess :).

I just had a really nice run, but as almost always I screwed up big time at the ending, so I'm going to practice that bastard some more, cause like you said if you manage to hit em twice every time you'll save A LOT of time.

I also found some things wich could improve the time by a lot. Some are pretty big imho Smiley

2 examples:
in the amazones, when you wait for the chopper ride, if you just regularly jump to the left (towards the other pillar), but return in time a bee apears on the right of the screen and you can pogo jump on him to get to the other side.
save time in comparison with waiting.
Also on the moon that red alien you tried to hit with your ball, if pick up the key correctly he won't respawn so you don't even have to do all that. Sometimes you destroy the 'rockball' first if you pogo it and then the chest, but I've managed to hit the chest first also without going to much to the right so the red alien respawns.

There are more things, but I don't really have the time now, because I must practice that damn endboss :P.
I'll reply here soon with more about timesavings and (hopefully) a good complete run :D.
Oh and as for dieing at the moon, I think that it does not save you any time. (It's about half a second slower)
Yes. Im an optimist. I recheck those times. I wouldnt be surprised if I miscalculated a bit Wink So for improving this run that much you need a miracle Smiley

About that whitch, Magica, She does not have to fly lowest possible. If she flies a little bit more you can take damage and hit her. The timing is hard but it is doable if she fly at middle air.

The bee trick at amazones sounds great if you actually saves time on it =)

Quote from sarou:
After some testing I found that if you stand too close to the door when the enemy hits you, you will get stuck on top of the screen. but if you keep a little distance to the door you will be stuck inside the wall and when you press Right and the Jump button you will zip to the other side :).

HHS (the guy who discovered the glitch) probably knew this one already but when I was playing some duck tales on my cell phone I found you could use the glitch on a console as well.

This trick can probably be useful. You do not have to get the Key this way. I am Lazy so I have not tried doing it yet.
hmm yes. Well, I just completed a run in 8:47 (without using the glitch). (I mostly got lucky on Magicka, killing her a full 7 seconds faster then I normally do :D)
I knew it existed, but thought that would not be seen as a good run then.

After reading your post I started 'training' with the glitch and found out something interesting.
You don't need to stand stil near door in order for the glitch to work.
It's not glitching because you get knocked into it.
It also glitches when you just got hit (being invurnerable) and jumping against the door.
That makes it a lot easier and faster to use that glitch.

Am working on a full run with the glitch used.
Will post both runs when they are both finished :).
That was fast ZaibirQuild! the 9 minutes barrier is broken  Cheesy Difficult mode?

You say working on two full runs. what do you mean by that? Here on SDA a glitch run and a not glitch run is in the same cathegory. Maybe you mean an Easy and Difficult run?
I hope you get an even better time. It would be sweat with 8:30 or something Wink I sounds like you are the man for it. I was surprised that you get a good time this fast.

I was playing this game yesterday trying to get a good score Tongue I ended up with 20 286 000. It is actually 8 million more then the WR at Twingalaxies. Though, I do not feel for running the game. I am running other games for da moment.
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Zealie: 2008-11-07 09:22:55 am
I figured I could just as well register :).

I must say my last post was kind of confusing, sorry bout that.

I actually just wanted to do a no glitch run (for myself) and wasn't sure if it would all fall into the same catagory.
Then when I finally gotten a complete run I return here so I can see that you're actually allowed to use glitches.
After that I completed a run with that particular glitch used in about 8:22 (don't nail me down on that time, I'm just guessing here :P).
And then... I found out there is even a bigger glitch that you can take. I actually practiced on it today and succeeded in reproducing it.
Luckily I barely screw up anymore at other stages. I guess I played em too much.
So in this last video I actually managed to get sub 8 minutes (don't know how much exactly, would guess 7:57 or something).

I'll post the 2 vids with glitches tomorrow, really gotta sleep Tongue
Here's my no glitch run in case you're intrested:

I mostly use the same tactics in all stages, except for the himalayas in my sub 8 video, I've perfected it a bit more. Smiley
And, offcourse, the moon stages are completely different

[EDIT] darn, forgot to say it again....
My run is on Difficult and it's not really 3 different runs. Just the same run only sometimes done differently. Smiley
(it'll still fall in 1 catagorie in SDA)
well I'm really off to sleep now xD

[EDIT2] Ok, I just found out my sub 8 minutes vid is actually 8 minutes and 1 second...
I guess I counted wrong in beginning or something... So now I'm gonna try a bit more to get it sub 8. Should not be to hard cause I left about 7 seconds open at Magica... I guess I'll have to keep playing till she decides to not fly all up high Tongue (and offcourse that glitch on the moon doesn't always work, but I chose that level first so there's not much time lost in restarting then)
Impressive stuff. I wasn not sure that it was possible to beat the game that fast so Im looking forward to watch this. The computer at work really sucks so I will do another post about it later. Im surprised how fast you did this. Improving with almost a minute in less then 48 hours or so Tongue

Totally blew my time! Wink
My feelings on The Demon Rush
ZaibirQuild, you are going to submit your run to SDA, right?
Hmmm I really need to recheck my messages and make them more clearly xD.

My problem is that I can not record this in a legit manner.
Wich means, officially, my vids are 'fake' or however you wanna call it.

I just wished to maybe inspire peeps or inform them on how you could run this game faster.
Or just show em.
I'm actually beginning to feel a bit guilty now, because I can't provide a legit way Sad =x.
Also, Frezy_Man, you're  giving me a bit too much credit Tongue
I was already practicing for 3 or 4 days before posting here and the main reason I'm that fast is because of the glitch I used.

To be honoust I never even guessed I would go as far with this as I already did.
I've even been searching for ways so that I could record it properly, but I'm not in the mood for spending 50 euro's on that :P.
So I think those chances are very slim. I'm very sorry.

Well, not sure if it's wanted, but this is my (final) vid:

If I somehow manage to attain an american NES+Game I will surely try again and submit my best run.
Once again I'm sorry if someone got my message wrong. I got totally caught up in the moment.
Well... don't know what more to say.
I'll hope you'll still enjoy my vid, even tho it's not legit. (that rhymes!... kinda... :))
Well, after pondering hell of a lot I realised getting an NTSC version is way to expansive/difficult.
That or I just really suck at searching for it online.
Anyway, I've decided to do the PAL version of the game then.
I've tried to recreate the glitch and it also worked on the PAL version.

Problem is, I don't know much about how to record the stuff and how it all works.
I got a DVD recorder in the living room. But I don't know anything about it yet (It's not really mine and never recorded anything with it ;p). I found this in the FAQ: "You should use XP or SP speed for the best quality." what does that mean? Does it also matter if I play on a LCD HD TV or a normal (50hz I think) one? (Not even sure if I can play nes on the LCD)

Another question I got is how does it work with uploading/sending the recording. I sureley can't complete the game immediatly after I start recording, big chance the first 40 minutes are all failed tries. How does that work?

I know these questions don't actually belong here, but I'd figured I could just as well ask here =x.
If you want me to ask the in another forum part I will. I have read the FAQ and rules but couldn't really find an awnser for these questions.

Oh right I got one last question
Is that glitch even allowed? Cause you are skipping a (pretty) large part of the level by using that glitch. I hope it is (it's a pretty interesting glitch if you ask me ;)), but I'm not in the mood to try and complete the game with that glitch, only to hear that I skipped too much and getting my run rejected or something... (In case you are wondering, I mean this glitch: )

P.S. frezy_man, I've also send you a PM.

[edit] I've been looking around and I'm getting to like this speed running, so I'm thinking about doing more runs. I've already got 2 other in mind. But first things first and that's DuckTales Smiley
My feelings on The Demon Rush
The glitch is fine ZaibirQuild, but I'm not sure whether it will be a separate category or not (skips a large chunk of a stage, but it's only one stage).

Oh, just read your whole post. Let me answer your other questions.

LCD HD TV and 50 HZ don't matter, but HD tvs are known to lag for older consoles. If you're curious, ask someone else about HD tvs, because I don't have a lot of experience myself.

Failed attempts: You can either edit out the failed attempts, or you can send nate all of the footage and tell him where to start encoding.
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Zealie: 2008-12-15 07:42:02 am
owke, nice to hear, thnx for the info.
Well I first decided to do some more 'test' runs to get into it and what do you know, I actually managed to get a good run out of that. So I slapped myself for not recording it and hooked the dvd recorder onto my 50hz tv. First some troubles, now it's all going good.
Only to just find out I got 1 (major?) problem. My PC (and laptop) cannot recongnize the DVD as a written DVD, they just think it's empty.
It does work in my dvd recorder, but not on my PC and laptop. I've just given my brother the test dvd (with footage) and he's going to try it at his place. (He's got a newer computer). The dvd recorder is the DVDR 3305 from Philips and use imation dvd+r 8x dvd's.
Just saying this. I have read in this forum about other people also having this problem and found an media code. (downloaded DVD Identifier). But have no idea what use it has :D. I'm totally newbie about that stuff.

So now I'll just wait till my brother let's me know if his PC does recognize the dvd's. If not I'll just have to find another way... somehow.

I'll give an update as soon as I know more

[EDIT] I've got it fixed. So I'll probably try to beat the game later on today. (Had to finalize the disc ;p)

[EDIT2] I just got a run of about 8:53, but I'm not sure if I wanna submit it yet, because I know I can do better.