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Duck Tales 2:
This game is fun and easy to run with one exception... The "Duck golem"/"Golem duck"/"Stone duck" in the "MU" stage. This is easilly the worst boss ever made I have seen. Becuse of his randomnes This boss fight could take from 20 seconds up to 3-4 minutes (I use to kill myself after that time).
  I think I have more then 15 runs on tape below 12 minutes and about every fifth time I beat the stone boss I have the chance to beat this game below 12 minutes (PAL-version).
I recorded my best run yesterday. I got 11:40. Actually 11:45 after the little conversation in the end.
That time I got a so lucky boss fight. I have done many runs better then this. But becuse of unlucky boss fight I haven´t get better times then 11:50-12 minutes and more.
The runs was played in easy mode since it is much faster but I will also try to do a hard mode run. But I´m sick of that boss. Some one who has a good strategy against him? Some times I do some dubble pogo hit. Its hard and the stone I kick have to be dropped closest to him.

Duck tales 1: I don´t like my PAL run of this game wich is up here on SDA. I think I will improve it by at least 10 seconds. I have beat that run a couple of times already.
Sub 10 minutes should be to hard tough.
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I also plan to do a Duck Tales run, maybe Duck Tales 2 also and runs of lots of other NES games when I actually get the system and the games to complete the runs with. Hopefully I can get it soon and a bunch of the games that I would like to make runs on. Good luck on improving the Duck Tales run and on the Duck Tales 2 run.
Do you know how annoying the boss in duck tales 2 are? that one make the hole game bad.

I watched My old Duck tales run yesterday and it is a shame. The quality is probably the worst here on SDA and I saw time saver in every corner of the game. Becuse of that...I PLAYED Duck tales 1 the hole night long 8) . My old run is 10:21?

First I did a speedrun for the easy mode - 09:35

Then a speedrun for Hard mode              - 09:55

This is much better runs then my Duck tales run you can download. Will send this ones later or something.. most of times saved in the boss fights. But still think a 9:25 is possible and maybe 9:25/30 for a hard run. But the hard run is still very hard to do.
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I know exactly what you mean with the Duck Tales 2 bosses. If they were any more annoying, I don't know what the hell I'd do. I agree with you 100% on that. The improved time you have posted for the Hard run on Duck Tales is impressive. I thought that you could improve a lot on it, watching it many times to see exactly the routes taken and how much time could be saved in that run. Good luck on getting your target time for the Hard run on Duck Tales, can't wait to see it when you're done. 
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Frezy_man: 2006-04-13 06:17:36 pm
It would be fun to see a Duck tales 2. Big treasure/best ending run. there is only one problem more then the crazy boss there. (I have not get the best ending there). But don´t tell anyone. Will probably read some FAQ and find out how to get it today. Kiss

If you try to run Duck Tales on normal or Hard mode you have to read this:........When I did the hard mode duck tales run and sended here to SDA I wasn´t smart at all. The very first thing I figuried out when I should improve this run was to begin with the moon stage. The moon stage is 1000% harder then the other stage and random. Since you must take 2 hits to even be close to the TAS in this stage you really need to have some luck. remember that.

Well. Don´t know if I will improve my hard run more then I did yesterday. There is still room for improvements but The time savers in this run is crazy damn good boss fights. for example dubble-pogo hit the last boss... Two hits each time he show up. Its easy on easy mode but in hard mode you can´t be hit more then twice.. The third time he show up you can make the final hit. I think I killed him the fourth time he showed up. I also screwed up the final jump to the rope, wich leads you to the chest at the top..

"brake-the-chest-trick" In my hard run in 10:21 I succed to do this once. On the treasure chest after beating the boss in the Amazon stage. I didn´t made this in my new easy run but one time in my new hard run. a problem with this trick/technique is that it maybe isn´t allowed by twingalaxies rules. But is a cool trick and I actually don´t care if I get my records to twingalaxies or not. Not for a game like this annyway. Its another story in Super mario maybe.

I will watch my runs on duck tales again tonight. If I´m satisfied I will copy the runs and then send the orginal tape later or something. Maybe I will improve the hard run.

I will also check up if there is speed differences between PAL and NTSC. the world record in NTSC is 9:15 or 9:22 if I remember correctly. (by brian Sulpher) If the speed differences between PAL and NTSC is as big as it use to be I´m sure this runs is good.. very good. Will check it later today.
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Also, the final boss in DT2 is really tough to handle. He makes the other bosses look stupid. Trying to beat him in the fastest amount of time possible will be a challenge in it of itself let alone beating the entire game in a decent amount of time. Nonetheless, that battle should not take too much time or affect the total time so much because I doubt anybody else would be able to beat the game as quickly as you have already done.
I did a easy run on Duck tales 2. If Radix accept it I will send it later. I plan to do a Duck tales 2 HARD run too. The problem is that I´m really sick of the Stone boss in the MU Island. And very soon I will start a very big project... I don´t when I gonna do this HARD run. In easy you can kill the final boss very fast. As fast as the Tool assistent speedrun.
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That's good to hear, I can't wait to see the Easy run if accepted and absolutely cannot wait for the Hard run when you eventually complete it. I guess you have to have the exact plan and strategy going into the battle with the final boss in DT2, because, although I was playing it on an emulator, it was kind of tough to beat him, I don't think I even did, I'll have to try later. Just curious as to what the "Big Project" is going to be. If you don't want to reveal it, that's fine, that got me really interested. Also, I just want to mention one more thing, from your DT run. Is pogoing across the two statues by Launchpad's helicopter easy enough to do that you did it consistently enough to where it became easy for you to do? I cannot seem to do it on the emulated version of the game, there's probably something you must execute perfectly in order to do it or something of that nature, just curious as to how exactly you did it?
To skip the heli and jump over this hughe gap you have to play the european version. Its not possible on the US verison, hehe. So You can´t do this if you not download the slower european version..

The big project: well its some crazy speedrunning I will do later this year. But I´m not sure. It will not start now :P;)
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No wonder why I couldn't do it no matter how many times I tried. I would always miss the next statue by just a bit. In Amazon, I would always get pretty good times in getting up to the statue boss even w/o that trick, although it saves some time. I have to see what times I could get and compare them to your times, converting them to American version times. Can't wait for the big project, it sounds awesome. Well, I've got to get back to my own run, Sunset Riders SS Hard run, which is coming along pretty good so far.
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Frezy_man: 2006-04-26 11:03:34 pm
Have you watch my link on my avatar or whatever (the words under my posts) There you can see some plans. Its a project there. On runs I will try to do as fast as I get a US dVd. becuse thats the problem. Many runs of them I should already have done buts this is hat has stopped me. I guess you are a NTSC/american player "retrogamer" And you don´t understand how lucky speedrunner you are when you always play the NTsc versions...the best versions =) You can´t be a real retro speedrunner is you can´t record 60 Hz Wink thats the biggest thing in my thoughts for the moment. PAL suck dicks. and it will always be like that in the case of speedruns. And I really like that you appriciate duck tales speedruns Grin

I don´t like PAL runs. I´m not motivated to do them annymore. The world should have NTSC or the same systems =/

//"drunken fool":P
I don't think PAL is that bad. It works fine. PAL runs are tracked differently from NTSC runs anyway, so why even get bothered by it?
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Frezy_man: 2006-04-27 08:27:31 pm
its more fun and bigger challenge, also easier to beat a run. 80%...90% of the speedruns here is on the NTSC version? well I guess I overdo it. but the NTSC games is much funnier since they are faster... and more. theres a big different on plattform games. Also almoust all TAS runs is US version. Its always fun to compare your runs. Its very hard to compare a PAL run with a NTSC run. And since I have done 5 PAL runs, you have done two? and the Castlevania run.. is there more PAL runs on retrogames? Also some Rygar glitches emu run on bisqwit is on PAL.

One example: I should already have done an own Mega man 2 PAL run by now becuse that game is one of the best ever. But I never liked the game so much before.. Then I buyed a NTSC NES and begun to play the US version and I understand why I didn´t liked the game so much before... Becuse the PAL Mega man 2 really suck. Players who like the PAL verision of this run attention:
Throw it on the junkyard or sell it. Buy a NTSC NES and the ntsc version of Mega man 2.
  Becuse the PAL version is MUCH slower as almoust all other PAL games. But thats not the worse.. even the music runs slower.. much slower. I feel ill when I see the PAL version of this game. and..
Don´t even think about do some modification on you NES and play NTSC games on it. Thats make the music and everything slower on all games! try to play ntsc SMB1 on a PAL NES.. thats the worst you can do.

probably I overdo it but thats how I feel. I also played thousands of hours on TMNT II as a child. I still like the game as PAL. But when I played the NTSC version this weekend.. I can never play the PAL version again Sad

very much off topic though.. maybe someone should ban me :S
Buying a NTSC NES is a waste of money. You only have to cut one leg off one chip in your NES to make it region free.

And technically I've made three PAL runs, but I think the difference is more notable on NES games than N64 games...

If I make any Mega Man runs in the future, it will be NTSC because I'm playing them on MMAC, but any NES runs I make will be PAL - mostly because I can't be bothered by the speed difference...

As an example of the opposite: I played Ufouria lots on emulator for speedrun practice while my NES was out of order. It was going at NTSC speed, but I didn't know that. Then I played it on NES, but didn't notice the speed difference. But next time I played it on emu, I noticed it went much faster - so what did I do? Enabled PAL emulation, of course. So what do I want to say with this? I have no idea, but I'm sure it's relevant to the PAL/NTSC debate.
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Frezy_man: 2006-04-28 07:43:52 am
Buying a NTSC NES is a waste of money. You only have to cut one leg off one chip in your NES to make it region free.

And technically I've made three PAL runs, but I think the difference is more notable on NES games than N64 games...

as I said. if you cut the leg and play ntsc games in your PAL NES the NTSC games run slower. Its a pain that even the music slowing down. I don´t understand why people cut this leg. it suck. Bu the music in some PAL games is slower annyway so in some games there will be no difference.

oh yes. you yoshis story run Wink
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Hey Frezy_man, I just found out something interesting about Duck Tales 2 a minute ago. I was playing the emulated version on FCE Ultra and I found something out that could save time on the final boss. After you hit him the first time, bounce on your cane over him, he stays a blob for a few seconds then comes back up. If you time it correctly, you hit his hand that is reaching for the ceiling and goes to a blob for another few seconds. Repeat this until he is defeated to get a very fast time beating him. Hope this helps you out in some way if you didn't already know that, but if not, I had to point that out.
thanks retrogamer. But I already use it. But maybe it will be hard in a hard run. Can tou beat him that way in the hard or normal difficulty? without get hit?
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Probably, but I will try it to see if I could and I'll tell you exactly how many tries it took on each level if I can beat him without getting hit on each level.
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Good news, looks like I might be able to get an NES way before I actually thought. I asked my cousin if he would borrow the NES from his uncle so he could let me play for a while. Hopefully everything will turn out good and I'm able to get it along with the dozens of games he has in addition to the system. If the collection contains Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, I will start playing it again to get the feel for it and eventually do a 1P run on it. Let's cross our fingers and hope that I can get it!
Nice Smiley

I think it can be possible to beat the last boss in duck tales two very fast even on hard mode. You have to bounce on him in exactly right moment as you said. when he going to stand up and shall outting his arm up in the air. there we shall hit his hand Wink

hope you get your NES soon.
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Yeah, but everything has to work out in order for me to get the NES. Once I do though, I think it would be fun if we both had good runs of DT and DT2 to compare the NTSC and PAL versions of those games. I've got so many ideas for runs that involve NES games, but I can't do anything until I actually get it!!! Damn, I just have to be patient and wait if I can get it from my cousins. If I do, I'll make a list of all the games he gave me, b/c they said its about 70 something games, which is hopefully true for me to get some of the better games immediately. ITM, I'm going to play through DT and DT2 on hard on my emulator to see how tough the bosses are and how tough the final bosses are. BTW, the pics and your website overall are awesome.
I know how you felt. You are lucky that moust of the game isn´t that expensive in amerika =P
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I'm going to talk to my cousins this weekend to see the status of getting the NES. If I can, I'll be so happy, just b/c only just recently I have appreciated how much the older games kicked ass. Just like my username implies, I like to play the majority of games of older generations on most of the older systems. Mostly NES, SNES, and some of the GB games, if I can get those too, that would be awesome. If I did, maybe I could play the game on Super Gameboy on the SNES. I've got to see what happens though, I hope my cousins can get it for me sooner than later if they can at all. I'm very much looking forward to seeing your Duck Tales runs that appear on the site.
Yepp I will Send them when I see NAtes New adress. I´m not going to improve my times. 09:35 and 09:55. So thats what I will send. I´m on your side. The best games is old games.
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Nice, those times are very very impressive. Probably some of the best times someone could get.