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Double Dragon Neon (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from mikwuyma:
Reject because this run skips the best part of the Killacopter sequence in Mission 6.

Anyway, let's get onto the real verification.

A/V quality: Very Crisp. The video looks better than when I played the game (probably didn't help I played on an SD TV), and the audio is nice and loud.

Cheating: I didn't notice any, but I'm sure Skullmageddon would like a word about that.

Gameplay: Honestly, this run is very tightly optimized and has minimal mistakes, which is impressive for a genre as random as a beat 'em up. Having seen Murph stream over the months and constantly rework tech on this game, it's easy to tell he's put a lot of effort into getting a great run of this game.

There's only some small to medium mistakes here and there, and Murph's comments do a good job of explaining where and why he lost time. Anything I could point out is already covered in the comments.

I know Murph wants to go back into this game and improve his time eventually, but I don't see how he's going to improve it by more than 30 seconds, unless if there's some hidden tech or shortcut that we've all been missing.

This run is awesome and definitely deserves an accept.

The final time is 38:01. The game has an in-game timer that displays the time at the end of the game. The timer is accurate and AFAIK, it doesn't count pause screens or skill/stance menus.

P.S. I don't really care about being anonymous, so you can post my name with this verification if you want.

Some runs should just skip the verification process and just go into the queue for an update. This is one of them.

Should have reset at the beginning of Stage 5 when you missed the kick on the Williams that falls from space.

Decision: Begrudgingly Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Sean 'MURPHAGATOR!' Murphy!
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SGL Scrublord
Of course verifications can fly upside down...don't be rediculous! Congrats again Murph!
Whoo! I was kinda stressed over this but glad it got through this quick. Some comments to the verifiers:

Mike: I legitimately feel that I can get under a 37 minute time in game with a really super polished run. It's going to be one hell of a thing to get it, but I'm fairly sure the time is there. That said, getting past the start and middle of the game is a pretty painful process, and with the timing of a lot of other things in my life, it was clear to me that this run was an acceptable submission for the time being.

The in game timer, to my knowledge, DOES count skill/stance menus as well as shops, but definitely does not include the pause screen, loading times, or times spent in the overworld map. Out of principal, I minimize times spent in those situations anyways, but thats how it is to what I know.

Verifier 2: I am flattered, I really am.

Verifier 3: I am highly disapointed that I missed the falling Williams as well, I really don't know how that happened as its not even a particularly difficult timing.

theseawolf1: What? You're out of verification? Send it to the queue!
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Mr. K: 2013-02-11 11:23:05 pm
Congratulations Murphagator!!  The second exclamation mark was not a typo.  Watching you optimize this game was a blast.  I feel terrible for missing your run of this during bonus stream, but I'm really happy that this has finally got through verification.  It needs to be published immediately.
Willing to teach you the impossible
No need to be flattered, just some runs really could be watched by anyone and say "yup, get this one ready to post. No need to waist time."
Clear as a crisp spring morning!
Wooo! Congrats Murph! By watching your stream and seeing what you DON'T consider submittable, I can't wait to watch this one.
I'll be missing the attempts and chatting with Murph ^^
Willing to teach you the impossible
Sorry for the bump, but to be clear...
Some runs should just skip the verification process and just go into the queue for an update. This is one of them.

This quote is easily summed up in one word that I use for runs I verify and I use it to say just this... just with less typing because Im lazy.