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LotBlind: 2017-08-02 07:08:19 am
I'm interested in learning how to speedrun the classic Doom games, and I'm wondering what settings I should use in ZDoom. Do people generally use Strict compatibility settings?
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You'll be wanting a strictly vanilla compatible port, see - http://doomedsda.us/

Boom, GlDoom, as well as Chocolate Doom are all good options iirc. (Although it's been a while!)
I'm sure you know all the fastest demos are not to be found on SDA or anything. You may, of course, submit rendered videos here under SDA rules. Doom in specific has some community rules though, including the use of a sourceport that's backwards-compatible with vanilla (i.e. the demos will not desync). I don't think death exits are disallowed anymore since I've seen zeromaster using those recently.

Took the liberty to rename this thread and I'm hoping it'll be used as the go-to Doom 1 (Ultimate) and 2 thread from now on. There looks to be an existing one for Final Doom and another one under casual speedrunning for PWADs.

Good luck!