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Flip: 2013-04-08 07:37:00 pm
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Donkey Kong Country Returns (Any %) (Individual Level)

Verifier Responses

Mugly's Mound: takes damage to save time. Finished with a time of 0:33.29.

Platform Panic: very impressive, managed to get hit one time only. Finished with a time of 0:49.52.

Tumblin' Temple: slower than other levels, but that's due to how the level is laid out. Finished with a time of 0:47.17.

Ruined Roost: I was about to question why you didn't get the DK barrel at the beginning of the level, but then my question would have been answered on its own as I found out what you did. Great job here. Finished with a time of 0:27.54.

Shifty Smashers: kind of a slow level, but that's to be expected when you're facing spiked moving things that can turn you into a Donkey Kong Pancake. Takes damage one time to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:48.57.

Jagged Jewels: impressive run here, considering how hard the level looks. Another instance where the player takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:33.20.

Mangoruby Run: this is one of those levels where it looks real difficult but it's easy. Takes damage to save time here. Finishes with a time of 0:40.97.

Blast & Bounce: manages to get through without getting hurt. Level is not as easy as it looks. Finishes with a time of 1:04.05.

Feather Fiend: nothing much to say here. Finishes with a time of 1:30.63.

Treacherous Track: goes through half of the level riding the moving piece, and hovers over the other half to save time. Finishes with a time of 1:21.06.

Five Monkey Trial: takes damage to save time. Level is not as easy as it looks. Finishes with a time of 1:42.05.

Jungle Hijinxs: very impressive. Finishes with a time of 0:50.17.

King Of Cling: takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:57.64.

Sunset Shore: pretty hard to see much considering most everything is a shadow. Finishes with a time of 0:46.49.

Canopy Cannons: pretty easy level. Finishes with a time of 0:56.12.

Crazy Cart: really easy level. Finishes with a time of 1:37.26.

Poppin' Planks: a somewhat easy level. Finishes with a time of 0:51.30.

Sloppy Sands: another easy level. Finishes with a time of 1:03.05.

Stormy Shore: not as easy as it looks. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:56.24.

Blowhole Bound: one of the more lengthy levels. Takes damage to save time. Goes off-screen often to get to where he's going. Finishes with a time of 1:58.10.

Tidal Terror: not an easy level. When the tidal waves come in, you need to be behind some rocks or else the waves knock you off the level. Finishes with a time of 0:46.35.

Wonky Waterway: takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:55.20.

Button Bash: one of the longest levels in the game. Finishes with a time of 2:00.17.

Mast Blast: takes damage to save time. Bashes in the pirate ship's doors like a member of the SWAT team. Finishes with a time of 1:11.39.

Damp Dungeon: very fast in this one. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:42.90.

Itty Bitty Biters: a slow level. Finishes with a time of 1:09.69.

Temple Topple: pretty cool level since you get to play with Rambi the Rhino. Somewhat difficult as you have to be fast or you will fall below. Finishes with a time of 1:05.50.

Bombs Away: another lengthy level. You have to be careful here as the crystals can knock you off. Finishes with a time of 1:42.43.

Mole Patrol: one of the levels I hated to do. I couldn't control the rocket barrel most of the time and I wind up losing both lives and my patience with this one. This ultimately proves true for the player as the rocket crashes and he has to restart the level. Finishes with a time of 1:27.74.

Crowded Cavern: another lengthy level. Once again, another level with the dreaded rocket barrel. To make things more interesting, the level includes a large bat that is after Donkey Kong. Finishes with a time of 1:51.75.

Vine Valley: takes damage to save time. Runner did a vine job with this segment (pun intended). Finishes with a time of 1:17.72.

Clingy Swingy: not as easy as it looks. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 1:07.15.

Flutter Flyaway: a level that's enough to make you dizzy. Finishes with a time of 0:57.19.

Tippin' Totems: nothing much to say here. Finishes with a time of 0:46.90.

Longshot Launch: not as easy as it looks. Takes damage to save time. Player goes so fast the game cannot keep up with Donkey Kong. Player finishes with a time of 0:50.00.

Springy Spores: takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:55.52.

Wigglevine Wonders: one of those "pain in the butt" levels, trying to keep up with the vine you're on. Finishes with a time of 1:32.59.

Muncher Marathon: a level that is easier than it looks. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 1:03.60.

Sticky Situation: this level's name says it all. You have to face obstacles such as lifts on a waterfall of chocolate. Finishes with a time of 0:47.04.

Weighty Way: not as easy as it looks. Finishes with a time of 1:14.06.

Boulder Roller: one of the more easier levels. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 1:00.72.

Precarious Plateau: takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:51.20.

Crumble Canyon: nothing much to say here. Finishes with a time of 1:19.67.

Tippy Shippy: loses a life here. Finishes with a time of 1:01.65.

Clifftop Climb: nothing much to say here. Finishes with a time of 0:59.45.

Foggy Fumes: like Sunset Shore, hard to see due to everything being a shadow. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:57.62.

Slammin' Steel: harder than it looks, the title says it all. Player loses a life in this one. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:56.85.

Handy Hazards: one of the shortest levels in the game. Finishes with a time of 0:39.57.

Cog Jog: nothing much to say here. Finishes with a time of 1:02.89.

Switcheroo: one of the most confusing levels in the game. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:50.90.

Music Madness: a somewhat easy level. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:54.89.

Furious Fire: a level that's borderline easy and difficult. Player loses a life here. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:52.22.

Roasting Rails: not as easy as it looks. Finishes with a time of 1:12.79.

Smokey Peak: another level where everything's in shadows. Also get to play with Rambi. Finishes with a time of 1:07.20.

Bobbing Basalt: borderline easy and difficult. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 0:48.09.

Moving Melters: not as easy as it looks. Takes damage to save time. Finishes with a time of 1:08.11.

Red Red Rising: not an easy level, by any means. Finishes with a time of 1:11.66.

Golden Temple: a level that's enough to make you hungry upon seeing bananas and strawberries. Seems to be really easy. Finishes with a time of 0:53.80.

This run is very impressive, and it's enough to get an Accept from me. Video and audio qualities were good, no cheating at all. Maybe the runner should focus on a SS run of this game.

Final decision: Accept.

Flip Kong Jr!  Here with the greatest game character of all time, reviewing his return.

There's a lot that could be said, but everything sums up into greatness.  There isn't a moment of hesitation in any IL.  And as we at SDA demand nigh perfection of our IL tables, this runner delivers on an insane level.  Watch and be amazed.  ACCEPT.

Audio: Good
Video: Good


1-1: Pretty standard, no complaints.
OLD: 0:00:50.25
NEW: 0:00:50.17

1-2: Its hard to appreciate how surprisingly difficult this level is to optimize, due to the large amounts of ledge-grabbing required in the second half.  Really well played, the only visible mistake-ish thing is right at the end when he activates diddy's rocket a little before touching the flower (I can't even tell if that wastes time, only frames).
OLD: 0:00:58.97
NEW: 0:00:57.64

1-4: Not much can be expected from such a straightforward level.
OLD: 46.57
NEW: 46.49

1-5: Tightened up the barrel execution.
OLD: 0:00:56.40
NEW: 56.12

1-6: Tightening up a mostly-autoscroller.
OLD: 0:01:37.39
NEW: 0:01:37.26

1-B: Same basic strat, but cranks up the risk, good stuff.
OLD: 0:00:34.67
NEW: 0:00:33:29

1-K: Improved strat. Honestly, I'm not as familar with the Time Attacks of the temple levels, but 3 second improvements are not to be taken lightly in this game. 
OLD: 0:00:52.74
NEW: 49.52

2-1: Improved strategy that avoids having to wait for the first wave.
OLD: 0:00:52.34
NEW: 51.30

2-2: A really subtle optimization.  The first part of the vertical section may look slower, but its constrained by the global rotation of the clingy thing.  However, by hanging out lower, the runner manipulates the squid into being into the perfect position for a bounce, saving almost a second
OLD: 1:03.97
NEW: 1:03.05

2-5: Better ledgegrabbing mostly.  Avoiding the bounce on the crab at ~0:38 (game time) leads to a shorter drop into the last section, which I think accounts for the rest.
OLD: 0:00:56.82
NEW: 0:56.24

2-6: I think the only real difference is the end of level strat, which is pretty clever.
OLD: 1:59.57
NEW: 1:58.10

2-7: While not an auto-scroller, the wave pattern constrains the runnting time for this lever relatively tightly.  I think the savings come from avoiding an unneccesary jump near the end, not sure.
OLD: 46.40
NEW: 46.35

2-K: I think this improvement is a testament to how much time using the rocket unneccessarily wastes.
OLD: 0:00:49.85
NEW: 47.14

3-1: Improved strategy for the first pull-down vine: by getting diddy, he can hover and do the turn-around in the air rather than having to land first.
OLD: 0:55.74
NEW: 0:55.20

3-2: Saved a little time at around 0:06 (game time) by stopping his ground-pound early. Slightly more aggressive with the barrel thing after the birds (and just barrel play in general, especially at the last one, wow!).  A well-earned 1.8 seconds.
OLD: 2:01.97
NEW: 2:00.17

3-3: Small improvement to the ship basement area.  Shouldn't this belong in world 2? Tongue
OLD: 0:01:12.19
NEW: 1:11.39

3-4: I can't quite tell where the improvement comes from (other than general tightening).  My best guess is the difference at about 0:29 (game time), and the part right at the end.  Whatever, its better, 'nuff said.
OLD: 0:00:43.40
NEW: 42.90

3-5: Now that is a surprising improvement.  Uses a different strategy to get Diddy earlier (and keep him through the entire level), and it seems to pay off in spades.  Better optimization and ledgegrabbing throughout (especially on the 'kill everything' section at the end), but I feel like I'm missing something obvious to account for almost 3 seconds improvement.
OLD: 1:12:42
NEW: 1:09.69

3-6: Mostly the same, just a little optimization in the middle part during the drop I think.
OLD: 1:06.09
NEW: 1:05.50

3-B: Optimized bomb throwing.
OLD: 0:00:28.15
NEW: 0:27.54

3-K: Most of the level is on a fixed timer, so even a small improvement is of reasonably note.
OLD: 48.95
NEW: 48.57

4-3: IMO this level is much harder than 6-2, just saying.  Micro-improvement=improvement.
OLD: 0:01:42.55
NEW: 1:42.43

4-4: I was kind of hoping ILs wouldn't have to come to death abuse, but the timer is a cruel mistress I guess.
OLD: 1:28.04
NEW: 1:27.74

4-5: Megaman terminal velocity strats at the start ftw!
OLD: 1:52.06
NEW: 1:51.75

4-K: Minor update, a slightly different opening strat it seems, but its still all good.
OLD: 33.52
NEW: 33.20

5-1: Improved bounce strat at the start (very nice!).  I'm not convinced that playing it safe at 0:43 (game time) is really neccessary, there's got to be a way to improve that.
OLD: 1:18.74
NEW: 1:17.72

5-2: I like this opening much better than the previous vid, looks much less sloppy.  Otherwise, just riskier play in general is most of the gain on this one.
OLD: 1:11.07
NEW: 1:07.15

5-3: Ballsy strat at 0:44 (game time).  I'm not even sure if it saves time (this level makes it hard to tell what is on a global timer and what is not), but in any case it looks cool.
OLD: 57.50
NEW: 57.19

5-4: General tightening, and a slightly better bat strategy at the end.
OLD: 47.85
NEW: 46.90

5-5: HOLY CRAP! Replaced the "barrel drop" strategy at the end with a "fuck barrels, we don't need no stinkin' barrels" strategy at the end.  How the runner was able to pull that off is beyond me, but bravo!
OLD: 53.04
NEW: 50.00

5-6: Many micro-improvements.  Modified strat in the middle, gets diddy after losing him.  Quite an improvement all things considered.
OLD: 57.25
NEW: 55.52

5-7: Slightly improved diddy grab (I think anyways).  Interesting use of damage to save time at 1:03 (game time).  Also avoids taking a hit at 1:11 (game time).  Overall solid improvement.
OLD: 1:33.99
NEW: 1:32.59

5-8: Taking the high-path at ~0:40 (game) seems to pay off.  I'm guessing the extra momentum at ~0:50 (game) helps as well?
OLD: 1:05.45
NEW: 1:03.60

5-B: This improvement came as a surprise to me, but I'm not complaining.  The clinging is hard to optimize, so bravo to the runner.
OLD: 0:00:43.29
NEW: 40.97

5-K: The strategy on that last set of directional barrels makes my brain hurt.
OLD: 0:01:08.17
NEW: 1:04.05

6-1: Completely new level strat that eliminates getting diddy.  I honestly didn't think that it would be possible to do that and still be faster.  Shows what I know.
OLD: 48.70
NEW: 47.04

6-3: Completely re-optimized route from previous vid.  As much of an improvement as this is, its not that surprising.  Basically, the runner uses 3 better strategies at 0:38, 0:42, and 0:46, the latter two of which were pretty obvious IMHO.  Also the slight change at 0:59 (its harder than it looks, or maybe I just suck).
OLD: 1:17.12
NEW: 1:14.06

6-4: Alternate strategy avoids losing diddy in the first section
OLD: 1:02.87
NEW: 1:00.72

6-5: General tightening
OLD: 0:51.40
NEW: 0:51.20

6-6: The strategy seems about the same, though much better use of terminal velocity in the last section.  Still, 2 seconds?  That's quite a jump forward.
OLD: 1:21.67
NEW: 1:19.67

6-7: Death abuse rears its ugly head once again, this time to manipulate the vine timing I think.
OLD: 1:02.50
NEW: 1:01.65

6-8: Modifies the opening level strat to get diddy, which lets him push forward one cycle on one of the barrels in the second half of the level.  Quite a good result.
OLD: 1:02.47
NEW: 0:59.45

7-1: A really subtle improvement at ~0:35 (game) that involves using the rocket to avoid a second jump over the cutter.  Clever.
OLD: 0:58.22
NEW: 0:57.62

7-2: Death abuse to rework the slammers' cycles.
OLD: 0:58.94
NEW: 0:56.85

7-3: Seems to pull ahead a little at ~0:22 (game), otherwise identical.
OLD: 0:39.75
NEW: 0:39.57

7-5: Slightly faster opening... but it doesn't matter since the timing for the platforms at the end is the same.  Really interesting alternative ending strat, awesome stuff.
OLD: 1:03.29
NEW: 1:02.89

7-6: Alternative strat at opening avoids getting hit.  Different bounce strat in section saves some time.  Finally, bouncing on the fire guy at the end saves a lot of vertical climbing time.  Excellent job.
OLD: 54.14
NEW: 50.90

7-7: WOW!  Modified strategy over the middle of the level, loses diddy but avoids waiting at the water/fire spewing things.  But the real treat is right at the end when the runner manages to get a perfect ledge-grab to save waiting on a hammer drop.  Amazing improvement!
OLD: 0:58.24
NEW: 0:54.89

7-B: I wish that strat had been discovered a month earlier.  Feather Fiend is so boring and awful, anything to speed it up is worth an accept in my books.
OLD: 1:51.48
NEW: 1:30:63

7-K: Boring first half (obviously), but second half looks decent.  There's a bit of weird hesitation landing on the last platform (not sure if there's any way around it, it just looks a little out of place), and I'm not convinced that the second-last use of the rocket barrel is 100% neccessary, but an improvement is an improvement.
OLD: 1:21.94
NEW: 1:21:06

8-1: Completely alternate strategy that avoids getting diddy in the first halft. That two-hit trick on the ground-pound button is still an enigma to me.  Perhaps the runner could explain what's going on (I don't doubt its legit, I just don't understand how to consistently do the trick)?  Death abuse halfway through to manipulate cycles of fireballs.  Incredibly precise jump at the end avoids damage.  Incredible improvement.
OLD: 58.20
NEW: 52.22

8-3: Another rail level.  Nothing fancy, just better cart-grabbing.
OLD: 1:12.96
NEW: 1:12.79

8-4: Surprisingly the entire improvement is just mechanical optimizations, no major change to the overall route.
OLD: 1:09.06
NEW: 1:07.20

8-5: Slightly quicker advance after the ground-pound switch at ~0:18 (game) accounts for most of the increase.  Also has a better strategy for collecting diddy partway through that saves a stop/start.
OLD: 0:50.14
NEW: 0:48.09

8-6: Tightened the first half of the level up, but more importantly took an even more aggressive leap of faith at the end.
OLD: 1:10.84
NEW: 1:08.11

8-7: This right here is probably the best overall improvement in the new set of ILs, and its almost strictly due to technical improvements, and only in the second part of the stage.  I've said it before: vertical sections are really hard to optimize in this game, and this improvement really shows just how much time that can account for.  Incredible job!
OLD: 1:17.66
NEW: 1:11.66

8-K: Small improvement, mostly on the 4th(?) section, this level is pretty constrained.
OLD: 0:01:42.93
NEW: 1:42.05

9-1: Tightened execution, and avoids taking a hit partway through.
OLD: 54.32
NEW: 53.80

Decision: There's absolutely no contest.  Some of the improvements are minor, some are downright unbelievable (especially most of world 7 and 8).  I accept a million times over.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Matthew 'packattack' Flees!
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