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This is probably the dumbest question you've ever heard. I have a reason for this. No, I'm not trading my North American NES, instead, I'm trading my Yobo NES, which is a newer and smaller version of the original NES.

The reason I want to trade is because the Yobo has altered sound. Look at this video for an example of the sound. I'm looking for something that has the actual sound, and not just the Yobo sounds that are slightly off. That's the only real reason I want to trade. It's for speedrunning purposes and gameplay purposes. I doubt SDA will accept one of my speedruns on this Yobo NES because of the altered sound.

I also have a North American NES, but it's a piece of crap, so I'm not trading that. As much as it does have the actual sound that isn't altered, It seems to not work, and when it does, it either shows up as a mess, or it makes it's own levels. That sounds cool and all, but sometimes they're completable. I tried taking the NES apart and fixing it, but that didn't work at all.

I also have the 3-in-1 NES/SNES/Genesis system, but the NES on that sometimes doesn't work, and that has altered sound too! Also, the paddles suck so it would be hard doing a speedrun on the NES. I'd be happy to trade this, but I don't have a working SNES, so I need it!

A few things:

  • The Yobo works fine. Sometimes you may have to blow in the cartridge like once, but it will work fine after that.
  • Sometimes it's hard to get the games out of the system. I actually broke one of my game cartridges because I put too much force on the game when I was trying to get it out.
  • I heard a rumor that Castlevania III doesn't work. I don't own the game, so I can't confirm it.
  • I'm not sure if PAL games work on this system. I know they can on the top-loader, but not on the North American NES.
  • Famicom games don't work on this.
  • It comes with its own paddles, although a regular NES paddle works too, however it's hard to plug those in, and sometimes they malfunction.

I'll throw in the paddles too. I hope I can find the second player paddle, if I even have one. Anyway, there you go. I prefer anything that doesn't have altered sound and isn't a North American NES. I need the sound to be exactly like it's supposed to. I have an NES paddle, so you don't have to ship those (unless the regular NES paddles aren't compatible). I don't care if it can play PAL games or not, and if it can't play Castlevania III, I'll be fine.

One last thing, I recommend gameplay footage from that NES! However, if you don't have gameplay footage, that's fine.
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