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Hey, I started to run dissolution of eternity 1 hour ago and I searched if there was any run of that mission pack. Unfortunately, I haven't found any. I know that a lot of people find that pack very bad but still, I was expecting AT LEAST one run. Is there any that I missed?
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Check here. Note that nobody has done Nightmare Runs of episode 2 or the whole thing. I tried to do doe2 nr... not fun.
Haha thank you. The quake page on SDA is so confusing, I can't find anything. I might give it a shot, I'll tell you how I enjoy it and if I don't post again, that mean that I killed myself.
Looks like I cannot watch the demos. I have joequake but I don't know how to launch it with dissolution and he cannot find the maps. I use darkplace for dissolution and he just cannot read the demos via the console. Both of the method I knew failed Sad
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If DoE is installed in 'rogue' underneath your quake directory then you need to run 'joequake-gl -game rogue' or equivalently inside the joequake console type 'gametype rogue'.

Unfortunately the demo-playing process for marathon videos is kinda... awkward. If you navigate to the .dz file within joequake and try to play it, it will complain that there's no .dem file, but it WILL extract everything from it. What you need to do is rename the extracted .pak file to the next in the pak* list within the directory it is, for example 'rogue' only contains pak0.pak by default, so if you rename the marathon pak to 'pak1.pak' THEN use the '-game rogue' or 'gametype rogue' thing above, and type 'playdemo X' in the console, it will play. X depends on the marathon... for the entire of doe it would be 'start', for episode 2 only it would be 'r2m1', etc.

It's a wonder Joe didn't just make his client read ALL .pak files in the directory or something, but whatever.
I tried but it seems like I can't get it to work, and I don't want to spend too much time on this, but it doesn't matter anymore because now I'm trying a doe2 nr and there are not any runs out there. It is SO HARD, I like it Cheesy
Hey Ho Let's Go
Hi Xevro.

Sounds awesome that you're giving DoE a go. I would agree that it's a painfully annoying episode to run, and most people tend to think that way as you mentioned yourself, but I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we all like to WATCH DoE demos from other runners, so keep it up ;-)
Hey Ho Let's Go
oh, and yes, the Quake page on SDA can be quite confusing for new players :-/ I doubt anyone is going to redesign the whole thing though.
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I've ran individual levels of episode 2, but goddamn, I tried to do doe2 nr for far too long. It's just too hard to incorporate any decent number of tricks and still finish all the levels. r2m1 is a bitch by itself.
Quake shall be started with the -rogue flag rather than -game rogue.
I managed to watch all what I wanted, it was just a stupid error as I though, thanks everyone.
But I noticed something, I don't want to discredit those who did DOE runs but it looks like they're not bunnyhoping the proper way. They don't release W while in the air and there are several places when it would have been very easy to bunnyhop to save time (straight lines, corners) but they didn't. It looks like they have a solid route though.

Is there a place where I can see individual levels runs? I want to see some crazy tricks to see if I could put them in my route.
Not sure if I'm going to finish this project because it's pretty long but so far, I have a lot of fun Cheesy
Some people use that style of bunny, it's generally not perceived as being the fastest but it beats walking anyway Cheesy Most of those demos are also pretty old, and seldom improved because of their lack of popularity.

You should be able to find indivividual level runs on rogue maps from here: look for r1m1, etc.
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Ahhhhhhhh.  Rogue.  My old mistress.