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Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (ntscus) (ps3) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Verifier Responses

Quote from Melodia:
Ok so...

Two things are evident from watching this tun:
-The runner knows exactly what needs to be done to complete the route
-The runner hasn't practiced it much

Now I'm not going to berudge the later. There ARE a lot of small mistakes, but for the most part even though they add up it's not a big deal. However...

The resetting. Yes there's a HUGE amount of RNG involved but the amount of resets in the first quarter of the run is pretty insane. I admittedly don't know the odds here but with better luck 15 minutes could have been saved. Perhaps it's not too feasible?

I'm very baffled at why the reduction in weapon exp at the beginning of chapter 7 with no addition to another meter.

Saving between chapters? Seems like a time waster. The run would be over if there was a big enough mistake to need it. In fact it almost could point to splicing -- not making an accusation, just an observation.

The lack of notes. I realize it's optional but there's a LOT going on here. I happen to know the game well enough to be able to figure out what the ultimate reason for everything was (outside of the things above) but a little bit of explanation could go a long way I think.

Overall I'm neutral because of the resets, and the saving between chapters. The beginning really just goes on for too long and though the saving doesn't take up much time it, again, seems absolutely unneeded. But I'm willing to concede that I'm simply missing something.

Quote from Rosael:
A: there is no cheating
The run itself was free from all "cheating" in the context of SDA from what I saw but I would like to probably ask why he does stuff and it seems weird that he doesn't have notes for the run at all.

B: the run meets play quality standards
My only real gripe is I feel a lot of the menuing could have been done much faster especially early on when you don't have to worry about spell ranges, but overall the play quality is ok. I just think it could be done faster without much practice and probably be sub 2 hours with some better luck early on and better menuing as already stated.

C: the run meets audio/visual quality standards
I saw no issues with the video or audio throughout the entire run

Quote from eLmaGus-:
Alright I guess i will add my 2 cents to this.

First of all the technicalities.

Audio and Video are very good, no complaints here.

No cheating detected.

Now here, as in every Disgaea game, I am sure that the route for this can change a ton but as it is, it does seem like a quality speed route. The unfortunate thing is that it requires you to reset a ton for money and good equipment (over 8 minutes of resets in this run particulary). Now I understand that this is the fastest way to get this game done for now, however I feel like if you do more runs of this, you can get a run without that many resets which I would prefer to be honest.

Other than that like every Disgaea game its pretty much go and defeat everything in your way after you have abused the System, which is executed very decently and certainly qualifies as a quality speedrun.

The nature of this game makes this seem tedious and drawn out, but that is how the game and a speedrun of this game is.

Overall, since this game does not have any other Speedruns yet anywhere, we could accept it, this is by all means a decent speedrun.

However I would really hope for 2 things to happen if that is the case.

1) Runner, please write a short summary of your thoughts and info on what happens throughout the run. That would help watching this run a LOT.

2) Runner, please try for a run without this many loads Smiley

Final Judgement: ACCEPT if Runner agrees to improving this sometime soon AND provides notes on thoughts and what happens.

Decision: Accept

Reason: Accepting with a strong recommendation that the runner submit run comments.

Congratulations to 'elkidwx'!
Thread title:  
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Are this comments regarding my run? if so let me say a couple of things too.  First This is the first time I did a run in single segment.  I practice some of the maps a little bit but I my self don't know what the shortest time would be for a specific map.  Some of them I'm Happy with the time others I could had done better if I wasn't pressured with single segment.  There are some that I got stuck on and some I figured how to do faster.  The thing that I am really happy with is the layout that I use for the run.  There are more things that I could had abused early in the game such as getting a "bomb" from the bonus gauge early in the game but this for sure would require resetting. Or getting a Serum from the toy bending machine faster which would also require resetting the game but both would help cut a lot of time.  The reason why I didn't abuse this too much was so that anyone that wanted to try the run would see it in the same odds that they would get.  Also this run was recorded at the same day I bought my recording device so my experience wasn't that good. 

Ill try to write a summary but it will take me a couple of days since English is my second language. 
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Also I wasn't sure as  to what was accepted as fair and what would be considered cheating that's why I didn't want to make it seem like I was getting everything at the first try when its not really likely. 
Edit history:
Melodia: 2015-07-20 11:56:01 pm
Well in a single segment run you MUST show all resets. But you're perfectly allowed to just start over after 15 minutes if your luck isn't going well. That's what I was getting at -- the resetting is early enough in the run and happens SO much that it seems very clunky looking.

But....if you're saying you actually didn't show everything (and thus why there's saving between chapters perhaps?), then the run is invalid as a single segment run for SDA, and absolutely horrible as a segmented run.

In a segmented run you would show ONLY the good segments, so it 'looks' like you got everything first try, but anyone watching knows it took many attempts (in many comments of segmented runs people state the number of resets, in fact).
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
This is a single segment run and the entire run is recorded from start to finish with out omitting any parts.  The reason why it is reset so much is because its require to increase my money and items.  I could improve this and cut some time by like you said start over if I'm getting to unlucky.  What I tried to say earlier is that I purposely didn't focus to much on this so that if anyone wanted to try the run themselves step by step they would not go like "oh this guys got this item on the first try but its taking me five six tries".

As for the save part its hard taking the habit of saving to someone that  Is used to saving constantly. Been this a run I tried to keep it down to end of chapters where the system ask you if you want to save automatically. I also used it to keep an eye on my time.  I wasn't sure as to how they would check for cheating but I saved after every chapter to give a time reference to whom ever was doing the verification so that they could compare the length of the video to the time between saves.   

I'll probably try to do the run again later on following your advise but for now ill try to do a summary.