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Disaster: Day of Crisis (Any %) (Segmented) (Normal) [New Game+]

Verifier Responses

Distaster: Day of Crisis-  It is one Part shooter on rail, one part survival.  Pretty Ironic how much danger one man can get into; Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and during all of this, our hero is fighting the terrorists the whole time.

This game is completed on Normal while the runner starts the game with all of his best weapons and the Mechanical Ray outfit which allows ray to run without tiring out, and pretty much can't be hurt (although his lungs can get clogged, but this only comes into concern only during the "Ash" parts of the stage, and considering there aren't many, the runner pretty much doesn't need to worry about dying).

Each segment looked good as the runner was able to run through the majority of the game while during shooter parts, the runner was able to one hit each target with the shot gun and took out each one as they appear on screen.  There were times when the controls didn't go the way the runner would have wanted, such as the ladder and of course there were the driving sequences that were a bit hard to watch, but due to the controls in the game, it is understandable, and well done on the runner's part for getting through the driving sequences as well as he could.

Also Kudos for fighting off a bear with a Rocket Launcher.

Overall, It is commendable that the runner was able to figure out how to shave off about 10 minutes from his previous attempt with a final time of about 2:09:23.  Rarely did I feel that I saw the runner make any mistakes, which is a true standard for this runner indeed.  Accept.

- A/V quality is Excellent
- No Cheating
- Timing: Starts NG+ at 40:45:34, last save at 42:54:57. This makes a total In-Game time of 2:09:23. (haven't checked yet if it's representative though).
Individual segments:
1) 1:26                13) 4:53
2) 5:02                14) 6:13
3) 7:39                15) 7:07
4) 6:01                16) 1:04
5) 3:53                17) 1:54
6) 1:37                18) 3:55
7) 5:27                19) 7:38
8) 2:33                20) 7:11
9) 5:29                21) 8:40
10) 4:16              22) 7:17
11) 10:23            23) 9:49
12) 3:10              24) 6:46

- Comments: I'm having some mixed feelings about this run. The overall quality of play is.. good, yet not excellent. A big part of this is very understandable, because the game can have some very frustrating and clunky controls! The runner gets stuck behind objects and walls frequently (though I have to give the runner credit for amazing driving sections) and misses a good number of shots in the shooting sections. These all barely loose any time, but in a game as long as this one, the seconds start to add up.
Now, All of this would be easily forgiven if this were a SS run, however the runner chose the segmented route. And this brings me to my biggest issue with this run: The runner did the first 19 segments in a single day, and finished up the rest on a different day. Also, the runner doesn't seem to use multiple save files. This leads me to believe every single segment was done in one go (please correct me if I'm wrong). I feel like a lot of time could be saved by ironing out minor mistakes by doing more attempts per segment.

- Recap: + Overall good run quality (not completely optimal)
              + Great driving sections
              + Great usage of guns and the mech suit
              -  Gets stuck behind objects and walls frequently and misses some shots
              -  Segmented run done mostly in 1 day?

- Verdict: I know I just did a lot of complaining, but on the other hand there's a lot of good stuff in this run.
There's also the factor of "I doubt there will be much competition for this game".

So I'm giving this run.....      an Accept with mixed feelings.

Although I'd like to get some feedback from higher up (and maybe the runner himself) about how the segmentation was handled as pumping out 3/4th of your run on a single day seems a bit rushed..


Decision: Accept

Reason: All that matters for our purposes is the final product. If both verifiers think it's SDA-acceptable as-is then it doesn't matter how many days/attempts it took.

Congratulations to Nicholas 'Sir VG' Hoppe!
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Sir VG: 2012-12-19 03:25:36 pm
Fucking Weeaboo
I don't need to worry about multiple save files because you can backup your save files on the Wii via SD card. In fact, I have EVERY save file from every successful segment for both full segmented runs I've done.

Yeah, most of the run was done in one day. But if I didn't feel confident about a segment, I wouldn't save and redo it. Or even if I did save, I had backups of all the save files. ^^;;

I don't remember frequently getting stuck behind walls or missing shots, though trying to change the camera angles while running around in circles was a royal pain in the ass. Tongue
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
This is Sir VG we are talking about: the so called "Days and attempts" means nothing to him if he has spend who knows how many days playing and practicing the game up to this point.

Congrats on another successful submittion.
Fucking Weeaboo
Thanks man. Always appreciate kind words. Smiley
Yeah I was complaining over minor things really. I know how difficult it can be to properly run around in this game. I hope this run gets more people to try the game, it's a fun playthrough.

And congrats again Sir VG!
Fucking Weeaboo
I hope people are willing to go onto ebay, Play-Asia, and the like to get it. It's sad that the US release was canceled. Once again, Monolith Soft gets the shaft when it comes to their games. It's a great game. Yeah, a bit cheesy at times and the driving segments suck, but it's still a ton of fun to play and that's what really counts IMO. Smiley