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Hi.  I am new to speed-running (myself), but have lurked in the community for a while now.  Having seen games such as x2 runs by Pie and Raelcun's legend of the dragoon runs.  More to the point, I've loved the digimon world games since i was young.  Recently I've found a subcommunity that runs digimon world 1 and 3 (azureflame4 and some others).  They have more or less given up on DW2 though, claiming that it cannot be beaten in under 24 hours. 

I know the criteria for a game to be accepted officially on SDA is to be under 10 hours or just slightly over.  I don't hold any delusions that i can manage that with DW2.  But I do believe I can manage to get the game down to ~18hours which would make it usable as a fun race among friends once every blue moon (such as super mario rpg low level%).  I have begun routing the game and have made it to the end of bios domain so far in 3 hours (game time).  That is with catching metalgreymon, and leaving the game running while writing notes and an extended bio.  I'm confident that I can get through web and drive domain in ~3 hours time.  Counting the training mission that is 6 of the 20 missions. 

Doing this by myself is tedious.  I'd love to hear from other community members, on ideas for digimon to have for end game and/or skill sets, possible routing for levels, etc.  As mentioned earlier I am new to this, so i am almost certain i've missed something, or my route is less optimized than it could be.  I don't know the rule on double posting here, so I'll play it safe and wait for a response before I post up any of my notes.  Thanks in advance for any help! Smiley

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Zenavathar: 2014-04-29 07:53:37 pm
Zenavathar: 2014-04-29 07:42:17 pm
Ok Just to give some more info, I plan on starting in gold hawk team and I have the digimon i'm thinking about using routed out.  I plan on having a digimon with mainly heals and buffs (like armor coating for +20% atk), a debuff and damage digimon (namely darkside attack to stop enemies from healing), and a full on offense digimon (really "quick" path to machinedramon for giga cannon).  This is how it looks so far:

Assist Digimon iterations.
Angemon (clearAgumon Drive floor 5/6/7) 12 + Piddomon 15 (drive domain 2 floor 5/6/7)
angemon 17 + tankmon (web domain2, floor 9, Toy Plane) 15
Icemon 20 + Ikkakumon (Penguinmon Drive2 domain floor 3/4) 12 or 13
meteormon 22 + MagnaAngemon Max (trade garurumon Drive domain2 floor 7/8/9)

Airdramon (biyomon) 13 + Kabuterimon (tentomon video domain floor 2/3) 12
Kabuterimon 15 + Yanmamon (SCSI2 floor 5) 19
Deramon 22 + Megadramon (trade Numemon Disk Domain 2 floor 3/4/5) 28
GranKuwagamon 32 + Andromon (Laser Domain floor 10) 25

Greymon 13 + Airdramon (biyomon) 12 or 13
Veedramon 15 + Togemon (palmon SCSI domain2 floor 3) 12
Togemon 15 + Raremon (disk domain2 floor 4) 19
Vademon 22 + MetalGreymon 21 (Bios)
MetalGreymon 26 + Octomon (Syakomon SCSI2 domain floor 3) 15
DNA Up Chip
MetalGreymon 29 + Guardromon (guardromon web domain2 floor 3/4/5) 15  Or DNA up Chip
WarGreymon 32 + Megadramon (diode domain floor 11) 22
DNA Up Chip
Wargreymon 34 + MetalGreymon (giga domain floor 10/11) 22
Machinedramon Max

Let me know what you think, and if there is a more efficient team that i had not thoguht of. :).  Once again, thanks in advance for any help! Smiley


Edit: Had some inspiration in Azure's chat and ended up modifying my lineup.
It looks like you have a nice start going here, but a big question I have is do you think you will have enough time to level up all of those digimon? I would actually suggest just leaving MagnaAngemon as it is and not worry about DNA digivolving it at all. It's capable of surviving through the endgame and as long as you have it's healing move you should be fine. I wouldn't worry about assists too much because you'll just end up using up a turn you could have used to get in an extra attack. If you absolutely need to DNA MagnaAngemon, I would suggest finding a way to get Whamon for it because Tidal Wave will help you out a lot more than any assists could. It attacks all enemy digimon and also lowers all of their attacks the same way Okuwamon does. Using duo scissor claw+tidal wave together basically ensures you will able to get in more hits (since you won't need to heal as much) that hit harder.

As for your offense/support, my only suggestion is that you use the Magnadramon you get from the digimon center for that DNA instead. It comes with some really powerful attacks that will probably come in handy.

Are you aware that you can get two Metalgreymon from the BIOS domain if you leave after catching the first one? You could probably just use those two in your digivolution tree to get Machinedramon.
I shall Start from the bottom and work up.  First of all thank you for the response, much appreciated.  I am aware that i can get a 2nd Metalgreymon in bios domain, and I am also aware that in the city right before bios you can get a second toy plane for free and not just the one that Mark gives you :).  Currently I am not routing for multiple M-Greymon as the fight against him is ~5 rounds, and metalgreymon is actually rather weak offensively.  He is great for the moves and as a damage sponge, but beyond that his big benefit is boosting a digimon to have an ulti max EL.  At that point in the game you won't realistically have the xp to level to ulti without huge grind, so aside from carrying me for a few bosses sitting pretty on the server, since my champs will do about the same and will need the xp. 

That being said, I will do a route down the line that tries having double metalgreymon at bios domain, as I would be remiss to not give it a shot.  Currently my second toy plane is being used later down the line for the tankmon you need for the story (also convenient as a dna digivolution partner.) :).  Also to note the capture rate for digimon is something like 20% for small heart, 55% for medium and 80% for large heart.  I have 2 reset points right now.  1 is about 10-14 minutes in for getting 2 biyomon in a timely manner.  The second is at metalgreymon.  There is ~20% chance i don't catch him.  If I go for a second metal greymon there, I will be essentially doubling my odds of having to reset. Wink A certain digimon world speedrunner told me I should try to have as few reset points as possible. My goal is to not only have the route be fast, but have the route be safe as well :).

As for the leveling and DNA Digivolving towards the end it is actually easy to get xp and level efficiently. I am not yet worried about the number of dna digivolutions i have planned out.  Once i get to that point in the route i will see how it goes. If i need to trim it down I will.  The magnaAngemon does have an attack skill and the grind there will wait till towards the end.  The real power behind having an asist digimon is It will have attacks still, but it has armor coating.  That boosts my attack on a digimon by 20% and can stack 2x lasting for the remainder of the battle.  Toss that on my okuwamon for a duo scissor claw and it will be 20% more damage dished out and 20% more recived by the enemy. Or toss it on machinedramon and you then have an attack that hits any enemy on the field ~6 times and does huge damage.  The heals that the assist has are more for use as oh shit buttons, without having to waste on the digibeetle item animation.  That is the theory behind it all.  Once I have my route all done out I will go back and test some key fights with tidal wave as instead and time them.  Smiley  You could be right. Once again thank you for the thoughts.  You have been very helpful! Smiley

Ok, this is my route up to this point.  I'm currently doing all the testing on an emulator so I can use save states to reload areas and test certain battles for efficiency/safeness.  To note i'm not using the save states to rng my way through battles, as that won't be possible in an actual run.  Purely for easier testing.  This does mean my times will be skewed as the load times are faster. Way I see it is at the end of my run I will be very generous and tack on an extra 2 hours for my initial estimate of how long the run will take on console.  If you need help translating my shorthand let me know and I can go back and edit it out of shorthand :).  Without further delay:

    Training Mission:
fight 1- run
Boss- Round 1 (Fire cannon leomon, Ice shot, flower cannon and tri-horn on leomon)
      Round 2 (lightning spear and trihorn veedramon, flower cannon toy agumon)

Gold hawk- Enter, talk to leader, exit the room and re-enter, buy 4 CD-Player remember to transfer to digibeetle

Mission 1:
Floor 1- grab 2 biyomon. (if you can't get them within 3 runs/end up in a fight you can't run from reset here). Remember to put them in party. autopiloting as needed.

Boss: can kill with all level 2's. 3 rounds

Gold hawk then back out

Mission 2:
Go to disk domain and get 1000 gold. Grab chests if not out of way. Ignore mobs on 1st floor.
gazimon group 2 shot kill agu and biyo. Goburimon group, @4/5 all in on each.
Sell off non hp/mp.  Buy 2 CD-player transfer.  Upgrade battery
Video Domain.  Grab Tentomon floor 2/3 (tapirmon dies to biyomons) and head to boss fight. Boss room head right. 4 round fight
Put Tentomon on city Server.
Disk Domain boss room.  start down. up for chest. left for chest.  right for boss.
Boss battle (assumed level 7). Take out devimon all attack. round 2 take out sukamon all attack. Go up and talk with angemon.

gold hawk leader. sell off useless items buy 1 cd-player. Tamer club. get toy plane and bios data. talk to BS tamer.
trade center for 2nd TP. Transfer 1 TP to server. Upgrade battery. meditation dome, talk to angemon for 2k bits.

Mission 3:
2nd floor up, right, up, right, down, down, right, down chests not worth it.
Grind until 8.15k bits. floor 4 and 5.
@8&9 candlemon and gabumon party all in both.
buy mine/bug sweep
Boss room. All the way right for metalGreymon. Toy Plane and cd @10 6-7 rounds to kill. Bring 3 hp-disk in case.
Swap MG-mon in. make sure at end of battle all rookies are 11.
All in Gabumon. Pepper gabu, all in centaur. all in centaur. pepper centaur all in starmon (no interrupt on star).

Digivolve agu and 2 biyo.
Won't be much help routing, but this was one of my favorite games growing up. Good luck with it, I'll be sure to check in now and then.
Thanks Tterraj42 :).  I will be taking things a bit slower for the next two weeks as finals are approaching.  In the mean time though i'd like some theory crafting.  I started a casual file and tried black sword a bit.  Now I am unsure which team i should be starting with. 

Vaccine Pros:
Very nice early game (farming for 2nd and 3rd digimon is 1st floor of scsi, 1.2x damage on virus bosses like hagurumon and numemon)
Nice speed stat.  Greymon and airdramon have nice champion attacks.
Easier to get metalgreymon, Ikkakumon (for story and dna digi), and some of the heals.  Easy to get duo scissor claw and giga cannon.

Cons: Comparitively low attack stat.  Hard block at bios domain without a fair amount of grind. The area to grind is data so takes longer.

Virus Pros: Very High Attack.  Betamon's champion attack is AOE.  doesn't really have to worry about boss battles until greymon.  Easy to get duo scissor claw.

Cons: Harder time getting metalgreymon (also hard fight against him).  DemiDevimon's champion form has a garbage skill.  farming for 2nd and 3rd digimon is 2nd floor of SCSI domain.  More difficult to get buff/heals on digimon.  more difficult to get giga cannon.

Data: Untested.

Please weigh in with your thoughts and ideas :). 
Just a suggestion, but if you can find a solid way to beat the game with just two digimon I would do it. It cuts down on A LOT of lag if you do it.
Huh, I hadn't thought of that.  I was testing on an emulator so i wasn't even noticing lag.  I'll have to think on it.  Great idea though :).  I wonder if xp is split, so if i have less digimon i get more xp per fight.  I don't think that is the case, but if it is it could change a lot of things.  Thanks!
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AzureFlame4: 2014-05-04 08:32:55 pm
Obviously you wouldn't just use two digimon the whole time either because the extra damage from a third one is too important to pass up, but certain fights I think only having two digimon would be worth it. The best example that comes to mind is the Mastertyrannomon fight because it's a very short dungeon and I imagine at least one of your digimon will be at a point where they aren't going to be doing much damage.
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Zenavathar: 2014-05-04 08:57:13 pm
Zenavathar: 2014-05-04 08:51:12 pm
yeah.  And possibly the same for the fight with the old blue falcon leader (Ben Oldman?).  same deal as master tyrannomon a very short dungeon.  Smiley
I've been doing a casual play and I've found something interesting. You can continue the story without completing the Bug domain. I'm not sure if you can beat the game without completing it yet, but I'm on my way to the Kernel zone and still haven't beaten it so it seems possible. I beat two bosses in there, so I'm not sure if you can completely avoid it. Either way, it's something interesting and could also mean a few other domains are skippable.
That is VERY ineteresting! Holy shit.  Cheesy thanks, that is extremely helpful. 
I just confirmed that you can indeed beat the game without beating the Bug domain. The reason I assume that it works like this is because the trigger for continuing the story is defeating commander Damien in the RAM domain. If we can find other missions where the trigger for continuing the story lies in a single domain, we might be able to skip other dungeons. I can't think of any off the top of my head except for maybe the domain you find Jijimon in. Still, this could become a HUGE time saver if we find other domains like this.
yeah! I checked to see if I could trigger modem domain early (so i could skip web and the other dice there.) I'll keep searching Smiley
Also, I've got a few more thoughts on the Digimon that should be used based on my casual playthrough. I had a Gryphonmon that I got from MagnaAngemon and a Whamon DNA digivolution, a GranKuwagamon from a DNA digivolution of Okuwamon and Metalmamemon, a Wargreymon from Metalgreymon and Megadramon, and the Magnadramon you get from the digimon center. Except for the bonus of being able to fight without constantly replenishing MP for moves, Wargreymon was useless in comparison to Magnadramon. The combination of tidal wave, duo scissor claw, and fire tornado was able to two turn most fights. This was especially true in the collisseum where I started out the first turn using those three moves and the next turn was able to have Magnadramon guard to replenish MP while still being able to finish off the enemy team entirely with the other two moves.

Anyways, the point of this is that you won't really need anything more powerful than Okuwamon for the duo scissor claw user since in most cases you won't even get to use anything else. The earlier you can get Okuwamon (even Kuwagamon) the better. Also, I would suggest trying to get MagnaAngemon by digivolving to it and also getting it a move that can hit three digimon simultaneously along the way. This way it will be stronger than the normal MagnaAngemon, and also I would recommend not DNA digivolving after you get MagnaAngemon unless you are willing to spend a lot of bits on HP items. Machinedramon might still be a good substitute for Magnadramon, but I'll leave that up to you to find out.
sweet.  Thanks again for all the help you are providing.  Smiley It will take me a while to test many of these things, but I will manage to find an efficient path :D.  What team do you think i should start with?
I would suggest starting with virus based on the info you gathered and just getting a team of 3 betamon together so you can wreck everything with the AoE attack. I would also find the fastest way to get Kuwagamon from there. If nothing else, the easy access will also give you a chance at Myotismon later in the game and I think i has a healing move as well.
3 betamon, then 3 kunemon.  digivolve them to kuwagamon.  DNA them eventually for 3 kuwagamon with fireblast and scissor claw.  From there megadramon with one, metalgreymon with another, and dunno with the third?  that gives an okuwamon, megakabuterimon, and an open space.  I think.  this is all off the top of my head.  I could be wrong.  But seems like a good deal.
If you could find a way to turn that Megakabuterimon into a MagnaAngemon or the third digimon, I would agree completely with that plan. I think the digimon you have to catch would be used in there somehow.
I can't get them to turn into magnaangemon, but if i use ikkakumon i can make it either a zudomon or whamon (I'm not sure which it would become).
Yeah, from what I'm seeing MagnaAngemon is going to be really hard to get so the options would be to either temporarily use Myotismon as a healer, have a lot of Bits for HP items, or just rely on MagnaAngemon's magical tail instead of a move that can hit multiple targets.
myotismon gets grisly wing.  area damage.  no heals :(.  least not far as i can see in guides. I'd actually look into a second okuwamon...or even the whamon/zudomon (as i can make that into many other good digi). 
Yes, but the one you get from the digimon center should come with a healing move.
Oh, right! I had forgotten about that trade.  yes, he comes with full heal.  I could keep the third betamon for the trade.  Smiley That is actually a good idea.  Up until the trade i can just use that spot as a float.  for metalgreymon, or any digimon i'm required to capture, etc.