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Jack of all Trades
So Radix will let you use /players 1 for Baal?
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Huh? Who said that?
Hi gorash,
why cant my media player play this videofile?

The two outer avi´s am i able to watch.
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Gorash: 2005-06-06 11:58:50 am
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Wait a sec, I'll check if it's broken...
My account there has limited space, so I had to delete something and then append to the upload... maybe that caused trouble.

Try again, it's working now.

Normal Corpsefire Mlvl = 4
Stone of Jordan Ilvl = 39!

Monster level needs to be higher than the item level, for it to drop that item.

Sure you weren't on a higher skill level?

it was on hell though
A Wake of Fire Assassin might work well, although not quite as well on a higher # of players setting. So until we know what the rulings on the PlayersX setting will be, that means either slow early game or slow late game...
if the seed123 command doesn't randomize the maps anymore it could be even faster to do in the "no leveling" places where you just seek the exit... would make things more interesting than walking around (eg jungle) if you don't bash... however your bashing in act outer is incredible! good work!
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Bashing? Am I playing a barb?
Or do you refer to cleaning up exp container in general?
Jack of all Trades
I really want to try a sorc but the beginning is so slow. But I'm thinking it may offset the very slow bosses of the druid...but then the druid is so much faster in most other places (especially if you know where to go already by looking at the maps).
Yeah, just that magma Ball and Firestuff cleaning. I use 'bashing' here as a synonym for to 'rule' or 'masskill' Wink
Very nice levelling again and much more effective use of Molten Boulder. Some very good pathfinding too.

The quality of item drops suprised me. I could count the number of times I've seen an amulet before level 8, on one hand! Smiley
I'd been playing way too much, since I had the day off :-[ my Assassin made it to Bloody Foothills waypoint in a respectable time, way under 7 hours at any rate Tongue

The first act took around 40 minutes for me, although it included some possibly unauthorized "PlayersX" switching; I started out at 4, and dropped to 1 once I'd gotten to Clvl 12. I opted to pump the Clvl 1 Trap skill instead of going with melee, since low level skills tend to rock normal difficulty given sufficient points, and because I noticed it gave a 9%Dmg/Level synergy bonus to Wake of Fire. Therefore, the skill distribution was as follows:

Clvl 1 to 4: [Level 1 trap skill]
Clvl 5: Claw Mastery
Clvl 6 and 7: Burst of Speed
Clvl 8 to 11: [Level 1 trap skill]
Clvl 12+: Wake of Fire

Andariel isn't good at taking fire damage and went down rather quickly. I took a route as direct as possible, although I did take plenty of wrong turns in the catacombs and jail sections, and stopped at certain points to blow up the mob following me for some decent xp. Nothing gave much trouble, save a combined Champion/Boss Night Clan pack in the barracks, which wouldn't go down. Ironically, it was this mob that made me level up to Clvl 12.

On to Act 2. I was lucky to locate to Waste waypoint before entering the Halls of the Dead, which saved some time. The Halls themselves were pwnz0red by traps, it reminded me a bit of organized teams clearing a building. Door open, fire in the hole, wait until traps finish lighting things up, and watch the carnage.
In the Far Oasis, I was again lucky to find the WP first. After obtaining the Oasis WP I took a break, and continued later at 20.30. The Lair took some more time, since traps tend to get stuck in walls thus not functioning properly. A merc might've saved some time here.
Rushed through the rest of the Act, getting lucky in the Arcane Sanctuary. Xp'd a little bit in the Canyon (the mob was just too huge to resist), rushed through the Tomb and got ko'd by Duriel in a single shot Shocked
Bastard got lucky and critted two times in a row Lips Sealed
I tried again, taking a Merc as meatshield, which bought me some time. It was basically running around, casting a trap now and again, and sipping healing, thawing and stamina potions. The strategy might need some refining. Also, I couldn't manage to get in the safespot which I remember using on previous characters. Oh well, he went down eventually.

Act 3, easy enough. Grabbed a Cold mercenary, rushed through the jungle, taking plenty of wrong turns which didn't matter too much, since I found waypoints in there which saved a bit of time. Flayers 'n co were totally raped by Wake of Fire, and hell, the entire act posed little challenge. The city itself, linear as it is, didn't take too long. The Durance cooperated by placing the level 1 entrance next to the exit to level 2, but finding the way to level 3 took somewhat longer. I rushed through level 3, taking out only Maffer Dragonhand and his Blood Lord goons, before facing Mephisto, who promptly killed me with a charged bolt attack. Rushed back in again, properly dodged this time, survived a cold shot, and beat him. Wasn't nearly as annoying as Duriel.

Yay, act 4, land of fire resistance. Rushed out to the first area, found the stairs to the next one within 5 seconds, and Izual within another two, but he took far too long to damage so I left him be. I ran ran ran until I reached the River wp, ignoring everything I encountered exept for exeptionally large mobs which just begged to be burned by traps. At the Sanctuary causeway, more care had to be exercised, and I slowly progressed to the Sanctuary, killing just about everything I encountered. The Sanctuary itself fell in a similar way, with first the Infector, not being able to find his way around to me, succumbing to my traps, followed by the Vizier, whose pack I took out with traps, while getting the mercenary to take care of mr fire immune himself. De Seis fell last, and the big fight was on. And some fight it was. I hid behind a wall and cast traps around the corner, and Diablo didn't quite get it and died after 5 minutes of being toasted. I quickly grabbed the foothills waypoint and called it a day. From halfway of Act 2 to Act 5 Foothills in around two hours, on a testrun. Who said it might take more than 7 hours? Tongue

Equipment, you ask? A Scimitar (fast weapon = fast trap casting speed), some random armor, belt, gloves, boots and jewelry, and a socketed skull cap with a saphire and a ruby. Yay for budget gear Tongue
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Gorash: 2005-06-06 10:54:05 pm
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Nice to see this getting popular.

There is a vast number of chars and builds plus it's still uncertain if the benefit of leveling faster in the beginning makes up for the epic battles later on on higher player counts, and I honestly have no idea which one is the fastest. I love Diablo2 and maybe I play it more than it's good for me, but I won't do a run on every character there is, so feel free to clear up some drive space, get fraps working and record something yourself. Might be a piece of entertainment comparing stuff as it goes. Smiley

The rules should be clear by now, stick with one player count (you're free to choose) and you are allowed to explore ahead to know the path.

As for the drop quality, you did notice that the druid isn't wearing a body armor yet, did you ProtoMonkey? But it's true that drop chance increases a lot with higher player counts.

Marsh, the sorc sounds good in theory, but surviving Duriel is going to get interesting.

On a side note.: Has anyone of you played the Trial of Ragnarok Battle Offline? Addicting and built for speed competition. I lost the entire day to it.
Jack of all Trades
No, I'm not trying the sorc anymore. It's just too slow in the beginning. Right now I'm trying a molten boulder druid... Cheesy
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marshmallow: 2005-06-07 06:28:59 am
Jack of all Trades
I failed with my molten boulder Druid at Baal's minions due to the fact that, for whatever odd reason, the red demon guys (too lazy to look up the proper names) before Lister & co are able to block the boulders (their normal counterparts do not) AND take little damage from it. So I was trying to lure out both groups and I was just swarmed to death. It didn't help that they were extra fast.

I'm not sure how it would fair at baal. Probably better than fissure, but who knows.

I'm trying the trap sin now! She's as fast, if not faster than the Druid at owning act 1 with her little fire bomb attack. I feel like I'm freaking artillery with the rainbow arcs of doom.
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It's embarassing how fast you get stuff done.

That flag that makes molten boulder explode, which monsters have it? In act1 I'm only sure about the Wendigo clones. What about Blunderbores?
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marshmallow: 2005-06-07 03:03:59 pm
Jack of all Trades
Embarassing for me, right? I have a LOT of free time on my hands.

As for monsters that can stop the ball in its tracks...


Hulk tree monsters
Surprisingly, the council members don't have it

Corpse spitters
Mother flesh spawning things
The Finger Mages D: Those things are really annoying with this char since they're usually mixed in with big mobs in the CS.
Megademons don't have the flag, surprisingly.

Big tank things the imp rides
Frozen horror (the walking ice guys)
The knights, of course...*shiver*
Ancients, natch
Overseer I think. I ran past 'em all though.
And, for some odd reason, the Enslaved type (green guys in foothills). I guess the bony knobs protect it from the hurling bowling ball of lava. Roll Eyes

The last two sets of Baal's pets do. DAMN YOU VENTAR THE UNHOLY! Damn you to he-...oh, nevermind.

Ahem. As you know, the ball knocks back other creatures and then can hit them again and again. I always thought a funny quirk would be if, when they are pinned to a wall or other obstacle and can not escape, they would be dealt infinite damage. Or a negative. Or something otherwise goofy, like causing the target to transform into Diablo. It is Blizzard, you could quickly spiral into a feature!

Still playing my sin. Will I get to Baal and not give up like a little girl who fell off her red scooter? Tune in next time...!
Jack of all Trades
I'm going to have to vote for the trapsin as my speedrun queen. I got a completion time of ~2:30 and I didn't even explore ahead or get any exp. shrines the entire game. I was also very naughty at leveling up; I should have ignored more huge mobs. But the satisfaction of seeing them burnt to a crisp and having my bar fill to the top is too tempting.

Simple fact is, fire trap owns all. At the end, it was doing 118-136 dmg per spurt per trap, for an average of 127/spurt...five spurts per trap, five traps = 3175 dmg total over as wide or narrow an area as you want. Not bad for normal, eh? Wink

I think if I were to do a run I would do it on /players 4 instead of 5, mostly because of the bosses (Diablo took 5 minutes, Baal took 10), the megademons in A4, and their boss counterparts in A5 (Ventar and co.).

2:30 for Normal just seems crazy. If I knew where I was going and didn't level as much and maybe didn't do the Den + Izual (which took 3 and 6 minutes, respectively, although the points were sorely needed in the CS it seems) then maybe sub 2h is possible.
Jack of all Trades
I can record with fraps v. 2.0.0 ok at low resolution and half size. I think that's what you use, Gorash.

Does anyone know if later versions of fraps don't rape your cpu as hard?
Ooh, that's plenty fast. I finished in about 3 hours and 45 minutes on players 1. It seems extra levels in the trap skill make up for extra monster hp, because in the end I was doing around 35 damage. I did manage to beat Baal at level 24 without any equipment, because my body was surrounded by Ventar, Lister and one half of Worldstone Keep level 4 Lips Sealed
I'm starting to think that that might be the best strategy, TP in Baal's throne room, lure Ventar away, die, TP back and open a fresh when, lure Lister away, die, grab some backup fast weapon from stash, and maybe any other useful gear you might've stashed away and head off to fight Baal. Have him summon his clone, try to seperate the two of 'm, and take on the real Baal one on one. And if you have more mana than health, like my 'Sin did, you might want to forget about mana potions altogether because you'll be using health for your traps just about the entire time.
Also, I recommend keeping an eye open for Tal and Eth runes, which together make the nifty Stealth armor, which gives a wee bit of mana regeneration and extra speed.
I might be tempted to do a real run sometime, but I can't host my video anywhere so I don't think it'll be much use.
MGS for PS1 forever.
Gee...and the only thing I hear is that sorc is the greatest. For me, I've spent about 5 years leveling up a druid that pretty much relies on hurricane 100%. A friend of mine always wants to play D2, but after 5 years I don't really want to start a new character. I just now have him up to level 67.
I'll assure you, when fighting bosses you'd wish you were a Sorceress, or rather, a person capable of casting Static Field Tongue

But unfortunatly, the early levels of the Sorceress don't have any massive damage AoE spells whatsoever, and Firebolting critters on a higher PlayersX setting isn't exactly the fastest thing in the world.
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Seems like I have to trash the druid and start an Asn too.
Of course you'll have first choice of players.

I use a higher version of fraps, all the previous ones were causing trouble. No performance boosts though.

I use 25fps for recording with half size, but for some odd reason it still records on 800x600 (resulting in some dumped frames, but high quality version looks marvelous).

Since the fate of the druid is sealed, I'll dump the 4pl one and just play the 6pl part ahead without bothering much about stuff, and once I'm done I'll see if I start an Asn.
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Gorash: 2005-06-07 11:51:27 pm
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Double post yay!

I spent a few hours killing Andariel and getting killed by everything. (astonishingly more of the former than of the latter)

If one keeps in mind that she has 6144 hp in that game she drops dead almost on eye contact. Also I ignored a set item on purpose (but I won't tell you which :P) to keep the challenge fair. If I'd have known I still had the micro plugged in you would have gotten some comments. Still... you can hear me typing at the beginning Wink

EDIT: Video is up and tested.
18 to the diablo2 holy grail
wow .. good to see more ideas and work, btw radix doesn't know the technical stuff bout this game, so if you ask him "will he allow this or that" he wont really know what you are asking so in that way cant exactly answer.

and the -seed command is in essence like using maphack as it fixes that map and you can remember where to go .. which is just the same as playing your char ... remembering where to go, then playing again, it kills the whole randomness of the map and while it is used in speedruns i dont like the idea of it.

also casters generally >> melee chars and something like a trapsin or a fireball sorc/blizz sorc would destroy everything and yeah, the bosses/champs give around 10x the exp normal monsters do.    there are technical details of this on the net in real hard out d2 forums.

as for the /players X command, its mentioned by blizzard and IMO is "legal" but as to what setting to use .. is up to discussion, p8 is great for leveling, p1 great for boss kills.

also if i did it, i'd like to do ALL quests and waypoints, also generally i play with "twinked gear" and any of the 7 chars can use it and go super fast with it.

2.5 hours sounds cool though, but i'd hate it if you memorised your maps.