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I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
I know what you mean. In my run, it was really hard not to pick up everything, and deciding not to chase down the occasional Fallen was hard to do.

The run would be pretty lame though

-normal run -> killing baal (end at level 25) - probably 2.5 hours with optimal build, even more for a hell build
-20-30 baal runs to end at level 44 (NM baal needs level 45 for exp, ancients give +1)
-sprint through nightmare, doing no quests
-NM ancients, NM baal, 20-30 baal runs to end at level 60
-run through hell, ancients, baal. Whee.

Ending at level 60 means you'd only get 31 points to put into the level 30 skills, so unless you save up and gimp yourself in normal, you won't be able to max the basics for meteorb. Hammerdin would still be applicable starting at around level 30, and would get strong enough to keep up with everything (you'd still die in a couple hits of course). I have very little doubt he'd be the fastest at baal runs.

This would be the worst run ever.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
whee its up
Actually, the barbs brute strength can really help it through all those immune monsters in Hell, and he's rarely died on me compared to other characters.
LVL to LVL        SEC
1 to 2                          80
2 to 3                          82
3 to 4                          193
4 to 5                          142
5 to 6                            161
6 to 7                          324
7 to 8                          214
8 to 9                      129
9 to 10                      481
10 to 11                    339
11 to 12                    336
12 to 13                    260
13 to 14                    249
14 to 15                  351
15 to 16                  396
16 to 17                  470
17 to 18                  325
avg to 18 =    4:27 (Marsh's Assassin 3:36)
18 to 19                  378
19 to 20                  395

I count the time from when the player first appears in the rouge camp.
I don't excise the time for the loading screens, that might be ~3 secs per level or ~1%. Even though the time to lvl18 is longer, the time to 20 is really quick < 13min. And the entire act three, four and five is super quick! I'll try to put an act by act comparison up later.

here's a link to my tables for marsh's run;action=display;num=1118551368;start=180#180
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
6 to 7      324
7 to 8      214
8 to 9        129

Edit history:
Coriolanus: 2005-08-02 09:06:15 pm
lvl 6 Dark Woods 11:04 0s 0ts 0%exp
enter Black marsh 11:53 49s 49ts 3%
enter tamoe 13:05 72s 131ts 30%
cast tp at pit 13:17 12s 143ts 33%
monastery 14:24 67s 210ts 60%
outer cloister 14:35 11s 221ts 60%
town 14:42 7s 228ts 60%
pit 15:48 66s 284ts 60%
lvl 7 16:26 38s 322ts 100%exp
leave pit 18:33 67s 389ts 185%exp
save and exit 18:36 3s 392ts 185%
outer cloister 0:43 43s 435ts 185%exp
barracks 1:19 36s 471ts 197%exp
lvl 8 1:23 4s 475ts 200%exp
jail 1 2:23 60s 535ts 270%
jail 2 3:27 64s 599ts 297%
lvl 9 3:32 5s 604ts 300%

first 30% ~131s
second 30% ~79s
until the pit 0% ~74s
the last 40% ~38s
the next 85% ~67s
town again 0% ~46s
next 115%  ~169s

so the pit was really good for exp, where I would say the barracks and jail were above average. Town is town.
新世紀進歩的羽扇子 音楽
so the pit was really good for exp

The pit contains one of the most concentrated boss spawns in the game (particularly level 2) in version 1.10 to make it both more worthwhile and difficult as a means of magic finding, to go along with its new place as the most popular of the spots where any item can drop.

Of course, most builds consider that aspect (difficulty) a joke.
I'm half way through watching the run and it's looking great so far. Some nice time saving strategies over the Assassin run.

I have some ideas for you.

If you identify items at the start of the segment and they aren't very good, is it possible to restart that segment and
reroll them, or will they turn out the same? Would the rules permit this?

Is it practical to reroll the shop at the beginning of a segment until some Faster Run/Walk boots show up? This'd speed your sorc up, make more efficient use of your stamina and allow you to outrun/shepherd monsters better. When do those sorts of item become availible?
sda loyalist
Item properties are already there before you identify it. Smiley Your second point is considered, though; I would certainly try and do this. If I remember, the sorc run uses this to get a decent Staff.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
I could have made better use of it, but I am not sure FWR boots are ever purchasable at a vendor. I tried like 10 times in act 2 before I gave up. I did use this for a staff though. I should have grabbed some FWR, and some FHR on a helm or belt though.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
I just got an idea on shaving some time off act 2. I believe the maggot lair is a poor place exp wize, it is right by a waypoint, and as you may know, you only need to have the amulet to be allowed into the palace and arcane sanct. So why not run arcane until you get teleport, then go back and do maggot? I bet it'd save some time.
for the arcane sanctuary:
specter mlvl 19, exp 251
hell clan mlvl 19, exp 245
ghoul lords mlvl 19, exp 300

you can start running them at clvl14 for full exp(?) or is it 15? You are level 15 when you enter the viper temple. You can bypass at least one level of exp by skipping the maggot layer and the halls of the dead. You could run straight there as soon as you are able to survive (im thinking frost nova) and then power level to 18 in the arcane sanctuary. Then you could use teleport to warp around and get the cube and the staff.

14 to 15  35,226
15 to 16  44,033
16 to 17  55,042
17 to 18  68,801

total 14 to 18 = 203102

one of your runs killed
45 goats = 11250
55 specters = 13805
12 ghoul lords = 3600
total = 28655
~7 runs, at 3.5 minutes per ~ 25 minutes.
if you incorporated the palace into the run you might be able to save time on the reloading part.

also, if you had a map where the countess was located near a way point you could do the same thing in ACT1, and even get some tir runes!
Edit history:
Siyko: 2005-08-03 08:13:21 pm
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
Level 14 will get 100% exp. I think the route to take would be either one of the following:

Route A
-skip sewers (gasp! CB will lose one point from previously discusses build)
-use TP drop when getting oasis wp, do halls of dead (I believe the mlvls are around 13, so 100% shoudl be easy) and get cube
-do CV temple (will be hard - i dont think substantial slowdown will follow from lack of killing power though)
-run through palace killing almost nothing
-arcane run until level 18 (preferably kill summoner right at levelup)
-tele the maggot lair, tele duriel (these mana potions suck - will be hard, but still definetly faster)

Route B:
-run overworld first to oasis WP, then to CV temple, killing large groups and champion/boss packs on the way.
-Do CV, run arcane same as last time
-Tele halls, tele maggot, tele to duriel.

Route B really depends on how much exp is gotten from the Halls, and how many packs are available on the run to the oasis WP (to allow level 14 by arcane)

With the new build plan, survivablity should not be an issue. Note on the current run how my merc takes care of the boss of the CV temple in like 2 seconds

1-8: CB
9: static
10-11: CB
radament: frost nova
12-16: lightning
17-18: tele, tele
19-21, izzy, izzy: lit 

(this would be replacing 11: cb with Frost Nova, and skipping radament)
Edit history:
Coriolanus: 2005-08-03 09:09:40 pm
If you can scrape toegther the 24k to get a staff +2 to lightning upon hitting level 12, then you wont be so reliant on the charge bolts that you were used to having. This build sounds pretty promising!

If you have a saved game from your previous run where you go into act 2 then you can possibly test it out in an hour or two since you know the routes.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
I would, but I'd like to try a run from scratch again. I have some improvement ideas for Act 1 (killing less in the dark wood + underground passage, and more in Tamoe and the Pit. I think it'd improve time. That and I could use some better drops in Act 1. And I'd have to use the new build, the old one still has that point in warmth.

I don't have much time now, but Aug 18 I stop working for the summer, and I will definetly have time to start looking into more stuff then.
Hey Ho Let's Go
Siyko: Just wanted to congratulate you on your D2 run, nice piece of work!