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Coriolanus: 2005-07-16 04:55:08 am
Siyko: nice to hear about the success. Have you tried beetle packs? They give the most exp pound for pound. Also, here are the exp per level requirements.
level total for next
1.      .....-      ......500
2.      ...500      ....1,000
3.      ..1,500      ...2,250
4.      ..3,750      ...4,125
5.      ..7,875      ...6,300
6.      .14,175      ...8,505
7.      .22,680      ..10,206
8.      .32,886      ..11,510
9.      .44,396      ..13,319
10      .57,715      ..14,429
11      .72,144      ..18,036
12      .90,180      ..22,545
13      112,725      .28,181
14      140,906      .35,226
15      176,132      .44,033
16      220,165      .55,042
17      275,207      .68,801
18      344,008      .86,002
19      430,010      107,503
20      537,513      134,378
21      671,891          ---

Exp per second assuming a rate of 1 level per 3:31 which was from my feeble attempt to time his speed run... i'm not sure of the rules on timing. column three is the % change in exp per level requirement
1..      2.37      ---
2..      4.74      100
3..      10.66      125
4..      19.55      83.33
5..      29.86      52.73
6..      40.31      35
7..      48.37      20
8..      54.55      12.78
9..      63.12      15.72
10..      68.38      8.33
11..      85.48      25
12      106.85      25
13      133.56      25
14      166.95      25
15      208.69      25
16      260.86      25
17      326.07      25
18      407.59      25
19      509.49      25
20      636.86      25
21      796.08      25

does anyone know how to put tabs in this format?

as you can see, to get the 107 thousand exp needed to go from 19 to 20, you need to kill 342 Soul Killers!!!

typical late act three mosters give 300-450 exp.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
Cool, i'll look at that and the monster chart and try to work out a nice strategy, thanks.

The beetles are great, but the problem with them is that I can't use charged bolt against them at all (lots of hits = lots of lightning shot out = oh shi), but i've gotten a good system with using lightning and feeding my merc potions like popcorn. Do you know the XP multiplers for champions and bosspacks?

Arcane just seems to work very well with lightning, especially in the section with no staircases, but I'll try to focus more on the big beetle packs during the intial run to oasis, and the ol' canyon.

I just noticed I never took down my runs, they could use some optimization perhaps:

1) run to cold plains, hit wp, town visit for stam/mana pots, wp back to plains, run through stony field, underground passage, dark wood, black marsh, tamoe (drop TP at pit), outer cloister, get WP, head to town, take TP to pit, run pit, TP. Level to be: 8

2) WP to cloister,  level temporarily in outer cloister, run through barracks, jail, inner cloister, cath, catacombs, andariel. Kill dat ho. Level to be: 10

3) Sewer run. Kill radament. Level to be: 11

4) Run to far oasis WP, dropping a TP at halls of the dead entrance.  Take wp to town, take tp to halls, clear, get cube, tp, take wp to oasis wp, clear maggot, get shaft. Level to be: 14

5) Take oasis wp, run to CV temple, clear, get ammy, TP, clear palace, clear 2 sections of arcane, clear enough of canyon and tal's tomb to be level 18 after fight with duriel. Kill him. Level to be: 18 damnit.

6) Teleport to spider cavern, get eye, teleport to flayer thing, drop tp, teleport to kurast, wp to town, take tp to flayer dungeon, get the brain, tp to town, take wp to kurast, hit sewers, get whatever the hell is next, (either tele out of there, or tp and wp to kurast, whichever is faster), tele to trav, end session. Level to be: 19 I guess

7) WP to trav, kill hc, charge meph and ruin his day, go to act 4, tele to river of flame (stopping for izzy), take wp to town and end session. Level to be: 19

8) Chaos sanctuary and diablo. Level to be: 20

9) Tele to ancients way, kill ancients. Tele to durance 2, wp to town and end session.

10) Kill baal's minions and the big guy himself. Booya.

BTW: Once I outfitted my merc with proper armor, while he was at level 13, the battle vs duriel took.... 9 seconds!!! wheee
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Coriolanus: 2005-07-16 05:29:10 am
Awesome report.

Champions are x 3
Bosses are x 5
Minions are x 1.5 (?)

If you're 19 in act four you can still get exp as the monsters are level 24 to start. After you progress you get less and less. Marsh gains maybe half a level in all of act 4 (19.15 to 19.65). Could you modify your timeline post with your working times to date?
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.

part 1: 18 minutes
part 2: 14 minutes
part 3: 5 minutes
part 4: 14 minutes
part 5: 16 minutes
part 6: 11 minutes (I went to do some leveling after killing duriel)
Currently needing ideas on games to speedrun
Sweetness,  too bad about Fraps being off when you did that run XD. That would make me so mad. So, after our discussion on Duriel, how did you end up killing him? Merc + Static + CB or Merc + Static + Lit?
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
I had a +2 static staff, which let me not get hit. I gave the merc a healing potion beforehand, and had a juvy on the belt (if I had more I would have used them, but I guess I didn't need them). I fed him a healing, a juvy, and another healing, all while spamming static field, until he was slivered, and then a couple CB's took him down. I think lightning would have been about the same, but CB is faster so allows more mobility.
Currently needing ideas on games to speedrun
Great job! Now for Act III, any known parts that cause you difficutly/slow you down?
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
guzzling mana potions while teleporting for miles will have some downtime, which is annoying, plus i'll have to stop to level off the little jerks. I also think the HC will be kinda hard, but not sure.
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Coriolanus: 2005-07-16 03:55:18 pm
siyko: couple questions

how much mana do you have, do you feel that teleport is saving time on the whole?

A normal mana potion purchasable from ormus gives 160 pts of mana, if you had 9 on your belt you could teleport 67 times (without considering mana regen)... thats a lot of movement!

If you wanted to be extra efficient you could put your belt like this:


use the two potions from the 4th column first and it will ready a health potion (or a rejuv) "just in case".

In act 4 and 5 you get the "greater mana potions" from the merchants. They give 300 mana. That would allow 125 teleports, assuming 300 mana in your orb and 9 potions in the belt, not considering mana regen. It will be interesting to see if you can go all the way from Harrogath to the Ancients in one fell swoop.

Marsh spends 12:30 going from horragath to saving after getting the worldstone keep teleporter pad.

~7:20 getting to the Ancients (7:20)
~8:20 preparing (1:00)
~11:57 winning the battle (3:37)
~12:37 end segment (0:40)

You could probably get to the ancients with your hireling intact  which will make the boss fight all the more easy. With enough potions in your inventory to start, you dont even need to go back to town. Static should cut down the ancients rather quickly. You could probably do the whole segment in 6 minutes.

Another possibility for a build is nova, it can quickly wipe out the fetishes, provided you have enough mana. Unfortuantely it doesn't have the stopping power to kill the bosses, but static field should be doing most of hte damage, also ive found nova to work well with teleoprt, since you don't have to aim, unlike lightning. Perhaps frost nova could be tried as well

Nova clvl 18, slvl 7: 37 to 86 ... soul killers 51-95 hps, it takes 2 + or - 1 nova to kill a pack.

frost nova clvl 18, slvl 13: 31 to 39 : 2 to 3 to kill a pack of soul killers.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
Nova build would be cool, but for enemies that don't like to group around, you'd need to run around to kill each of them, or lay down a lot of charged bolts. Lightning would work better for them. Nova would be nice once surrounded, but cb doesn't cost much time.

Mana is 133, which doesn't allow for much teleing, but guzzling potions is nice. It doesn't lose any time, as whenever I'm not teleporting I'm running anyways. A combination of running and tele will take some time to find the right blend though.

I'm having a good amount of trouble managing all my staves - I have one wiht +lightning, one with +static, one wiht +tele, and one with +armor. It's really hard to decide when to take the time to equip the +lightning one, or when its worth it to cast cold armor... why are there only two weapon slots Sad Usually my main hand is teh static field, because it also gives +24 mana (which is included in the 133). That doesn't help for teleing though, as I have to change weapons.

I guess I should really save teh static staff for boss fights, and just equip the armor/tele staff while running through. The +lightning staff wouldn't make enough of a difference in random fights to justify switching for every fight (or every time I need to armor up) I think.

We'll see. Once this run is on video, we can all pick it apart.
Currently needing ideas on games to speedrun
Yea...when is the video expected up?

Well...I'd say yea, static on switch for boss fights,  and the tele one for running, and I guess....lightning for leveling? If you even need to take extra time just for leveling, or clearing out a dungeon -shrugs-.
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Siyko: 2005-07-17 07:38:53 am
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
The extra levels a staff gives in lightning really isn't as vital as one would think. It might take up an extra cast or in battle, but probably not. And +skills dont affect the synergy it gives to other skills, so it's extra damage for extra mana, and since I'm teleing on the way, the gain/loss grows smaller and smaller. Not worth worrying about I figure. Only staves that I think are really gonna be used

-Static for bosses
-CB or Lightning for powerleveling or pre-tele running
-Teleport for teleing
-Armor on switch at all times

Switching weapons is tricky, and while teleing, theres almost never a time where an enemy isn't trying to get all up in my fries, so I often get into trouble while trying to do inventory stuff. More trouble = more damage = more healing potions = less mana potions = more reliance on town = bad. Not worth it I feel.'

Oh, and once I finish the run, I can encode the videos easily, so all I need is somewhere to host them. What do I do for that, assuming it doesn't break marsh's record?
sda loyalist
Maybe there would be separate categories for each character class? It seems only fair to me.
Currently needing ideas on games to speedrun
I suppose....then I could use a Zealot...w00t!
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
Finished act 3 with a shoddy time of 17 minutes. I'm not even trying to improve my time at this point, it's hard to care that much when I know i'm going to be replaying for all the mistakes in the beginning.
17 minutes is not a bad time: marshmallow's act three segment was 19:43, the question is will you have to back track to get level 20?
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Ok, but we knew the sorc would own act3.

The interesting points remain act1 and chaos sankt.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
I think I will have to backtrack unfortunately. I already went back to act 3 to gain half a level (i unfortunately ended act 3 at 19 and about 5% to 20), which took 4 minutes. I have to finish chaos sanct before I see how it is going to affect it. The run from town to river of flame Wp was just under 2 minutes, which includes killing izzy. The act 3 merc is really nice, but everything in the chaos sanct is so strong, it's going to be really hard to do this. Charged bolt is all but useless against everything except single enemies, and I can't rely on frozen armor because usually if I get hit melee then I'm about to die, so my crowd control is almost solely on my merc. I kinda wish I had frost nova right now, I think the loss of one point would be worth it (it would have helped in act 3 a lot too).

I'm using the teleport staff now, because it's really a neccesity to keep myself and my merc alive during every fight in CS. It's hardest because there's no downtime - if I down a group, there's already a bunch more stuff in my fries. Trapassn is almost certainly better at clearing this place out.

I'm still going to try only taking out the main bosses, but if I do, theres probably no way I am gonna get close enough to static them. Only way I can think of is taking something that freezes (like the merc's glacial spike) and letting it freeze the mininos (while it will only slow the boss) and getting him far enough away, but getting anyone away from their origional spot means i'm walking into another group of stuff. I'd have to clear out a bunch to do this, and then I may as well clear out the boss group.

Rough stuff! 
That's what speedrunning is all about: learning and applying that knowledge to go even faster. Sounds like you're doing great. At level 19 you might be able to get the exp in act 4 at the very beginning, the monsters have an mlvl of 24, which should still give you 100% exp.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
yeah, but I'd like to see what I can get in the chaos sanctuary. In an ideal run, this exp would have been gotten while travelling through act 3 - there were many opportunities that I just flew over.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
lol I did the chaos sanctuary in 8 minutes...

dying a grand total of 18 times.

I think the time for this section is gonna be just fine if I do it without dying. (the pit lords were corpsecamping me and every time I tp'ed i only had time to cast anohter tp and one charged bolt)
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
I thought I'd post my complete build here for anyone to give advice-

(if I say X for stat, it means either vita or eng, depending on how well those stats are doing, equip wize adn such. If you have more FCR, you'll awnt more eng, if you have +mana per kill, you'll want vita, etc)

level - skill - stat
2 - cb - 5eng
3 - cb - 5eng
4 - warmth - 2str 3vita
5 - cb - 3str 2vita
6 - cb - 5vita
7 - cb - 5vita
8 - cb - x
9 - static - x
10 - cb - 5str
11 - cb - 5str
(sewers - cb)
12 - lit - 5eng
13 - lit - 5eng
14 - lit - 5eng
15 - lit - 5eng
16 - lit - 5vit
17 - lit - 5vit
18 - lit - 5vit
19 - lit - 5vit
20 - lit - 5vit
izzy - static, static
21 - lit - 5vit

That's what I have. It looks inefficient to take turns raising vit and eng by 5 only, but I need vit to survive teh catacombs, but then in act 2, I need to level very fast, so more eng is worth the risk. Once act 3 begins, leveling comes secondary (because I am only tryng to level 2 more times), and teleing while guzzling potions works out fine in place of more eng. The vita is needed for getting surrounded by flayers, and the act 4+5 fights will benefit from it greatly.

If anyone has any advice, feel free to chip in. I'll finish the run soon.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
Also, something else I noticed that could help immensley:

I was reviewing my A2 runs in fast forward (just dragging the progress bar) and watching the exp meter, and Arcane Sanctuary is like twice the leveling power of any other place in act 2. This is probably mostly due to the clearing power lighting gives the sorc, but I think this could be almost abused...

Would it be against the rules to clear one section of arcane, save, load, and clear teh same section? It would repopulate with a save load, but I don't know if using 'secondary effects' of saveload like that are allowed. Are they?
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That should be fine.  Remember that marshmallow went back in his movie in order to power level in A3.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.

radix confirms that this is legal