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try ntcompatible they should be able to help
Jack of all Trades

There are my saves t level 16, before/after getting mana shield respectively. If someone wants to try their luck with gettng a book of telekinesis and owning the last level be my guest.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!

Jarulf's Guide to Diablo 1 (aka The Bible).
Everything you ever need to know about internal Diablo1 mechanics.

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Yoshi348: 2005-06-29 06:25:19 am
dinosaur from the past
If I'm reading that right, apparently you were just really unlucky, because Telekinesis is considered a wussy spell, with only healing and the basic magic attacks being "wussier". The selection is based on deepest level reached.

I'm a little more unsure on the absolute facts rather than relative facts (i.e. I'm damn sure that if you can get Town Portal, you can get Telekinesis), but if I've got this right, you can get Telekinesis right off the bat, and by the time you reach dungeon level 12 you can get any spell offered on a book.

EDIT: I found another part that relates to this... while Telekinesis is one of the "wussiest" spells in the game, it's also one of the rarest. "Wussiness" just controls whether it can show up at all. Note that this means you'd probably have a better chance of getting this spell at the beginning of the game rather than the end (although you still have a chance either way).
Jack of all Trades
My run is up. :O
Yes! I've been waiting to see this run for a while now ^^ Can't wait to see it Marshmellow. Cheesy

Die Meatbags Die!
Sweet run. That part in hell with all of the projectiles was hilarious. The impenetrable shield of walking sideways.


thanks for demonstrating the classic "find the ring"-game. Fun for the whole family, posessing demons included!
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You make that look so easy.
When you provided your files for finding a book of telekinesis/teleport I tried the exact same strategy and got slaughtered mercilessly.

How many times did you have to try that last segment?
Jack of all Trades
Maybe 5-6 times.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Hey, that was pretty cool. Good job, now I feel like playing Diablo again :p.
My brother and I very much enjoyed the run of Diablo and we might like to try it ourselves.  We think the run time could be considerably cut down by using duping.  So, would this be an acceptable glitch to use?  The latest patch allows you to dupe (although it will removed duped items that are on the ground together, which isn't important for a run).

By duping your staff early game, you can have as many charged bolts as needed for the first run through the dungeon.  Later on, duping gold and spell books could make the game much quicker.  In particular, duping could reduce the need for segmenting to get additional spell books from Adria in town.

I have a quick second question:  If I started a game from a save at the beginning (so that I could scout ahead before doing the run), does that count as a segmented run?  Or would it be considered single-segment?
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Gorash: 2005-07-14 11:02:14 am
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Single Segment would require you to record it in one gigantic session. Unfortunately this includes character creation. Since you most probably won't be doing that anything involving quitting the game will be considered multi segment. You might as well abuse all the other goodies that come with it. Smiley

About duping items, I'd vote for a seperate category, because this heavily alters the games experience. I don't see the point in outruling a bug in general.
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I think it would be neat to see an all boss run. That would include the butcher, skeleton king if he's there and then of course the wizard and diablo. Once I leveled up only my dexterity with a warrior and by the time I got to the butcher, I could handle him fairly easily. You'd have to have about 5 levels by the time you get to him so you have enough dex though.
Marsh said he had capturing problems, and I have had problems too.  How were you able to capture the game?
Jack of all Trades
I updated my fraps, that's how. =)
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Hello Everyone,

For those that are interested I've recently started running Diablo(1996) again, that is to say the very first Diablo game. With the individual level(IL) category being fairly flat-lined I would like to propose a 'Single Segment' category to bring this game new life. I take no credit in this idea as it was first brought up to me by Cubeface.

For those who are not aware SDA states that:
"Single-segment: Beats the game in one sitting. Resetting or using save&quits midrun are allowed, but may be a separate category if they speed things up significantly."

-No Restrictions
  -19:17.10 by PossessedWarrior
-Deathless, Save/Load in Town
  -56:49.80 by CapnClever
-Deathless, no Save/Load anywhere
-Ironman: Multiplayer gamemode(Up to 3 players), No Save/Load, No returning to town

-Runs must NOT be NG+
-Recording starts at character creation and ends at loss of character control
-No use of the negative health glitch


For anyone interested in watching or participating in races here is the SRL link:!/diablo/1

The reasoning I believe these first two subcategories will fit this game is mainly for the enjoyment of the run. In both cases Save/Load is allowed in town, this will mean that the runs will speed up significantly and less resets will be required due to bad shop RNG. By having S/L in town spells and items that normally would drag the time long, will be obtainable in a much faster fashion. In the first subcategory the sole focus is how fast you can go, so deaths should not be a limitation as in some cases deaths will provide valuable information that can speed your run up significantly. In the counterpart deaths are prohibited forcing runners to make educated decisions and strategies behind every action they make, which will add a significant amount of planning to a run.

In terms of no Deaths or S/L, this subcategory will allow for runners to have a much broader approach on the game in both the characters they use, and the methods they choose. This will allow for diversity of runs, and to an extent a 'real' speed run of the game.

Currently myself, Cubeface21, CapnClever, and LaV have been routing and running in patch 1.09 for this run. I believe we have routed it thoroughly enough that this could be a competitive speed run again.
-In the case of myself and Lav, we have been focusing on running without any restrictions on Save/Load and Deaths.
-Cubeface21 and CapnClever have been taking this from a Save/Load only in town and no Deaths route, and are beginning to break sub 1hour.

I'm very excited to see this game given life again in light of the newer sequels, and I really hope that this game will see the light of day in the speedrunning community once more!
Awesome!  I was wondering if anybody would ever try to do a SS run of this.  I will definitely be paying attention to this thread.  Thanks for letting us know!
I've been thinking about running Diablo 1 a looong ago, but I couldn't see it done in less than 3-5 hours which was way too long for me.
Will definitely watch the videos when I will have more time, I'm really excited about this!
Also I hope that duping or similar stuff used in the segmented run is not allowed here.
Anyway, good job guys! Smiley
Glad to see this game getting some love again. Agguh sadly the duping glitch saves just too much time to really be skipped. As a result in order to save time in the ballpark of potentially hours, it is used in these categories.

I added a races portion to the post now that people have begun racing on SRL! It also seems that I'll have some more competition with so many new people jumping on ship, I cant wait!
Wow today was a very exciting day in the realm of Diablo(1996) speed runs.
-Congratulations to Cubeface21 for breaking the world record of 31:35 with an amazing 29:27 run
-Funkmastermp breaking Cubeface21's world record with 28:30, and then later achieving a sub 25min, 23:37 run

Good job today everyone!
Why is the negative health glitch not allowed?
Here's the highlight of that record: Very impressive! I don't think I realized that multiple firewalls in the same place stack, or that having low enough maximum health makes you immune to stunning.

I don't think under SDA rules using the negative health glitch would be a separate category. But after watching this, I'm not sure it would really help. You wouldn't need quite so many mana potions and you'd avoid accidental deaths (I think there was one that cost time), but that's probably outweighed by the time it would take to find an item to trigger it and to equip and remove it each level transition.
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Funkmastermp: 2014-10-29 11:45:04 am
Funkmastermp: 2014-10-29 11:32:45 am
Just to clear some confusion up. As SDA states:
Major skips: SDA approves of glitches, but some games have particularly game-breaking glitches or skips that deserve a category of their own.

Negative Health Glitch(-HP) is actually one of those glitches that would dramatically change the game, and thus change the entire makeup of the run. With the -HP glitch runners could skip past every mob as of clvl 1 and with ease skip to the end of the game. The use of the glitch makes you entirely invulnerable and as show in the individual level category, which makes the game trivial.

A secondary and somewhat weaker point, is the accessibility of the glitch/run. As most probably know, this glitch was patch out of Diablo as of patch 1.07, thus making it fairly difficult to obtain. As seen in other games such as Dark Soul, major glitches have been patched out and as a result players then try to speed run the game with the more recent clients. To an extent this is the same.