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Devil May Cry (Any %) (Single Segment) (Normal) [DMC: Super Dante]

Verifier Responses

Summary: This is a good run overall and I definitely think it should be accepted. There are some minor issues from time to time, but not all of it is the runner's fault. Platforming in this game is stupid and sometimes a few mistakes are just unavoidable. Some of the bigger errors were the runner's fault though, but I don't think they add up to enough to consider rejection. And obviously the fact that it's so much better than the current run in every way is another good reason to accept this run. So yeah, good run that's definitely improvable but still worth posting.

About the video quality though, is it me or did the high quality look like the frames were blending together? Probably not a big deal either way, but it kind of makes Vortex look weird. That and VLC apparently think it's funny to throw some discoloration at 7:02 in the high quality version, but that's not in the actual video as far as I can tell. Just making note of it in case it matters.

As for thoughts about each mission, I just wrote what came to mind as I watched. I include this more for the sake of completeness than to make any convincing arguments:

Mission 1: This looked a little sloppy to me, considering it's only the first mission. He shoots the last four puppets to death in the basement and that firing speed wasn't very impressive. I'm guessing it would be quicker to just melee most of those and then shoot the last one to end closer to the elevator. The next room looked a little rough as well, with Dante swinging at thin air sometimes.

Mission 2: This was quite bad actually. He messed up a jump near the beginning twice and it was a bit painful to watch. The Sin Scissors trolled him to the point where I'm confused why he didn't restart the run. That or just shoot the last one to death, since it was obvious it wasn't going to cooperate any time soon.

Mission 3: This went well. A really picky person might complain about not double jumping off the nearby pillars during the Phantom fight, but that didn't bother me.

Mission 4: This went very well. The only two things I noticed were extremely tiny, such as rolling to dodge that Shadow instead of jumping and selecting "yes" a little faster.

Mission 5: Just a slight mistake when going for the hidden orbs, but this was good too. I thought it was weird he didn't swing on his way down in the last room though, because I always thought using a Helm Breaker makes you fall faster.

Mission 6: Good, but his Vortex 2's looked sloppy. It looked like he was holding them too long and that one was just totally misaimed.

Mission 7: Not so good. Getting hit by Phantom wasn't a huge deal, but it looked pretty silly. Those Vortex 2's on the other hand, were bad enough to be noticeable. Definitely lost a few seconds here.

Mission 8: I'm not an expert on special bonuses, but I'm assuming the hidden orbs were necessary to meet the requirement for a special bonus here. Nothing else is worth noting, other than the trident thing was a bit of a mess. Phantom definitely cooperated though, so that's good.

Mission 9: I have to wonder about whether it was really such a good idea to Vortex 2 so much against those puppets, because he spent some time zooming around not hitting anything. Other than that and a silly looking movement error at the end, I'd say this went pretty well.

Mission 10: This was great. Kind of weird that he didn't Devil Trigger for that puppet in the first room though.

Mission 11: This went almost perfectly as far as I could tell.

Mission 12: The beginning of this mission was a real mess. I'd blame the lock-on, but he should've known better than to risk using Vortex 2 in an area with so many possible targets. Other than that though, this went well.

Mission 13: Uh, he completed the mission? Seriously, I've got nothing. (Why does this mission even exist?)

Mission 14: Like the runner said, the Death Scythe was just bad luck. Taking the hit still seemed avoidable, but it makes almost no difference either way.

Mission 15: This was decent overall, but I'm so confused why he didn't use Vortex 2 to get past a couple spike traps on the way back. Instead he waited around for them and it seemed slower to do it that way. Getting hit by the Sin Scythe was definitely a mistake though and I'm not sure why he even gave the thing a chance.

Mission 16: Good, but again, why would you even attempt Vortex 2 in a room full of enemies? That looked really sloppy and it was easily avoidable.

Missions 17-20: Good.

Mission 21: I know lock-on is a pain, but was it really necessary to use that Holy Water? Good otherwise though.

Mission 22: Good.

Mission 23: Some Vortex 2 issues again, particularly in the room outside Nightmare 3's old room. Nothing major though.

This Super Dante SS is a strong improvement to the current one. VQ is also good.

There's a lot of small mistakes throughout, but mostly coming down to the hair trigger nature of jumping and platforming. Some of it though, like flying around with Vortex 2, can be fixed a little bit.

Sometimes I wonder if some of the ranking bonuses/special bonuses he missed could be good for purchasing extra Holy Water and whatnot, for exterminating some extra mobs of enemies/use against bosses. It's very tough for sure to avoid getting hit in the game consistently sometimes (I ouch'd a little bit at the encounter with Phantom in Mission 7) but it seems possible to buy more Holy Water as a result of this. Test it out!


I verified the HQ version which looked and sounded great.  There were no instances of audio desync or graphical hiccups beyond the aforementioned issue at 7:02 (I was also using VLC as my Windows Media Player doesn't play well with this video). 

As to the actual quality of play, this is one of those cases where the run gets better the further in the runner goes.  The biggest issue that plagues the entire run are poor Vortexes getting the player caught on level geometry which could probably costs him around 20 seconds easily.  However, after M12 and the one other incident where it pops up again in M16 it stops being an issue.  Vortex aside, the level of play being shown is exceptional and is so much better than the old SD run that it's an easy accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Andy Huynh!
Thread title:  
M1: While it is faster to slash the enemies in the basement than to shoot them, any time you would have saved from slashing the enemies will be spent walking to the exit, while if I shoot the enemies, I can walk to the exit. Ideally, all the enemies would die by the time I reach the exit.

M2: This was just terrible. Only reason why I didnt reset is because M1 is so luck based, I rather deal with a bad M2 than do M1 again.

M7: Even though it was unintentional, getting hit by Phantom is actually faster than avoiding it, or so I think.

M10: I need to push the marionette back far enough to the gate. If I DT, I would kill it too quickly, and the orb of light would go towards another enemy instead of the gate.

M12: I was like, I would try Vortexing here. Then I forgot about autoaim. That didn't work out well.

M15: First hit was because I didn't expect it to hit me. Second hit was that my observing the gate didn't register and it buffered my jump/cancel button so I ended up jumping before I can open the gate.

M16: There actually is a way to vortex through the room even with the enemies. I just haven't done it in a while for the enemies that spawn halfway through the hall, so I forgot how to do it. If the enemies spawn in the beginning, I know how to do it.

M21: Plasmas are a pain, I rather just use the Holy Water than deal with the Plasmas.

I probably can use more Holy Water, here and there, I just need to plan more about my orbs. Like in M12, I get Rolling Blaze, but I dont need it until M16. In M15 i get Inferno, which I would have used on Griffon but I dont absolutely need it until M17. With that, I get orbs far more than I need so I can definitely afford to buy more Holy Water.

DMC also renders strangely. It's not the deinterlacer I used. If you pause and go through the frames, you'll see multiple instances the sword moving. That's not how I processed the video, it's the game.

Right now, I'm doing a New Game, regular Dante run. Right now I'm planning 12 segments. After that, I'll go back to redoing a Super Dante run. There are lots of minor things that can be easily done, and I rather just finish regular Dante so I can learn every single mission well. Yes, my vortexing was horrible, but I hope that I can fix that in a future run. Unfortunately, I'm out of time, going to Japan tomorrow for the next month. even after that, I don't have a chance to continue until May.