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Hey everyone, since DeuceCon is now over I'm hoping to get some feedback on the event. Please be honest, I don't care if the feedback is negative. I want to know things to improve upon and things that we did well, no matter how minor they are. Thanks to everyone who hosted / watched / lurked / spread the word!

I posted this elsewhere so I'll go ahead and give you  most of the concerns/questions that people brought up.

- The event is called DeuceCon because when I was setting it up in 2014 I didn't know what to call it and my chat deemed it as such. I really don't like the name all that much, but people began to use it and it stuck.

- I've heard a couple people talk about the language used on stream. I personally don't mind cussing in general and don't want people to be too censored. However, I do agree some runs/commentators went overboard and it could be toned back a little bit.

- As far as the schedule and the runners go, it was just people that submitted on a SDA thread. People that frequent my chat/games were probably more aware of it and I plan on being much more public about future events (if they happen) and making sure there is set times for submission open / close.

- The door alarm was a thing in my house, my bad. I need to figure out how to turn it off. Aside from that I'll be working on improving audio so there is less background noise.

- Layouts were made by my pal Lithuid, he's the man. Music was provided by DJCutman (with permission) and if you like it you should go buy his shit.
I'll be working on uploading all the VODs to YouTube over the next couple days.

- I'm not sure what my plans are for next year, or what the future holds. I'm planning on attending AGDQ and hanging out playing speedgames. I'll have more info if/when I decide to hold another event. The one thing you can be certain of is the format will stay the same - no donations, no unneeded crap - just speed runs.

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PixelKaye: 2015-10-21 08:41:57 pm
Very Thanks..!!
1) Get rid of that scrub Blaster Master runner. If he can't even finish a run in a marathon, he shouldn't even be in a marathon.

ACTUAL 1) The marathon went really great, I think. Having Shit Block front and center on Friday night on the front page of Twitch was just hilarious, and perfectly timed.

2) The door alarm and the dogs, while unavoidable, were definitely a big thing for stream audio. I know I'm also guilty of this, as I'm sure we all were, we were all pretty loud when we were off camera. I know that that'll be easier to manage if we get a better microphone next year (Maybe we should go like GDQ did for SGDQ and use headsets or something akin that isolates audio to commentary, and switch to a room mic for Shit Block 3.0)

3) Another thing I'm guilty of as well, seeing the VODs of the chairs behind the couch so empty during runs was kind of disappointing. I know we were all busy practicing or out back smoking, or general goofing around, but it made it look like none of us really had any interest in seeing some of the runs going on.

4) No phones in the couch room was a good idea. It did allow us to focus more on the runs, but it also lead to a lot of Number 3 above as well.

5) I know people need sleep and such, but next year if you want to shoot for doing it for 24 hours, why not have longer RPG runs for the overnight spots, that way we get viewers at all times, plus some others can showcase what would not be normally run in the daytime part of the event? I know we have some people who could possibly do longer overnight runs, we'd just have to coordinate on maybe getting someone else to couch with them to help keep the runner company (reflects back to 3 as well).

6) I'm going to err on the side of you not knowing about FFZ having made huge changes to their system in the past two months, but like I mentioned at DeuceCon and we talked about, is having some emotes from each streamer's channel, or collective special DeuceCon emotes for FrankerFaceZ, that way you don't have to delete any of your sub emotes to make room for deuceCC and so forth. Since you can now share emotes on FFZ for other channels to use, it'd be a little something to showcase for the marathon.
Hax I used all of my strengthz
Just a few things off the top of my head:

This year's was a blast in general. Practice room was better, shit block was legendary. The drops in the schedule were handled well. I'm not much of a tech guy so I can't really speak much for that area but it seemed better. Not having 24 hour stream I think worked great, however I still think its worth considering if the event gets a little bigger. The party time would be missed though.

The runner interviews was sort of a thing but I feel this could be interesting to see runner's perspective. Possibly during downtime or setup so that time is not wasted.

Seconding Kaye's feedback, the couch was empty for some runs. I don't think there is an immediate solution for this but from a viewer's perspective I would imagine this makes it far less interesting. Lunchtime was when this occurrence happened often. I feel bad but I was about to fall asleep on the couch for some runs not because they were boring but because I didn't know how I could contribute to commentary. I think commentary was solid for a lot of runs in general but yes the cursing did go overboard in some runs.

The schedule had far too many RPGs. I know this was mainly just because a lot of the runners are RPG runners but it is very hard to watch several RPGs in one day. Puzzle games or FPS games were lackluster to be able to provide variety. Lots of mega man as well, gotta cut back on that a little bit to as much I enjoy the blue bomber. One thing I do appreciate with the schedule was that the runs from last year did not make much of an appearance giving way to newer runs or runners to the event.

As far as chat goes, maybe just encourage people who are not on the couch or chairs to actively participate in chat. There were times where questions about the run go unanswered especially when the runner has downtime in their game while 4 feet away from seeing chat. Another possibility to interact with chat is have someone explain what Deucecon is every 3-4 hours for new viewers during downtime.