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Deadly Premonition (pal) (xb360) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'StiWii Rage'!
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Deadly Premonition (pal) (xb360) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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I'm chipping away at this atm. Will be two weeks possibly.
26:40 - I presume this stop is just to save the location for later?
41:55 - this is abusing a seam or something right?
44:55 - I think the bottom one should have had a flashing text like "ACTION CAM"
47:25 - I don't think we can accept this run because I think it's not really a game, it's a controller test utility.
1:18:30 - The LAZIEST hide and seeker. Also you have a submachine gun. That guy has an axe and brake lights.
2:06:00 - Around here is when I noticed that you keep running into the left half of the double doors but Zach opens the right half. Clearly you've spliced the run together.
2:10:00 - Why couldn't you have cut e.g. this long drive by using the radio to get you somewhere close?
3:02:26 - IT'S GOKU! It's somebody from DBZ I'm pretty sure.
3:08:28 - Why does it suddenly say no data exists for the rest of the saves?

A/V: Only thing is the splits that start showing at 3:23:37 onwards but luckily that's after timing has ended (maybe on purpose?). I guess those can stay then.

Gameplay: It may be a bit of a good/bad game but this run is exactly what I like to see on SDA! Basically no mistakes, I noticed you missed a menu entry once costing a couple of tenths, and some missed shots on the final boss I think. No hesitation about where you needed to go at any point. You must have played the game quite a bit. Feel free to answer my questions but everything looks so thought out and deliberate that think I can safely give this an

ez accept!
must be gettin' tired
26:40 the radio will be used later for fast travel. I run there to activate the location.
41:55 the glove you must shoot is always random. So you have five possible positions where to pick it up. Also there is "water" under the tree and you can't run through it. You must wait until it goes away.
2:06:00 it's the same when you go into the passenger door of a car. They only had one animation
2:10:00 In all driving sequences where you have this --- instead of a number under the speedometer you can't leave the car. The radio only can be used outside of a car unfortunately
3:08:28 When I start a run I always delete my save data beforehand. Normally I skip the saving by pressing the B button because saving takes a lot of time. But for some reason you must save there and at 3:12:25 the same. I don't no why

Yeah the run has been done live on YouTube. This is why I showing the splits in the end. I was not sure if I must cut this part out.

How much faster could this run be? With my knowledge right now. I think with perfect rng and some better gameplay here and there. The best possible time would be 3:18:XX RTA
Decision posted.